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Dealing With Used Domains

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

Had to deal with a “used domain” this morning. Was working with a new domain for Real Estate in the City of Calgary, and unfortunately the original domain (realtorsincalgary.org) had been used by someone else, and they had dumped it. Probably a crap site they were trying to use, and then gave up – unfortunately they damaged the domain in Google’s eyes for who-knows-how-long?

So you can’t take a change with this kind of thing. Start fresh and move on with a “virgin domain” that has NEVER been registered.

So the trick is to always check first if the domain you want to buy has been used in the past. You never want to start a site with a domain that has been “compromised” by some shifty-eyed twirp(s). All the work that goes into a good site, can be tossed in the bin, so have to check. I check to see if a domain has been used in the past over at Domaintools.com. I have an account over there, but was so used to never finding past registrars, I stopped checking – never again. Especially if you are working on a new site for a client.

Luckily in this case, I have a headstart on the project, and I managed to save all of the content from the .ORG domain, and started fresh over on the .BIZ domain using all of the content that I had already created. Hopefully Google didn’t cache anything – don’t think they did.

So I went back to the initial launch post and changed the URLs for the links to the site, and fixed the issue. Next time Google’s bot(s) come-a-looking they will see the reference to the virgin .BIZ domain. Pain in the butt – always check first!

So the new site is all started and we’ll launch one more time for good measure. The site now at RealtorsInCalgary.biz and we should be OK going forward.

The Rant

You know – I don’t get it. Why do people around the world think that they are getting ahead by using and abusing a domain name. Scamming is never going to get you anywhere. The big search engines are way to smart (in the long run) to except garbage domains, so why waste your time. It’s more fun to write your own clean and fresh material and try and develop a web-property that is useful to users and adds value to the Internet. No wonder Google is so harsh with wacking crap domains these days. They can’t take any chances with “soiled” domains.


New Real Estate Site for Calgary

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

So a new customer over at Calgary SEO Specialists just the root core of their new domain launched today. In the very early stages, but enough content to get the idea of where it is going. The name of the site is RealtorsInCalgary.biz and it’s all about buying and selling real estate in Calgary.

The idea of the site is that Larry (founder) will do business from the site, but he is going to join in the discussion regarding the different communities and neighbourhoods of Calgary. Trying to create a sense of community, and not just a sense of “profit” – you should be able to do both in today’s dynamic Internet and all this social-media craze.

The gang over at CSEOS (SEO services in the City of Calgary) is trying to develop something a little bit different as far as Calgary-based real estate domains go. There is a serious amount of competition in the “buying and selling of homes” in any major Canadian city, and of course Calgary is no different whatsoever. However, not many sites have a strong sense of community. Eventually the Realtors In Calgary site will have a forum on it, to further bolster the “sense of community” aspect of the domain.

These early stages of web property development are always exciting, and then comes the reality. Allot of hard work and patience comes next when you realize you are going to have “write your way to the top”. That’s one of the things I like about CSEOS – they know who wins the war for the top of the search engine results – hard, hard work – write, write, write. Unless your site is like a Facebook launch, where the content is getting created at break-neck speed by an entire University (Harvard in their case), you are going to have to have a staff of good writers hustling to get things going out of the gate.

So you can see that it’s going to be a bit of a gong show these days. Will be doing some writing for CSEOS customers and I will be doing some WordPress coding work for a client in California, and doing some other stuff for friends and family. And I thought I was going to have to do LESS as I got further along in my work-at-home career – good thing I love making blog posts!

So I think that is it for now my faithful droogs – off to work for me (well, a walk with my wife and dog first – beautiful day here today)



Launching of New Business Model + Portable Toilet Rental Company

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Hello again fellow “druggies”. Just stopping by promote another friend who started off a business web site in Calgary. Their company rents out portable toilets to construction companies and such in the Southern Alberta, and allot in the Calgary area proper.

Interesting business because they rent out the units to companies that don’t want to use those crappy, plastic, porta-poddy things. They’re really smelly and disgusting for sure. I dread even having to use those porta-poddy (crap buckets) – I mean, I “hold it in” when “I have to go” for a long, long time. I will practically have an accident before stepping into one of those filthy disease traps.

So this bathrooms are high end, with a mens and ladies private toilets, sinks, mirrors, hand dryers, etc. These units are really amazing, and I sat in one and looked around when they got delivery of their first one. All shiny and new – the stainless steel checker-plating makes you feel like you stepped into a Get-Smart episode from the sixties, or perhaps a Dr. Who episode from over in England.

Very clean, and comfortable, and they are rated for minus 40 degrees. They use heat tape for the waste storage tanks, and they have electric heat inside as well for the users.

There are 110 volt connections on the side of the unit and sewer connections.

All units are completely portable and have crane hooks on top for putting on the roof a high-rise. All for the health and safey of workers.

NOW, you probably think they cost more for the contractors and builders than the cheap plastic porta-poddy units. Yeah, that’s what I thought too. Wrong. After you take in all money considerations, these units end up saving the company money.

You can check out their new site to see all of this for yourself – their site is called portabletoiletrentalcalgary.com and is was just launched today. Blog is cool too, I have to admit.

So we will be adding more information on the go here to this site and watch how their online presence increases over the weeks, month, and years.

Good show guys!