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Friday, December 5th, 2008

Warning! If you are offended by bad and blue language, leave this blog right now. This is not for children of any age. Even uptight 50 year old children.

Ok. I’m really pissed off with this fucking Antivirus 2008/2009 thing. If I ever get a hold of the smart little bastards that created this bug – they’re dead, dead, and dead. But, since I don’t know where these fucking scumbags live, I’ll have to give up my dream of disemboweling them with a rusty and dull spoon. I can only help other people get rid of their stinking scourge for free.

I’ve dealt with bugs, corruptions, viruses forever, and it’s caused me allot of down-time. I make my living on my laptop creating blogs web sites and the like. Down-time is just not acceptable. Enough – here is how you can remove the fucking ANTIVIRUS 2008 and 2009 malware for free by doing the following.

Note – this is a trusted site, and these links I’m posting are trustworthy too. When you are asked to install them on your PC, don’t be afraid. They don’t infect you even further. This worked for me on 3 PCs now and it was completely free.

Make sure run both of these programs and do the full scan. Walk away from your PC because this takes some time. Up to an hour depending on how much crap you have installed and stored on your computer. Do the Malwarebytes scan and kill first, then do the SuperAntiSpyware scan a kill second. Don’t know why that order works, and don’t care. I just wanted to be free of this scumbag spyware on my computers.

Please pass along this post to anyone else or a post a link to this post for people who are as pissed off as I am. Please comment below to tell me if this helped or not. I have not seen this work yet, so get yourself free of these bastards now. I’m NOT making any money from this.