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Top 1 Tip For Creating a Successful Blog

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

First of all, I understand that successful blogging means different things to different people. Some think a successful blog is one that has allot of traffic and readers. Some think that a successful blog is one that makes allot of money. Either way, a successful blog is one that has allot of traffic and allot of readers.

I’ve read many different accounts on what makes for successful blogging. I was always very interested in what made a blog succeed, and most importantly what made them lucrative. I’ve been at this for over 5 years now, and I have finally succeeded in bringing a blog up to a high traffic level, and making it very lucrative. (not this mish-mash cluster fuck blog – this is the first blog I created, and only makes $150 a month). What I learned from all of my failures, and final success, was a two stage process. I know that this post is entitled Top 1 Tip For Creating a Successful Blog, and I have already mentioned two stages. There is only one thing to do when creating a successful blog nowadays. I will point out the two stages of long term blogging success first, and then explain the one and only tip for creating it. (more…)

What Is Your Motivation/How Many Blogs Can You Handle

Friday, September 22nd, 2006

One Blog At TimeIn the past I’ve discussed some of my goals – but I read a good little bit on motivation over at Big Wad’s blog on motivation, worth checking it out. It got me thinking……how much do I want to earn from the Internet? Well for some people the answer is LOTS! My answer is ENOUGH for now.

What I mean is that I’m not all about getting stinking rich from Internet income – I’m all about being free due to Internet income. As my friends reading this know, I work from home, and make about 13,000 per month in the good months, and about 7,000 in the slow months. Of course this is enough to pay the bills, and not work at the Ford Motor Company, or work at Starbucks, but not enough to be rolling in cash. Great! I appreciate this lifestyle everyday I wake up, and try not to take it for granted, but the hell hounds are still on my trail gang. Here is why.

The reason I don’t rest on my laurels, is that the competition is getting fierce. Millions of people every year are entering our world of Internet income, work at home freedom, and general financial freedom. Many of these newcomers are savvy Internet folk that are using blogs to capitalize on traffic, even for basic products sites like hair loss markets, skin cream markets, YOU name it!

I was talking to a couple of my music buddies yesterday (yeah….I spent allot of time trying to be a rock star……and NOT for Supernova) who are also enjoying some Internet income. I was telling them my new mind-set with the future of Internet profits – I believe it’s coming down to this.

We need to be working REALLY hard on one particular blog or site for extended amounts of time. I’m talking about around 3 months per site or blog. After that we can distract ourselves off to other sites. We need to build up a serious amount of content and quality information for our visitors, before we move on to other things. I even think now that sticking with one blog may be a worthy method too. Using feeds, content automation, and of course manual posting, we should be able to keep three good blogs rolling by ourselves. I’d say that might be stretching it as well. Maybe two good blogs.

What I mean by automation is using a feed like Teli’s script for importing excel spread sheets to your WordPress blog. I use this script on a few of my blogs and it works very well. For example, I have a blog that automatically posts 10 posts a day evenly spread over a 24 hour period. Posted in 5 different categories, and it’s all fresh original content.

I said to both my music (and now blogging) buddies is; instead of looking at just your competition’s site to see how they are enjoying massive traffic, look even higher. Look at Yahoo! for instance. Take a good long look at Yahoo! and see how many fresh, original pieces of content they add a day. Then think of way to add that much quality content to your blog every day. Imagine if you could? If you could add just half of what Yahoo! adds in a day, you would be wiping out your competition in due time.

For some of those visitors that used to hang out at my past forums, this may be contradictory, as I used to pipe on about multiple sites. Good old Kenny {;-)} over at Money Traffic is all about mulitple blogs still, and there is merit in that – but we need to make each one of those blogs fantastic, not just so-so.

So take one blog at a time, and work your butt off for 3 solid months. When you are done, move on to the next. Once you have them all kicking along, you can them manage them all at the same time. I try to make one decent post per week on a blog that is in that mode. This blog has a good base of readers and content now, so I just try to make one good post a week if I can, while I’m grinding hard on a new blog. No question about it – Zulit will always be here and I will always make a post like this one periodically, but I won’t be posting for the sake of posting.

So how many blogs can you handle? How much money do you need to earn per month? Just like Big Wad’s article mentions – wants and needs are two different things. Do I WANT to go to Palm Springs next month, or do I NEED to go to Palm Springs next month – that is the question. I say we work hard for our financial freedom first, and then we work hard for the extras in life. Work hard on ONE BLOG AT A TIME.

Oh….and don’t make every blog about making Internet income, because the Internet savvy don’t click Adsense ads very often 😉 Learn to create massive blogs on basic products as well, cause people looking for skin cream probably don’t even know a Google ad or YPN ad from one of your navigational links…….or a hole in the ground.

Considering The End Of Your Blog?

Thursday, June 8th, 2006

Bloggin' Schmoggin'There has been some good discussion this week over at Darren’s Problogger, regarding the merits of ending a blog’s existence on the Internet. The discussion touches on all the obvious way a blog can fade away and stop being active.

I believe that many blogs start off with great intentions for many different reasons. The most common reason these days is to make money, and hence the thousands of blogs stopping by frustrated Internet entrepreneurs. For those more Internet savvy bloggers, they don’t usually end a blog’s life. For newbies in the arena of the great Internet, read the next paragraph. If you are seasoned, I would skip the next paragraph.

A blog carries alot of search engine clout compared to a typical static web site. Due to the very nature of a blog, with content management scripts for ease of posting, it will rise well within the search engine ranks. It will of course take time, but eventually a blog (if maintained) will receive healthy traffic. This all depends on a variables such as topic or market, but in general a blog can become an excellent source of web traffic.

Here is why I would never kill a blog off; even when you have stopped posting on a blog, it holds existing content, which the search engines may, or may not have, spidered and indexed. If the existing blog content is fresh and real, it will see some traffic from the search engines. If you blog to make a living as I do, you will never cease the existence of any blog – especially if it is a blog hosted on a free server. If your blog is not intended to create a trickle (or flood) of money through contextual advertising, affiliate links, banner advertising, etc., then you may consider selling it or passing it along to a worthy human being.

In fact there are bloggers who make hundreds of niche blogs that they fully intent to abandon some time later. They simply create a blog providing information a topic or product, slap on their Adsense code and let them go. These money blog can be successful, but I would read Kenny Allman’s blog first before doing it.

So I say if you are in the business of profit for blogging, don’t every stop. If you are not trying to make profit from a blog consider selling it or giving it to a deserving, and energetic human being.