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Earnings Report for Wed, June 20th, 2007

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

Very similar to Tuesday as far as contextual ad income, but back to normal in the affiliate leads and sales.

Tried out some new merchants, and dumped some that were shafting us. When will these merchants get it through their heads? Affiliates are not stupid, and when they’ re stiffing us we know it!

As simple as removing their code, giving them a call to tell them why, and adding affiliate links from a different company. You really have to keep on top of these merchants.

Your humble narrator has been burned dozens of times, by affiliate programs and sleazy merchants. A word to the wise: if you’ve sent a merchant over 150 unique, and targeted visitors, and they have not given you credit for a sale or lead, DUMP THEM RIGHT AWAY

If they have not converted a lead and they’re honest, then they have terrible site conversion. If they have been converting visitors from your site, and have not credited you for the sale or lead – they’re scum-bags. DUMP THEM RIGHT AWAY!   

You know, I think I’m going to start a category/series on all the scum-bag merchants I’ve dealt with in the past. Hmmmm….have to think about that one. Very negative Karma with a quest like that. 

Total contextual advertising income = $458.33 USD

Total Affiliate Commissions – Leads and Sales = $93.00 USD
Total Income = $551.33 USD

Total Advertising Costs Out = $199.66 USD

Total Net Profit for  Wed, June 20th. = $351.67

There Goes My Theory – Big June 18th, 07 Net Profit

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

Well, my theory about June slowing down, like it did last year has been shot all to hell. This Monday is giving me hope that the advertisers may not be packing up their PPC dollars for the summer. Not yet anyway.

I’m noticing a big jump in traffic as well, as you can see by the advertising dollar spent on Monday. The difference is that the sites are just paying out big right now.

Chitika is even performing better, and they’re usually way down this time of year for my vectors and markets. You can see the bump in my dailys chart below for June 2007. Keep in mind that this chart line is a graph of the AVERAGE daily net income for June 2007.   

Total contextual advertising income = $519.18 USD

Total Affiliate Commissions – Leads and Sales = $172.41 USD
Total Income = $692.23 USD

Total Advertising Costs Out = $206.92 USD

Total Net Income Monday, June 18th/2007 = $485.31


June 16-17 Weekend Earnings Report

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

This was a very normal weekend this time of year, with only $28 in affiliate commissions and lead pay total.

Chitika and Adsense were about the same as last year this time at a total of $518.17. 

I use to get discouraged to see weekend affiliate commissions and contextual advertising drop to half of the weekday levels, but I just try and remember that I never made a cent on the weekends being an employee. 

So we’re settled into our cabin in Montana, and I just had the pleasure of waking up to the smell of our 7 month old golden retrievers massive pile of boo, and lake of urine at the foot of our bed. Seems he had some “problems” in the early hours of the morning. YUCK!!!! I’m still nauseas as I type this mornings post.    

Total contextual advertising income:

Saturday = $259.45
Sunday = $258.72

Total Affiliate Commissions – Leads and Sales:

Saturday = $00.00 USD
Sunday = $28 USD
Total Income = 259.45 + 286.72 = $546.17 USD

Total Advertising Costs Out:

Saturday = $119.30
Sunday = $122.75

Total Net Income June 16/17 Weekend 2007 = $304.12

Prosper.com – Revolution in Borrowing and Lending

Saturday, June 16th, 2007


Prosper.com is revolutionizing the lending game by letting “Joe Blow” average citizen lend money to other “Joe Blog” average citizens.

Borrowers, or lenders, can sign up with Prosper for free, and they can begin borrowing, or lending at will. Percentage rates vary on the bidding that takes place. Basically, you can have thousands of people bidding to lend you money.

There is a little Youtube video below that was on CBS all about the Prosper.com site.        

You can borrow or lend money to people for any reason at all. Free to join, and it’s about time we had such a great idea to get rid of stuffy bank dudes.

Video on Prosper.com below here….


You can sign up with Prosper.com here.

First Crude Earnings Graph For 2007

Saturday, June 16th, 2007

This is a simple earnings graph for 2007. This is total average income, total average costs, and total average net profit. The spread sheets this came from have a ton of variables, but this one is a simple graphic on the overall numbers.

Next I’ll try some of the 3D and pie graphs to see which ones show better.

Next posted earnings graphs will be in more detail as to the source of the income, and costs. For the purpose of this series on a Wordpress blog, and this particular theme choice, I need to start using a different configuration.

Notice on the month of May (#5 at the bottom of the graph), I cut it off, because there is of course no numbers yet to display, and the graph takes a nose dive. Net income seems to be floating around the $7000 mark.

I’ll be starting some new sites and campaigns this summer, which will hopefully send these lines in a northern direction.

Average Costs – Average Gross  – Average Net

Update On Earnings Report Series

Friday, June 15th, 2007

I’m working hard with Excel right now on my online business worksheets. LOVE making spreadsheets, as they make it easier to sleep at night knowing you are on top of every penny coming in and going out.

Anyway….when the spreadsheets are done, I’m going to create some bar graphs, pie graphs, and my favorite, line graphs. I’ll be making images of these graphs to be included in each earnings report.

– Terry

Good Thursday, June 14th/2007 Earnings Report

Friday, June 15th, 2007

This was a fairly high Thursday report for profit. We generally slow down going into Friday, but “sometimes” we get allot of traffic on Thursdays.

We only made a pittance ($25) in sales and lead commissions, but we had a higher level of contextual advertising in Chitika.
Adsense was down a bit though. Overall, I’m very happy with this Thursday, as it’s the slow down season in our vectors and markets.

I’ll guarantee you that next Thursday will be way slower, unless we get lucky with some good commissions. For instance, I noticed we made over $100 dollars today (the 15th) in Commission Junction commissions.

Total contextual advertising income = $464.60 USD

Total Affiliate Commissions – Leads and Sales = $25 USD
Total Income = $489.60 USD

Total Advertising Costs Out = $172.58 USD

Total Net Income June 14th/2007 = 317.08