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Adsense Income Earning for January 2011

Friday, January 7th, 2011

There are many a blogger (publishers) that complain around this time of year (well I suppose every time of year) about their Adsense income earnings etc. True that some niche markets and keyword markets don’t get as much traffic during January, but that is why we build various different blogs on different subjects. It all evens out in the end this way. Diversification right.

So here is how we are doing in January 2011 for our Adsense income;

  • Adsense Earnings total January 1 2011 — $82.78
  • Adsense Earnings total January 2 2011 — $112.24
  • Adsense Earnings total January 3 2011 — $173.93
  • Adsense Earnings total January 4 2011 — $162.61
  • Adsense Earnings total January 5 2011 — $133.77
  • Adsense Earnings total January 6 2011 — $145.81

Starting to increase a little bit over all because we have added allot of fresh content and one of our auto-blogs is kicking this time of year.

Today is a busy writing day for me. I have to write 3 large posts for next week. I still create and run aut0-blogs, but I still have some blogs that I just write my own content on. Just like this blog. I like to make sure that I have many different “irons in the fire”.

So hope every-one’s 2011 is working out OK.


Adsense Income Earnings for November 25 2010 = $71.74

Friday, November 26th, 2010

So yesterday was one of the slowest days of the year, and this week will be too. Christmas and Thanksgiving are the lowest for our niche blogs. Adsense income – Adsense earning were very light coming in at $71.74. Very happy with that for numbers knowing that the “hot season” for most of our niche blogs is between March and August.

Every year is a raise too, because another full year of content has been written and posted on all of the blogs. This is the simple fact that makes profit made from Internet traffic arguable THE BEST kind of profit. We don’t need to invest in any more overhead, employees, or equipment to give yourself a raise. Just sweat equity – as long as you consider sitting in a comfortable chair in front of the fire typing on your computer hard work.

Took a break from blogging today because I had a friend in town and I’ve been helping him set up a blog that WILL be very profitable for him if he takes is seriously and starts posting one blog post a week for the first 6 months.

So another day of light blogging. This may be the only post I do today. Maybe tweaking my shopping blog a little bit cause it’s the only domain that is really performing during Black Friday or Cyber Monday. If you have a quality blog that was based on products and services, you will be making your biggest profit RIGHT NOW! My hat goes off to all those product bloggers this weekend – enjoy it because you have worked really hard, and you deserve it.

When the holidays are over and January rolls around again, the hang-overs are mending, our business will be in full swing again.

Have a great day out there profit bloggers. Drive safe if you’re driving. Oh yeah – here is a good post about driving┬áconditions in Canada during the winter months.

Adsense Click Earnings – Very Little to Very Big

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Highest Paying Adsense Click EverSo this morning being Sunday, plus for whatever reason we were seeing extremely low traffic in our Statcounter account(s) – so low in fact that I thought that my main blog for bread winning had been de-ranked and punished by the Google Gods. When I checked out all of the usual keywords that this blog was strong on I was fine. Number #1 in Google and Yahoo/Bing and competing with 125 million pages, etc.

I was still strong in all the usual keywords we get our traffic from. So my only guess is that just like last Sunday, nobody is on the Internet looking for products and services in the particular niche. Oh well – hope tomorrow is a big Monday again. (more…)