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Hypervre Sites and Pages Getting Deindexed By Google, Bing, and Yahoo

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Got this email from a friend who is doing well with his Hypervre sites and pages. Thought it would interest my readers. As follows;


Hi Terry,

Hope everything is going well with you. Just something that maybe with your experience you have come across. On one of my HyperVRE web sites Google seems to have dropped most of the articles in one of the HyperVRE web sites. This has about 180 articles and was making OK money, most of them don’t seem to be coming up now for some reason.

I can go to google.ie and search locally and I did come up first from most of these terms because no competition locally.

Have you come across this where they seem to simply drop pages into the wilderness?


Oh yes,

I’ve been watching this ever since I did my test run on Zulit.com

All of the hypervre pages get hit every 18 months or a so for a few weeks. Sometimes for a month, then BANG, they’re back in the results up high again.

Zulit’s test has been hit 4 times since those HyperVRE pages were up. Weird thing is they have always come back. Zulit’s HyperVRE was doing really well for a year and a half and then two months ago it stopped getting allot of traffic and was only getting trickle. It was still in the search results but on page 10-15 or worse!

It came back a month ago and is making the good money again. About 30-35 dollars a day total. Having the Hypervre mini-sites on a blog’s domain is the key I think. The blog gets updated with a new post every once and awhile with a real fresh article and this brings search engine attention once again the Hypervre sites down the sidebar.

When things are really kicking on the Hypervre traffic I leave things alone and when I see traffic dip – THEN I make a fresh post as if to say to the search engines,

“Hey – remember me! – I’m still here! Come see this fresh article on our domain.”

The Hypervre mini-sites pages are always changing on their own so this is why I think the search engines keep bringing them back.

I think your traffic will come back. Please keep me informed. I’m always very interested to see how other webmasters are doing with their Hypervre sites.


What is Hypervre?

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

What is Hypervre? – you ask.

Hypervre is a web site building program (software) that enabes you to build niche web sites in the hope of making money from the Internet traffic.

There are three editions;

The Gold Edition

The Silver Edition

The Free Edition

I explain why you have to buy the Gold version here.

What Kind of Money Can You Make Using Hypervre?

Lots. As much as you want depending on how many niche sites you are prepared to build. Anyone who tells you that Hypervre is some sort of scam, get them to click here for this Adsense earnings report.

Buy Hypervre Gold Version

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Before I start – just in case you are wondering if buying Hypervre Gold software is worth it, see this earning report. Ok….now on with it. (more…)

Good HyperVRE Screen Shots

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

I wanted to point out another blogger’s site who has some good HyperVRE screenshots that I don’t have on my free tutorial.

Eric Giguere has a good blog and he has some HyperVRE screenshots you can see if you’ve never seen HyperVRE in action. I was going to provide these screenshots, but luckliy Eric did it already for me (I am lazy right).  


Some HyperVRE Users Don’t Want Free Hosting

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

I have been getting questions from people who are using my HyperVRE tutorial, want advice on paid hosting for their HperVRE sites. Many want to know what kind of hosting I use for all my sites.

I set out to build a tutorial showing people how to build Adsense income streams using HyperVRE without any hosting costs. I just wanted to prove it can be done and give new-comers a way to “taste some Adsense cash” before investing any money.

Below is a common I question I’ve been getting asked:

Q: Who do you use for hosting your HyperVRE sites. I don’t want to use free hosting because I want to protect my income, and avoid using sub domains?

A: I use Moca for web hosting. Mostly because of speed, price, and customer service. To run HyperVRE you just need to have up to date PHP functionality. If you already have a hosting account with a company, they most likely have everything you need.


Q & A Page For HyperVRE Tutorial and Free Template

Friday, October 12th, 2007

First of all – if you have never read up on Hypervre click here for an introduction.

I realize there will be questions regarding the free HyperVRE tutorial, and the HyperVRE free template. I’m starting this post so questions can be answered.

You are not required to provide a web site URL or an email. (a list builder I am not) Try to read all the information I have here because you will start making money much faster if you learn from my mistakes and use my SEO Hypervre Template.

