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So Back Home and Back To Work

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Back home and back to work. I’ll be doing some work for my brother-in-laws company (Airtel Wireless) as they start up online. Airtel is a push-to-talk company based in Calgary, Alberta, and they provide iDEN technology. Cell phones the same as Nextel’s “chirping” phones.

Also I have to get my taxes done as my year end was May 31st. My step-daughter is getting married August 3rd in Golden, B.C. so there is allot going there too.

As well, I will be doing some more music. Going to start doing some solo acoustic (folk) music along the theme of the new age, one love, universal energy line. It’s hard to put my beliefs into words because it’s not based in the head or the mind – it’s a matter of feeling universal energy that brings us into line and on track.

Since it is getting to the slower season for Internet traffic, I will blogging some more as well. We only have 7 blogs now total and that is still too many to service. Some will get more attention than others.

Update On Zulit.com

Monday, May 12th, 2008

Well….as you can see I’ve been backing off the Zulit posting and have for some time now. I’ve been doing some IT work for a family business lately, but will return to my Zulit world.

Played with some auto-posting ideas but they just simply suck. Back to original content. Will try to post more often..