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Creating Successful Business Systems 101

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Sumission 1

A lack of a well defined and adhered to business system is
a big time reason most businesses underperform or operate
poorly. It doesn’t have to be that way… Documenting
procedures can be done both quickly and easily by utilizing
free or inexpensive off the shelf programs. I am going to
cover the three steps for creating a business system and
tuning it up for maximum effectiveness.

1. Documentation is King
The very first step to creating a business system is
documenting the processes that are used to run the
business. This can be achieved even easier by using a
couple of screen capturing programs that will be used to
record you actually performing the procedure. There are a
couple of options when it comes to screen capture software,

The freely available CamStudio or the commercial Camtasia
Studio which includes many more features than CamStudio.
Both of these programs can produce completed videos in
compressed flash format perfect for uploading to a web

Do the recording of the process actually being performed
prior to writing any documentation, this will ensure that
all of the critical parts are covered and save you time
having to revise the documentation. Next put the
documentation together with flowcharts and the video files,
congratulations you have created a business system… But
we aren’t done yet.

2. In God We Trust, Everyone Else Bring Data
Once the documented procedures have been established and
followed they need to be tracked and measured for
performance. You can measure every business system using
data based metrics, possible metrics could be:

Help desk tickets
Overall sales
Profit and loss
Advertising and marketing performance
Web site Visitor to sales conversions

3. Continuous Improvement
After completing the prior to steps, finally it is
essential that you periodically monitor and review the
collected data from the business system. Armed with this
data start taking action to continuously improve the
systems so they perform better… this will result in
higher quality, lower costs and ultimately more overall

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