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Secret to Getting High Quality Inbound Links

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

We’ve recently improved ALL of our search engine rankings on our business domains and blogs. It’s a little gray-hat secret that we are using exclusively now, and I can explain more at the bottom of this post. But first, I should do a little catching up.

Well it’s been awhile and “no posting” here at Zulit.com as I have been working hard buying content, writing content, creating offers, etc. Business is booming this month as we are heading into the busy season for many of our niche sites and blogs.

Total Adsense income growing every week it seems so perhaps Google is getting generous again. Seen some other webmaster saying the same thing as well.

So the autoblogs are still ticking along, the authority blogs are doing really well of course, and we have had a real uptick on Commissions made through CJ merchants. Never thought I would see the day when we would be making more money from affiliate commissions then Adsense, but that day is now upon us.

It’s been a real wild ride since we lost our PPC traffic from Yahoo! and Bing last November, but with some hard work we have managed to get our traffic levels up almost as high with natural organic search engine traffic. A TON OF writing and buying content from good writers too. It’s really paid off.

We have another little secret we have been using for getting high quality inbound links too. It’s a little trick that our biggest competitors are using, and if you want to know more about it just email me at terryzulit@gmail.com – we are offering the same service for others now too.

July 2007 Adsense Income

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

Well…it’s that time again, and I’m posting another Adsense income report. This time it’s a screenshot from my Adsense account.

Click here to see report….

I post these once and awhile simply to make sure new-comers can see it’s for real. You wouldn’t believe how much doubt there is out there. Drives me crazy sometimes to hear people refer to online income opportunities as “scams”.

Almost every online opportunity can make you money if you work hard enough at it. The trick is to find money making opportunities that make the most money, for the least amount of effort.

Your humble narrator is going back to the milk bar now.     

June 2007 Month End Profit Report

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

Well it’s that time again: My month end report is completed. Looks like we came in at just over $7500 US dollars profit. Much better than June 2006.

There was allot of changes made a year ago with MSN, Google, and Yahoo marketing services, which created a big loss for us in  targeted web site traffic. It took me a year to get my head around all of the changes.

I also had to stop playing with all the gray-hat/black hat, crap sites, and concentrate on my quality, real blogs and sites. It turns out that we make 95% of our income from quality white-hat sites, so I had to quit toying with the junk, and get real.

So here is June’s breakdown:

$13,112.55 = Gross Income 
$5,305.65  = Total Advertising Costs 
$7806.90 USD = Total Profit 

I will be going back into holiday mode for a couple of months now. This is the norm the last few years. I’ll do nothing except update this blog, and update the hubs of my blog farms (white-hat farms), and that’s it – no new sites or blogs will be created.

In the fall we’ll go to Mexico, Orlando, Hawaii, or Palm Springs for a couple of weeks, and then we’ll come home and get back to work. During these coming months, I’ll be monitoring all of our sites, and watching the numbers closely, but that takes about fifteen minutes a day.

Playing golf tomorrow, and going to the lake today, so it’s time to spool down the laptops.  

June 26-27 Online Earnings

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

Back with another earnings report. Been busy these days with some new projects. Trying out some new software again. Looks really good, but will just be another tool in online arsenal. Blogsolution and Contentsolution are the scripts I’m learning to use. Very powerful, but allot of work to setup right.


Total online income for 26-27 was $954.78

Breakdown is $789.43 in Adsense and Chitika.  $165.35 in affliate sales and leads. Mostly Clickbank these last two days.

Total cost for PPC advertising is $387.24

$567.54 USD total profit. Very steady and decent income. This June (2007) is MUCH better than last year’s June income. Why? Because we’re getting allot more natural traffic than last year. Even Google has been giving the tip of the hat on our white-hat sites.

Black-hat stuff is small, but growing rapidly. Will have to revamp all the black-hat work, as I think these kinds of sites, have a shelf-life.

A good quality white hat site will earn indefinitely. Gotta run for now.

– Terry    

Wrapping Up The Weekend – Three Day Report

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Since I am by nature, sometimes as borderline slouth (as in very lazy), I’ve decided to post all weekends as one earnings report. Saves me posting time, and I don’t really care about this sites page rank.

We’re still having a great time in Montana. Went up to the top of Big Mountain for a drive – took some pictures, and reminded me why I don’t ski. Love Montana, and I really love the people. It’s sometimes like their still back in 1973 here. Friendly, fairly easy-going, no BS people. LOVE it.

Adsense and Chitika were lower this weekend as to be expected as more Americans are getting their kids out of school and on the road to the lakes and camp-grounds.

This earnings report is for Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th of June, 2007.

Total contextual advertising (Adsense & Chitika) income = $943.47 USD

Total Affiliate Commissions – Leads and Sales = $183.23 USD
Total Income = $1126.70 USD

Total Advertising Costs Out = $467.38 USD

Total Net Profit for  Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th of June, 2007 = $659.32

Online Income for Thursday June 21th, 2007

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

Not bad, not great. I would call it super considering I spent the day down at the beach drinking beer.

For a Thursday, it was just fine. Leads and sales income was middle of the road, but contextual advertising income was higher than a normal Thursday.

Tommorrow will be interesting as schools are finishing up, Moms and Dads are taking holidays as much as they can, and everyone is in full blown summer mode. We should be seeing a steep decline in traffic and income going forward now.

I know I’ve promised this decline in traffic and online income earlier this month, and I was proven wrong. Hope I’m wrong again, but I douby it. Most people are not sitting in front of their computers during the warm summer months.

Wait until September. I’ll show you a serious dive in the earnings charts then! I’m preparing new sites and new markets now to try and find a lucrative market and vector for September to November.   

Total contextual advertising income = $393.48 USD

Total Affiliate Commissions – Leads and Sales = $42.00 USD
Total Income = $435.48 USD

Total Advertising Costs Out = $173.58 USD

Total Net Profit for  Thursday, June 21st. = $261.90

Video Clip of The Day


2007 Online Earnings Chart – Gross – Cost – Net Profit

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

So far so good in 2007. There was allot of changes online in 2006, and we had some big highs, and low lows. Everything seems to be settling down now, and it’s business as usual.

Below is an Excel graph snippet that shows the average gross income, average costs, and average profits per month in 2007. 

Green = Gross Average Income
Blue   = Average Net Profit
Red   = Average Operating Costs

These numbers are based on old sites that we don’t touch anymore. This income is completely passive, and residual. All we do now is work on more sites. But not right now – we don’t work in the summer. We travel allot, and we use that time off to brain-storm new online markets.

My wife is really good at researching new markets that have heavy traffic, and consistant flow in the vector.