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Online Social Networking and Marketing – Another COOL BLOG!

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

Just I quick shout out to a really original post on Social Networking an Marketing. This was written by a talented business man in Calgary Alberta (alright….OK!…..yeah! he is a friend of mine).

But believe me, this guy oozes originality, and I think he is going to have be an AMAZING blogger!!!!

I put his multi-user WordPress blog in my blogroll to. So much more to tell you, but only so much time in the day.

Funny Stories About Gambling

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

So I thought I would list some funny blog posts about gambling here today. These are interesting because they are obviously pretty hilarious when you see how the characters lose their money so quickly – which is usually the case with Casinos. The prospect of trying to make money gambling is crazy of course – anyone who is good at math will tell you that the money you take to a Casino should be considered GONE before you even plug a single quarter into a slot machine, or lay down a twenty dollar bill on a craps, roulette, or blackjack table. (more…)

Farm Construction Equipment Niche By Doug Called lPatt.com

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

dougonexcavatorSo I have a close friend I used to work for Air Canada with. We were both engineers 😉 So Doug is a heavy duty mechanic now who is a very humble guy, and he wanted me to help him set up his own web site/blog on light and heavy duty farm and construction equipment. I have finished his site now and he is ready to start blogging about his passion, which is tractors, excavators, rider mowers, farm equipment, construction equipment etc.

I also got Doug’s first third party site going which I will list here too. He has lens at Squidoo on construction equipment and a hub at Hubpages called lPatt Farm and Construction Equipment. He has been fully checked out on posting pictures and writing on his heavy and light duty equipment. This post at Zulit is just a way to kick off his new found love affair with the Internet, and I’m glad to help. He fully understands (because my wife pounded it into his head) that it takes allot of solid work to get any kind of web property off the ground, and that it takes passion to eventually see some solid results.

One thing I have encouraged him to do, is to write good content, and make sure the content is helpful to his visitors and users. This is all new to him, but he will surely get it – I’m confident of this.

The Equipment Featured on lPatt.com

Here is a picture of a Komatsu excavator as an example of what you will see and read about on Lpatt.com (large equipment and smaller equipment. Doug has a good digital video camera so he is going to shoot some video of machinery in action as operators go to work diggings, and moving dirt around. I hope he does a video of a some demolition work too. That is a blast to watch and the operators have to know what they are doing.

komatsuexcavatorsSo this has been allot of fun working on lPatt setting up it’s the site and getting all the thumbnails working on the premium WP-CLEAR theme. It was a bit tricky getting it going at first, but I finally got it thanks to the help at the SOLOSTREAM forum. There is a few processes and plugins you have to pay attention to if you want WP-CLEAR to work.

It was allot of fun peeking into the world of construction equipment, and all the various kinds of loaders, haulers, lifters, scrapers, diggers, sprayers, etc.

I’ve think it would be allot of fun to run an excavator or a snow cat, or something like that.

When we did our back yard with Roman Pavers last summer, John (my contractor) used a Kubota mini-excavator to do the digging and laying out of the pavers, which was REALLY cool to watch. You can watch it here if you want. See the Kubota mini-excavator in action half way down the page. John is an excellent operator and I could NOT believe how fast he was doing it. Here is John’s Contracting Web Site that I built for him called JWS Construction. Check out John some more in the Kubota Mini-Excavator on Youtube.

Before I go, I want to mention that Doug has a section of lPatt.com setup for placing free classified ads to sell farm and construction equipment. The whole idea is to provide a resource for farmers and construction professionals to sell their machinery without cost and hassle. They can just email Doug at support@lpatt.com.