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Launching SEO Company

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

So I had a fun day yesterday working from 6:30 am until now (20 minutes after midnight). I was building the Satellite Site for of a new search engine optimization company in Calgary (yes, I’m “involved” with the company). I partnered with two associates, and with the help of my wife and my brother-in-law (critical), we have started up – just scratching the surface.

The name of the company is Calgary SEO Specialists and we’re really excited to finally get serious and provide a clean build SEO company in Southern Alberta – it’s about time. Been working the search engines hard for so long – now I want to reach out and start helping out our local businesses a little bit (for a price of course).

Competing for search engine placement in Canada is a breeze. Normally with my loan blogs, where I compete in the USA I have to fight my way to the top of over 100 million search results to get any traffic. In Canada, even for competitive products and services, there is FAR less competition.

Adsense Income Dropping

One of the reasons I decided to make some money from another income stream is because Adsense has been tanking slowly for six months now, and we’re not taking the chance – getting caught sitting here dumbfounded if the rug gets pulled out from underneath us. We are not the only ones either – whenever you want watch people complain about Adsense earnings, you can find it over at Webmaster world.

I have seen dips in Adsense earnings many, many times before, but the dips are falling deeper lately, and with all of the constant algorithm changes in Google search, we HAVE to make our Adsense income only one stream of income amongst many streams. In fact, that is what Google tells publishers all the time – don’t rely on Adsense as your only household income.

In the years since we lost the Bing/Yahoo! PPC traffic (Adsense Arbitrage), we had to dive hard back into writing great content in order to stay working at home, and not working for the man again. It’s been a ton of work.

Our total Adsense income per day on pure natural traffic, in January was $127-$133. This January the average is $95.

Not good my friends – not good. Thank god we have CJ commissions to fill up the losses in Adsense.

The Adsense game is a great one when you are on top, and freaky in the low traffic months, and with the Adsense smart pricing going on, it’s getting harder and harder to justify sitting back and watch Adsense income levels dropping, and not do anything about it.

I will always keep Adsense on our blogs and hopefully the Adsense program will always be around, but it’s time to move on for a more secure financial future. This is why I got involved with Mel and Betty on the CalgarySEOSpecialists.com site. We can create a solid income going forward and Adsense can even crash and burn – won’t make a huge difference in the long run.

We have one SEO client who has been with us since 2005 and he has been very happy with the service we provide. Now that is a secure income. A steady check from a real customer you are actually helping, and in turn helping his wife, kids, and family. Now that I don’t mind working hard for.

Don’t get me wrong. A good, clean web site or blog with fresh content, and clean navigation will always garnish steady traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo.