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Launching of New Business Model + Portable Toilet Rental Company

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Hello again fellow “druggies”. JustĀ stopping by promote another friend who started off a business web site in Calgary. Their company rents out portable toilets to construction companies and such in the Southern Alberta, and allot in the Calgary area proper.

Interesting business because they rent out the units to companies that don’t want to use those crappy, plastic, porta-poddy things. They’re really smelly and disgusting for sure. I dread even having to use those porta-poddy (crap buckets) – I mean, I “hold it in” when “I have to go” for a long, long time. I will practically have an accident before stepping into one of those filthy disease traps.

So this bathrooms are high end, with a mens and ladies private toilets, sinks, mirrors, hand dryers, etc. These units are really amazing, and I sat in one and looked around when they got delivery of their first one. All shiny and new – the stainless steel checker-plating makes you feel like you stepped into a Get-Smart episode from the sixties, or perhaps a Dr. Who episode from over in England.

Very clean, and comfortable, and they are rated for minus 40 degrees. They use heat tape for the waste storage tanks, and they have electric heat inside as well for the users.

There are 110 volt connections on the side of the unit and sewer connections.

All units are completely portable and have crane hooks on top for putting on the roof a high-rise. All for the health and safey of workers.

NOW, you probably think they cost more for the contractors and builders than the cheap plastic porta-poddy units. Yeah, that’s what I thought too. Wrong. After you take in all money considerations, these units end up saving the company money.

You can check out their new site to see all of this for yourself – their site is called portabletoiletrentalcalgary.com and is was just launched today. Blog is cool too, I have to admit.

So we will be adding more information on the go here to this site and watch how their online presence increases over the weeks, month, and years.

Good show guys!