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Q&A On Fake Blog Comments

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007


New bloggers may be interested to read this post  regarding fake blog comments.

When you start a new blog, it’s tempting to create your own fake comments, to give new visitors a sense of importance, and action. Read on.

Preston asks – “I started a new blog about a month ago. I got about 40 topics written. But only 2 comments. I’m thinking of faking comments, making a few users and get a nice sample of comments on some of the blog posts I’ve made.

Is this not a good use of my extra time, and i should do something else related to my blog? or spending some time doing this, is a good idea.”

Thanks Preston. Let me share a few thoughts.

Congratulations on your new blog and the 40 posts that you’ve written. 40 posts in two months is a great effort and if you can keep up that level of posting you’ll have a great foundation of content for your blog.

Don’t be too discouraged by the lack of comments to this point. For a month old blog I don’t think it’s too bad an achievement to have 2 comments. While I know you’d want more I’d encourage you to stick with it and be patient. Many month old blogs would probably not even have 2!

Fake comments. Hmmm – I think this one will cause some debate and I’d love to hear how many ProBlogger readers have written them in the starting of their blogs.

I’ll be honest and say that on my first blog I did do a few fake comments in the very very early days. I used them in the same way that you’re suggesting here – to get conversations going and to make the blog look a little more active.

So I understand the temptation to use them – however I can say from my experience of them that they didn’t work very well for me and the conversations that I had on my blogs in the early days that had a more lasting impact were natural ones with real readers. Instead of going with fake comments I’d really recommend that you work on the content on your blog and writing in a way that is engaging (Read more on the topic of generating comments).

A Word of Warning – while I can see why people go with fake comments (my suspicion is that if bloggers were honest that a majority of them probably have done it) there is of course some danger in it if you’re caught. Blogging is built upon transparency and honesty. I’ve seen a handful of bloggers exposed for fake comments and it probably set their blogs back a little.

What else could you do with the time you might put into fake comments?

  • write an extra post a week
  • email another blogger in an attempt to get to know them
  • email a friend or family member to ask their opinion of a post you’ve written
  • leave a comment on someone else’s blog
  • think of a question to ask your readers

I’d suspect that all of these things have the potential to generate comments on your blog and build a sustainable readership for it.

Have you left fake comments on your blog? Why or Why Not? Are there times when they are OK?

[Source ProBlogger Blog Tips]

Q&A – What Matters Most to You as a Blogger?

Sunday, June 10th, 2007

This good bit is from Problogger.net, and there is a video presented Via You-Tube below this piece. The video is a quick splash of Darren Rose at work on his blog. Enjoy.   


Stephanie asks Darren – “I’d like to know: As a blogger: What matters most to you?”

Wow – this could go in any number of directions including the philosophical!

I don’t think I could name one thing alone but here’s the first few things that popped into my head (I’m sure I could write a lot longer list if I were to give it extended thought):

  • Useful Content – as a blogger wanting to both build a successful blog as a business but who also wants to build something of value to help people I spend a lot of time asking myself how I can provide something that is useful to readers. The longer that I blog the more I am convinced that building something useful online is a key to it’s success.
  • Sustainable Model – as a blogger earning an income from my blogging I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in the money side of things. While money isn’t everything to me and V and I do strive for a relatively simple lifestyle – it’s important that what I build has a way of both sustaining us and building an income to a level where it can also help others.
  • Stimulation – over the years I’ve built blogs on topic that I have limited or waning interest in. I don’t want to do this any more. I’m happy to help other bloggers with a passion for a topic build their blogs in the network I’m a part of (even if the topic isn’t of great interest to me) however life’s too short to be writing about something that doesn’t stimulate me.
  • Conversation – by no means am I satisfied with the level of community that currently happens on my blogs but it’s important to me that it’s growing. I’m not satisfied because I know I could contribute to it a lot more and I often feel torn between the many roles that I have as a blogger these days (here at ProBlogger alone I get 100 or so comments on an average day and to respond to them all could be a full time job in itself). My hope is to build blogs that don’t rely upon me as the only ‘expert’ but rather to build communities of expertise where the conversation is rich as a result of the knowledge that the community as a whole has.

Like I say – this is just the beginning of a longer list that I could spend a lot of time upon.

What matters to you most as a blogger?

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Related Video…Darren

PPC Pay-Per-Click Editorial Guidelines – Cowboy days are gone

Saturday, March 31st, 2007

It’s interesting to see the “weeding out” process used by search engine advertising companies, such as Yahoo Search Marketing, Google Adwords, and MSN Adcenter these days.

The days of PPC when you could just simpley out-bid your competition with a few more pennies per click are long gone. ALL of these search engines are trying to protect the quality of their search engine results, and thus have setup discriminatory and arbitrary “editorial guidelines”.     