I own the Hypervre GOLD version because I’m a full time Internet blogger and content publisher. I always recommend going for it and getting the Hypervre GOLD version for three reasons;

  1. With the GOLD version you create a downline
  2. With the GOLD version you will have your OWN aff links on the sites you create
  3. I get you in my down-line if you register through me and I make a $70 commission when you buy the GOLD version

If You Use My Free Copy of Hypervre

This is how it works. If you download and use my free Hypervre software, and my custom template, you can use everything for free. All the Adsense ads will be yours and you will make money from them.

If you buy the GOLD software, and use the free templates Matt gives you, Hypervre will automatically embed YOUR Amazon and Clickbank aff links into the content of the pages.

If you don’t buy the GOLD version and use my free version, the templates automatically embed MY Amazon and Clickbank aff links into the content of the pages.

So GO FOR GOLD and make me $70 bucks, make sure YOU make $70 bucks when someone downloads YOUR version of Hypervre and buys GOLD, and make sure your own aff links are in the content.

OK….It’s Q&A Time

Just fire your question off below and I’ll answer it as best I can. If you DO have a web site to promote, you can leave a link to it’s home page after your question. Fair enough?


Free HyperVRE Templates for Download

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

First of all – if you have never read up on Hypervre you can click here for an introduction, or right click here to download a case study (right click then select “Save link as” or “Save target as”) of a another guy making good money using the software.

I’m starting this free HyperVRE template post to go along with my HyperVRE tutorial, so that HyperVRE users can use free templates that don’t have any footprints, and have some originality.

Important note: I tweak these templates every week so that users are never over-using the same template. This is important to avoid SERP penalties. Updated January 2009.

I’ll list all the download links for the templates below. None of these downloads will hurt your computer, so disregard any warnings. I’m not interested in screwing up your computer. 😉 My first free HyperVRE template (Narrow Blue) can be downloaded here. You can unzip it with any zip program.

If you’ve never heard of HyperVRE before, you might want to see my last monthly Adsense earnings report. 80% of that income is from HyperVRE generated sites.  If you want to learn more about HyperVRE, and download the HyperVRE software for unlimited free use, click here.

I’ve personally tested over 40 HyperVRE templates, including my own, and the stock HyperVRE templates that come with the HyperVRE Gold membership. My first free template has the following attributes:

– it has a huge click-through rate (40% to 90% depending on the niche or topic)
– no need to banner or header creation because it has a good looking non-de-script header image
– it loads quickly for all Internet connections
– it keeps the visitor’s eyes on the ads
– it does not break any Adsense rules
– it’s only been used 7 times so far, so it’s not over-used
– all footprint issues have been removed
– universal so you have very little tweaking to do per site
– all SERPS like this template as it’s SE friendly
– the meta tags are custom and ideal for SERPS
– extremely customizable if you want to tweak even more originality in

Free HyperVRE Template #1 – “Narrow Blue” (click here to download) (see DEMO)

narrow-blue-free-hypervre-template1This free HyperVRE has  been tested over a period of 14 months. It holds Google, MSN, Yahoo, Ask, and all the rest. You’ll notice the template has a VERY clean, and simple look to it. Below is a screen-shot of Narrow Blue in action. Click the image to enlarge the template screen shot. Important note: This template is meant to be used when building a site with PHP pages, and NOT HTML pages.

This template may look simple, but every test imaginable was made with over 40 templates and this one made the most money by far.

What beginners will like about this HyperVRE template is that it’s really easy to configure and use. No need to fuss with images, and code. This template works PERFECTLY with all browsers (as mentioned above). Basically, you can create your content, and let HyperVRE rip. You can build your sites right out of the gate.

DO NOT forget to use your own Adsense code. This free of charge  HyperVRE template has the Adsense pub ID defaulted to my wife’s account. You can simply change copy paste your code, or copy/paste the whole ad from your Adsense account. Keep in mind the dark blue color of the template, when you create your Adsense ad. This template color is very attractive with the background used, and I’ve tested many different color schemes to realize Narrow Blue has the highest click through rate (CTR).

Don’t be alarmed that I have removed much of the template codes like RSS feeds etc. I’m avoiding links off the site, and usually the RSS feeds don’t match the content. Pain in the ass. Like I keep saying – this has been tested. Simple is better when it comes to search engines.

You can of course customize this template, but I wouldn’t mess with it too much. Whatever you do, make sure you keep the narrow look, and the two large rectangle Adsense ads at the top. Ching – Ching $$$$$.