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Affordable SEO Pt #3 – Meta Tags

Sunday, July 30th, 2006

I never used to take meta tags very seriously, until I stumbled across a series of tags that seemed to actually make a difference with my web page indexing. I found this meta tag combination by complete fluke.

I was building a site for a friend and he had chosen a particular template online. I used his template and was surprised to see how well his site was doing in search. I had optimized his site exactly the same way I had optimized my sites in the past, but his was doing much better. I eventually tried using the same meta tags that his template had. It worked.

So now I use the meta tag pattern below for all my static sites and my blogs.

To get the meta code I use for static web sites, right click here and select “Save target as..”

To get the meta code I use for WordPress blogs, right click here and select “Save target as..