These guidelines vary between Yahoo, Google and MSN (only mentioning a few here because they are the biggys), so you can’t rely on using the same strategy for writing your ads, or creating your landing page content.

Yahoo is the toughest these days becuase they have actual people reviewing the ads you place, and approving or disapproving your ad on their editorial guidelines. The truth is that it’s completely subjective. We’ve ran tests where we simply re-submitted the same ad that linked to the exactly the same page content, and they were approved by some “editors” and disapproved by others. We’ve even tried just changing the color theme of the landing page to get the ads approved.

The bidding war is a thing of the past as well. I’m sure there are some major companies with deep pockets who are pissed right off due to the new “rules”. Now, if your ad is deemed “better” by the Yahoo Sponsered Search system you will be placed ABOVE a competing ad that is actually paying much more per click. Now the same game is being played on the natural search results.

This forces businesses to out-smart and out-work the savvy webmasters that know how to build a search engine friendly site and domain. This narrator believes this new style of PPC to be ridiculous – the whole point of pay-per-click is to give the companies with real products to sell a place to advertise. Now these “real companies” can have their ad placed below some 14 year old kid that has a busy blog.

I believe this will result in a weaker Internet and a dwindling PPC business, but we’ll just have to see won’t we.

Houston The Dog

Saturday, December 30th, 2006

Google PuppyWell my wife and I broke down and bought a 10 week old golden retriever. He’s a curious little guy and he is going to be massive when full grown. He was the biggest boy in his litter.

Of course with a last name like Zulit, we had to give him a different first name. I know this is cheesy, but we have decided to call him Google.

So there you have it – I’m sure this has been over-done in the last few years, but Google is easy to say and he is responding to the name.

So…..we present to you Google! The Golden Retriever. I notice he likes chewing on our laptop cords. This could be a problem…..

Well, just like the search engine, Google is going to be a challenge to deal with, but worth it in the end.


PS – sorry for the last lame post but I needed to throw that spider bait for the world. I suggest doing the same. You may want to copy paste that for your sites or blogs.

Holidays For 15 Days

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

Just a quick post to let my frequent visitors know that I’m going on a holiday until the 15th of August. Going to Flathead Lake, Montana for some boating, swimming, and general relaxation. I’ll most likely be making some posts well I’m there, but nothing too intensive. When I’m finished holidays I’ll be continuing with the Affordable SEO series.

Day In The Life – Yet Another Internet Entrepreneur (and of course Bob)

Thursday, July 13th, 2006

Bob MarleySitting here in a Costco parking lot waiting for my wife to hunt and gather some essentials, I’m tapping away at my Gateway notebook. I have seven decent wireless Interent connections to choose from. Four of them are locked out and three of them are open. Two of the locked and encrypted Interent connections are hackable and I’ve already hacked one just for fun of it. I’m using an open connection for this post, as I’m assuming the retail stores who have locked their wireless hotspots don’t want me using their ISP.

I have Bob Marley’s Legend CD playing and the air conditioning is keeping the effect of the hot July sun from over-heating me. It’s a good groove as I listen to “Stir It Up”, and contemplate today’s posting. Today, I thought I would publish a post that outlines my typical online work day.

So here goes: I don’t worry about writing posts in the morning and posting them in haste. Since my background before Internet entrepreneurship had me working night shifts, I find that I’m most on the ball between 9:00 PM and midnight. During the day I just check our PPC accounts and the commissions coming in. I check my email accounts, my favorite forums, new projects and ideas, my Google video account, my Google site map account, and of course my web site tracking software. I don’t really do much of anything until noon. (more…)

To Blog Or To Job? – That Is The Question

Tuesday, July 11th, 2006

Job To BLog When I try to explain to people what I do for a living, they get a puzzled look on their face. Even after I try to explain it, they still have trouble fully grasping how money can be made from owning a web site (or blog) that doesn’t sell anything. I go into detail and explain Google Adsense, affiliate linking, blogs, web traffic, social bookmarking, and the blogsphere. I even show them one of my web sites or blogs, but many still don’t quite understand what I’m talking about. If you are one of those people who don’t yet understand this form of money making, click here, but in this post I’m going to comment on the advantages of blogging over jobbing.

To reference the inset picture, I’ll describe the key difference between online income via blogging, and pay check income from working a job. I look at it this way. Every morning you get up to go to work. You work hard (well…maybe you do) and when your day is done, your hours are in, and you will be paid accordingly. Just like rolling a big bolder up to the top of a hill. As soon as you leave work that same bolder begins rolling down the hill, and by the time you wake for the next work day, that bolder is waiting at the bottom of hill for you. You get to work — rolling, pushing, and sweating that big bolder back up the hill again. The process continues and you have to push every day to earn that same income. (more…)