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Robert Gibbs First Briefing as Press Secretary

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Just watching the first press conference with Robert Gibbs as Barack Obama’s Press Secretary. He was unflappable like I thought he would be.

Executive Orders and Quantamano Bay

He spoke about our security being stronger and enhanced because of Obama’s new executive orders regarding the “torture camp”, and the new Envoy’s being sent to the Middle East for talks with Arab leaders.

The President is satisfied that the executive order regarding Quantamano was done in a way so that the structure of the executive order following the Flag Officers suggestions regarding the use the Army Field Manuals.

Journalists questioned Gibbs on the new administration’s believe that executive order to close Quantamano Bay within a year and transferdetainees to different locations, and setting in motion a plan for fair trails.

It’s apparent that the press is going to be holding Obama’s administration’s feet to the fire.

Obama's TeamAbundance of Caution on the Oaths

He did quite well, and spoke smoothly regarding “an abundance of caution” regarding Obama’s botches swearing in on inauguration day. Chuck Todd from MSNBC drilled Gibbs on the the re-swearing of the Obama oath.

Hard Questions on Lobbyists in Washington

More straight questions to Gibbs regarding Obama’s new direction as far as what lobbyists are prohibited as per another new executive order. Obama’s administration is being accused of making acceptions to this new executive order with some appointees.

More On Bail-Out and Stimulas Packages

More questions from the Press Corp. regarding the use of public money in the bail-out and stimulas package.

Gibbs outlined the economic team’s formulation of the stimulas package and prevention more major banks filing for bankruptcy. Gibbs mentioned that the financial package has to help main street by making banks lend money and free up the credit market.

Also Gibbs mentioned that they need to stop the CEOs getting big pay-outs.

On Torture

Gibbs said that Obama will be upholding American values as far as not torturing prisoners, and adhering the International Law.

Memorable Quote

When asked about how Barrack Obama and his famiy in their new home in the White House Gibbs mentioned what it’s like for Obama to be;


In Conclusion

Gibbs did well and seems to handle criticism well and stayed calm and relaxed. He ensured the White House Press Corp that the Obama’s administration has the economy problem directly in their sights and is working everyday to redirect the course of the economy, and is having daily briefings on the economy.

Obama’s “Citizen’s Briefing Book”

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Dear Terry,

We wanted to tell you about a new feature on Change.gov which lets you bring your ideas directly to the President. (more…)

From John Podesta

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Dear Terry,

Transparency and engagement are priorities for the Obama-Biden Transition Project. Our success depends on not only opening up a process that has historically been inaccessible to most Americans, but also encouraging citizen participation.

Last week, we took an important step towards these goals by asking the public to participate in a discussion about health care on our website.

The result was fantastic. Started by a question from our Health Policy Team, thousands of comments poured in over a few days. Some people answered the initial question, but others engaged with one another debating and developing new ideas and approaches to health care reform.

Members of our Health Policy Team, including former Senator Tom Daschle, read through these comments over Thanksgiving weekend.

Yesterday, they sat down to record a special video response. Watch it and join the discussion:

This is just the beginning. These discussions are a valuable resource for Transition staff and an important way to ensure that everyone has a voice in the process.

Thank you,


John D. Podesta
Obama-Biden Transition Project