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Adsense Auto-Blog Earnings and Income – January 2011

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

So I want to start posting my wife’s Adsense earnings as she focuses on nothing but our auto-blogs. She is using my auto-blog system/formula, and the reason she is doing so is because she was sort of my guinea pig in a way to see if absolute beginners could use my ebook, the videos, the tutorials, pictures, etc., and successfully setup auto blogs.

I’m happy to report that she has succeeded in getting it figured out WITHOUT any of my help at all. The deal was that she had to use her MAC and download my ebook. That was it. That is all she had to work with, and I was NOT ALLOWED to help…..period.

It was weird watching her struggle with downloading CyberDuck for the FTP part of it for loading up all the files and folders. It was REALLY HARD for me to stand back and not help with something that is really easy for me, and really new for her.

Anyway….long winded story short. She had her first auto blog running back in October 2010, and had 10 of them built by November 2010. All her autoblogs are around some basic shopping products like shoes, clothing, art, etc. etc.

Well it’s now almost mid January 2011 and we can start reporting her Adsense earnings for nothing but her auto-blogs. Very cool, and very encouraging considering we don’t have to write the content, or hire writers to post content on any of these blogs. Of course none of these auto blogs have any page rank at all, and we’re not linking them at all. What is the point of an auto blog that you have to work SEO on? The whole point is they get traffic all on their own.

So here are her numbers. Always keep in mind that she is adding new auto-blogs every month, and this Adsense income and earnings in based on 10 auto blogs to date – she’ll be adding more as we go along in 2011. This has been very exciting for us!!!

  • January 1, 2011 – Adsense Auto-Blog Income (Earnings) – $3.12
  • January 2, 2011 – Adsense Auto-Blog Income (Earnings) – $6.73
  • January 3, 2011 – Adsense Auto-Blog Income (Earnings) – $9.16
  • January 4, 2011 – Adsense Auto-Blog Income (Earnings) – $16.99
  • January 5, 2011 – Adsense Auto-Blog Income (Earnings) – $7.33
  • January 6, 2011 – Adsense Auto-Blog Income (Earnings) – $4.82
  • January 7, 2011 – Adsense Auto-Blog Income (Earnings) – $8.43
  • January 8, 2011 – Adsense Auto-Blog Income (Earnings) – $12.54
  • January 9, 2011 – Adsense Auto-Blog Income (Earnings) – $8.32
  • January 10, 2011 – Adsense Auto-Blog Income (Earnings) – $13.69

So a fantastic start so far for her and she is very excited to say the least. If you consider that these auto blogs are only a few month old it’s extremely encouraging. I will update her Adsense income once a week, or try to anyway – I’m so lazy when it comes to updating Zulit as it’s not a blog that makes much money. It’s a making some cash now with my auto blog system on here though so I will try to update this domain more often. My day is always spent writing fresh content for out old niche blogs.


Adsense Income Earning for January 2011

Friday, January 7th, 2011

There are many a blogger (publishers) that complain around this time of year (well I suppose every time of year) about their Adsense income earnings etc. True that some niche markets and keyword markets don’t get as much traffic during January, but that is why we build various different blogs on different subjects. It all evens out in the end this way. Diversification right.

So here is how we are doing in January 2011 for our Adsense income;

  • Adsense Earnings total January 1 2011 — $82.78
  • Adsense Earnings total January 2 2011 — $112.24
  • Adsense Earnings total January 3 2011 — $173.93
  • Adsense Earnings total January 4 2011 — $162.61
  • Adsense Earnings total January 5 2011 — $133.77
  • Adsense Earnings total January 6 2011 — $145.81

Starting to increase a little bit over all because we have added allot of fresh content and one of our auto-blogs is kicking this time of year.

Today is a busy writing day for me. I have to write 3 large posts for next week. I still create and run aut0-blogs, but I still have some blogs that I just write my own content on. Just like this blog. I like to make sure that I have many different “irons in the fire”.

