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New Real Estate Site for Calgary

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

So a new customer over at Calgary SEO Specialists just the root core of their new domain launched today. In the very early stages, but enough content to get the idea of where it is going. The name of the site is RealtorsInCalgary.biz and it’s all about buying and selling real estate in Calgary.

The idea of the site is that Larry (founder) will do business from the site, but he is going to join in the discussion regarding the different communities and neighbourhoods of Calgary. Trying to create a sense of community, and not just a sense of “profit” – you should be able to do both in today’s dynamic Internet and all this social-media craze.

The gang over at CSEOS (SEO¬†services in the City of Calgary)¬†is trying to develop something a little bit different as far as Calgary-based real estate domains go. There is a serious amount of competition in the “buying and selling of homes” in any major Canadian city, and of course Calgary is no different whatsoever. However, not many sites have a strong sense of community. Eventually the Realtors In Calgary site will have a forum on it, to further bolster the “sense of community” aspect of the domain.

These early stages of web property development are always exciting, and then comes the reality. Allot of hard work and patience comes next when you realize you are going to have “write your way to the top”. That’s one of the things I like about CSEOS – they know who wins the war for the top of the search engine results – hard, hard work – write, write, write. Unless your site is like a Facebook launch, where the content is getting created at break-neck speed by an entire University (Harvard in their case), you are going to have to have a staff of good writers hustling to get things going out of the gate.

So you can see that it’s going to be a bit of a gong show these days. Will be doing some writing for CSEOS customers and I will be doing some WordPress coding work for a client in California, and doing some other stuff for friends and family. And I thought I was going to have to do LESS as I got further along in my work-at-home career – good thing I love making blog posts!

So I think that is it for now my faithful droogs – off to work for me (well, a walk with my wife and dog first – beautiful day here today)