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Pretty Sure Onlywire Hurt Some of My Blogs

Friday, November 27th, 2009

removingonlywireOnlywire seems like a good idea, and I didn’t think it would really hurt anything on my blogs. I mean you are just bookmarking your blogs on several social media sites with one or two clicks right? Well I’m thinking wrong now. I tried using OnlyWire on three specific blogs, and after 6 months Google decided to stop caching new posts. These blogs used to get cached within two days on every new post, and now it’s been over 3 months and all posts within that time frame have not been cached.

All other blogs – caching with two days. Hmmmmm!

So I’ve removed OnlyWire from those blogs completely, and we’ll see if the blogs recover. I think they will because they have some good content on them. All good, natural, and purely original content, so they should recover.

I’m guessing Google sees the use of Onlywire as a bot – which it is, but not really a nasty bot after all. With all of the different bot tools on the market claiming to help you manipulate the search engines, it wouldn’t be a big surprise if Google has decided to reward ANY kind of bot action with penalty. So therefore OnlyWire has been removed from ALL of my blogs.

Once again, I believe that just having the latest version of WP running, and some of the key plugins running, it’s all you need to do very well. When you see me talking about bots, and some nasty bots like Xrumer, keep in mind that it’s always FUN and EXCITING to see if you can manipulate the search engines, even if it’s only for a short time – and it’s very important if you are going to use bots like these you NEVER promote your main white-hat blogs and web sites. You can play around with third-party blogs and sites on other servers, and have fun toiling away on blog farms, but it’s never worth risking your real domains.

You really don’t need anything more than white-hat practices to dominate a niche, but the trick is to finding a niche with tons of traffic and no-one else really working it. I just found a really exciting niche that has a stupid amount of traffic (and I’ve thoroughly tested it on other blogs), with very little competition and advertisers who have deep pockets, that sell extremely expensive products.

If you have had your blog(s) damaged from using Onlywire, read this post by Manuel, which explains what you can do to try and recover.

Blackhat Seo That Ends Up Pure White

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

Blackhat Weekend is Here Again

Organic Traffic Only

Organic Traffic Only Profit - Click To Enlarge

Well that week went by really fast as usual. So I spent most of Saturday working hard creating blogs for some friends of mine – as sometimes I love helping someone get started and not have to deal with the same four year learning curve I had. Now it’s time to talk about something I find REALLY fascinating.

Last weekend I was talking about my dabbling with Blackhat SEO, and we looked at turning a WordPress blog into an RRS splog, and how I was not happy with any of the results I got. The reason being that the content is regurgitated, stolen, and presented in a hapless way. I like my blogs to look good and I can’t settle for re-hashed content. So what is the answer to creating 100% original content (as far as the Internet is concerned), and creating an enormous amount of it fast? Well I think I’ve finally found an answer to that question, and it works better than ANY system I’ve ever used. There is no other system that works as well as this if you are like me and don’t want to spend all your time having to “network” all day long, and get accepted into powerful a powerful blog club. I know that some of you reading this want to grow your online wealth with total control, and go it alone. I know that for some this seems ridiculous, and that no one is an island, but I know some bloggers who don’t join “clubs” and like to work on the fringes too. (more…)