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Testing MacSpeech Today

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

Well, as it turns out, I’m testing out MacSpeech as I am doing it right in the WordPress edit box. The difference is that I am using MacSpeech without a microphone headset and instead of speaking into a room that has a live microphone in it. I have had to make about four edits so far just in this little paragraph, so I’m not quite sure how well was going to work.

I am used using Dragon Naturally Speaking and  I had trained Dragon NaturallySpeaking on my Sony laptop so well that I didn’t ever really want to even try MacSpeech because of the $200 cost. However, I can use speech recognition and create more content faster than if I was to type it out. One thing that I really like about what I am doing right now is that I’m speaking in an open room without the restriction I headset and I can see the words appearing in the WordPress editor on a big screen up on the wall.

I have really noticed that when using speech recognition software my voice confuses the software when it comes pronouncing any word with the letter P in it. Perhaps if I keep training with MacSpeech it will be a useful tool.

At this very moment I can’t tell you yet whether or not I will continue to post using MacSpeech.

Old Version of FileZilla I Use All The Time

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

I have been using the same old FileZilla FTP client for years now. One a I bought a long time ago, and now it works perfectly. I know there are lots of these old version kicking around the Internet, but this post is actually for myself and friends to use when we need to install FileZilla on a new computer. (more…)