So hope every-one’s 2011 is working out OK.


Adsense Income Earnings for November 25 2010 = $71.74

Friday, November 26th, 2010

So yesterday was one of the slowest days of the year, and this week will be too. Christmas and Thanksgiving are the lowest for our niche blogs. Adsense income – Adsense earning were very light coming in at $71.74. Very happy with that for numbers knowing that the “hot season” for most of our niche blogs is between March and August.

Every year is a raise too, because another full year of content has been written and posted on all of the blogs. This is the simple fact that makes profit made from Internet traffic arguable THE BEST kind of profit. We don’t need to invest in any more overhead, employees, or equipment to give yourself a raise. Just sweat equity – as long as you consider sitting in a comfortable chair in front of the fire typing on your computer hard work.

Took a break from blogging today because I had a friend in town and I’ve been helping him set up a blog that WILL be very profitable for him if he takes is seriously and starts posting one blog post a week for the first 6 months.

So another day of light blogging. This may be the only post I do today. Maybe tweaking my shopping blog a little bit cause it’s the only domain that is really performing during Black Friday or Cyber Monday. If you have a quality blog that was based on products and services, you will be making your biggest profit RIGHT NOW! My hat goes off to all those product bloggers this weekend – enjoy it because you have worked really hard, and you deserve it.

When the holidays are over and January rolls around again, the hang-overs are mending, our business will be in full swing again.

Have a great day out there profit bloggers. Drive safe if you’re driving. Oh yeah – here is a good post about driving┬áconditions in Canada during the winter months.

Adsense Income Today $94.77 USD

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

So yesterday was November 24th on a Wed and so many people are already on the road or in the air on their way to visit family and friends for the United States thanksgiving holiday, so overall Internet traffic was down about 25-30% as compared to a normal Wed during November. Of course our traffic is three times higher between March and August, but whatever….not applicable NOW.

So the total Adsense income was $94.77 and we feel very fortunate to have made that. I would have been grateful to make 50 bucks considering the TG holiday is starting up.

Some niche blogs made more because they talk about road conditions in Canada and such. Understanding the seasonal aspect of Internet traffic is very important to capitalize on profit through the different seasons of the year.

I use a free traffic estimator by Google to anticipate traffic for different keywords – try it yourself!

March 2010 Adsense Payment Currency Reversal/Flip

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Ok – it’s that time again and Google Adsense has paid us “backwards” in regards to currency exchange. We get paid in Canadian dollars and we have seen the currecny flipped/reversed two or three times in the past. The Adsense Team always gets on top of it and fixes the problem within a week or so with another EFT payment into your bank account.

If you are not paid via EFT your fix will take longer, and they may rectify your currency exchange goof on your next check – next month.

Last time this happened we actually gained from it (so my wife tells me) because she said the exchange rate had changed to our favor when they rectified the payment issue. The first time this happened it was quite the big deal, because we had over 26000 dollars USD coming in and our Canadian dollar was only worth 83 USD cents. That’s a big chunk of change.

It can leave you feeling a little bit queasy about Google and the Adsense system, because the thinking goes,

“If they can screw something this big up……..what else can they screw up!!!!!”

No worries gang – the Adsense team gets on top of it and sorts it out – they always have without fail, and they do it in a very professional manner as always.

Google Adsense Payment Late? Don’t Sweat it!

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

So there is a big buzz for the worried and the anxious Adsense publishers out there today on the Internet. Why? Because Google is slow making their payment for the end of April. Don’t sweat it!

Easy to say right? Well my wife and I have a total of over $26,000 USD due in Adsense income so we could certainly stress about it, but after 5 years of always getting our money, we choose NOT to stress it.

Here is a quote on Twitter from the Adsense team. This sounds like the Adsense team for sure. Adsense has ALWAYS paid me and my wife, even though they have been late the odd time. (more…)