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Launching SEO Company

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

So I had a fun day yesterday working from 6:30 am until now (20 minutes after midnight). I was building the Satellite Site for of a new search engine optimization company in Calgary (yes, I’m “involved” with the company). I partnered with two associates, and with the help of my wife and my brother-in-law (critical), we have started up – just scratching the surface.

The name of the company is Calgary SEO Specialists and we’re really excited to finally get serious and provide a clean build SEO company in Southern Alberta – it’s about time. Been working the search engines hard for so long – now I want to reach out and start helping out our local businesses a little bit (for a price of course).

Competing for search engine placement in Canada is a breeze. Normally with my loan blogs, where I compete in the USA I have to fight my way to the top of over 100 million search results to get any traffic. In Canada, even for competitive products and services, there is FAR less competition.

Adsense Income Dropping

One of the reasons I decided to make some money from another income stream is because Adsense has been tanking slowly for six months now, and we’re not taking the chance – getting caught sitting here dumbfounded if the rug gets pulled out from underneath us. We are not the only ones either – whenever you want watch people complain about Adsense earnings, you can find it over at Webmaster world.

I have seen dips in Adsense earnings many, many times before, but the dips are falling deeper lately, and with all of the constant algorithm changes in Google search, we HAVE to make our Adsense income only one stream of income amongst many streams. In fact, that is what Google tells publishers all the time – don’t rely on Adsense as your only household income.

In the years since we lost the Bing/Yahoo! PPC traffic (Adsense Arbitrage), we had to dive hard back into writing great content in order to stay working at home, and not working for the man again. It’s been a ton of work.

Our total Adsense income per day on pure natural traffic, in January was $127-$133. This January the average is $95.

Not good my friends – not good. Thank god we have CJ commissions to fill up the losses in Adsense.

The Adsense game is a great one when you are on top, and freaky in the low traffic months, and with the Adsense smart pricing going on, it’s getting harder and harder to justify sitting back and watch Adsense income levels dropping, and not do anything about it.

I will always keep Adsense on our blogs and hopefully the Adsense program will always be around, but it’s time to move on for a more secure financial future. This is why I got involved with Mel and Betty on the CalgarySEOSpecialists.com site. We can create a solid income going forward and Adsense can even crash and burn – won’t make a huge difference in the long run.

We have one SEO client who has been with us since 2005 and he has been very happy with the service we provide. Now that is a secure income. A steady check from a real customer you are actually helping, and in turn helping his wife, kids, and family. Now that I don’t mind working hard for.

Don’t get me wrong. A good, clean web site or blog with fresh content, and clean navigation will always garnish steady traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo.





Online Social Networking and Marketing – Another COOL BLOG!

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

Just I quick shout out to a really original post on Social Networking an Marketing. This was written by a talented business man in Calgary Alberta (alright….OK!…..yeah! he is a friend of mine).

But believe me, this guy oozes originality, and I think he is going to have be an AMAZING blogger!!!!

I put his multi-user WordPress blog in my blogroll to. So much more to tell you, but only so much time in the day.

Perfect Job for Musicians or Ex-Musicians

Monday, January 4th, 2010

If you are a musician or songwriter and you are starting to wonder what you are going to do for a living (how you are going to make some money for a change), this may help you.

If you’ve decided to “pack it in” and your equipment (drums, guitars, keyboards, piano, violin(s), microphone(s), typewriter, or notepads have been put aside, then I think I have a job for you.

If you have been trying to “make it” for years, and you are tired of having no money, I think I have a job for you.

If you have finally “come to your senses”, and realize you need to start thinking about ways to make some money, doing something that is fun, creative, with a potential for high earnings, then I have a job idea for you.

This post is for musicians who have been trying for years to make a living in the music business, and are starting to wonder if there is another way to make a living besides “working for the man”. First of all, let us explore why, and how, we got here in the first place.

Why We Wanted to be Musicians in the First Place

The first reason musicians fall in love with music is for the pure enjoyment of making music, listening to music, and creating music. Just the simple act of playing a guitar, a piano, a set of drums, or perhaps singing into a microphone, can be so inspiring and beautiful that it’s hard to explain in words. I know that when I was a young boy, at the age of 10 or 11, I watched my father play guitar for the first time and was very curious. Eventually I started to pick up his guitars and plucked a few strings. Over the years of my adolescence when I picked up a guitar it had more and more meaning. Soon I was able to play a full song on the guitar, and then I was completely addicted to music (for years to come).

What I’m getting at (slowly) is that our (us musicians) first initial motives for getting involved with music were absolutely pure and clear of ego. I am talking about the actual good musicians out there, and not “fly by nighters”. I’m talking about musicians who actually develop their craft well enough that they become accomplished, whether that be in the art of recording, songwriting, or just playing a single instrument. These are the musicians and songwriters that usually accomplish something in their chosen field — the ones that truly love the act of playing music, at their core, are not just gratifying their egos.

There are some musicians that certainly gravitated  towards music making for purely egotistical reasons, such as a way to meet girls, a way to make money, or a way to get attention. Even the musicians who start playing music out of pure love, can (and usually do) become seduced by the ego side of the music business at some point or another. In fact, if the ego takes over completely, it will destroy the initial love for music that the musician had at the genesis of their early inspiration.

So the reasons (motives) are varied, but in this post I am talking about the musicians that had a pure love for music from the very beginning, and were not that wrapped up with the ego side of things.

We Wanted To Do What We Loved For a Living

Obviously all human beings would like to do what they love for living, and this is what drives most serious musicians towards their ultimate goal. We want to be able to make a decent living playing music, recording music, or writing music. At least we think we do.

All of the different motives that drive us to play music, and be part of the music industry, can change over time, and the ones that keep being full-time musicians the rest of their lives, usually have to pay a price. It is very difficult to try and make a full-time living being a musician. Usually there is lack of money. Usually there is lack of support. Often there is a lack of respect from society as a whole.

As young aspiring musicians we all dreamed of living the ultimate dream. We dreamt of making millions of dollars, playing our own music for millions of people, and never having to “work for the man”. This last aspect (of not wanting to work for the man) is a big, big, big, deal! We never wanted to spend a day of our life doing a job we really don’t like, and taking orders from somebody else just to make a little bit of money. In fact, this was a true nightmare for me and my young friends when we were growing up as young musicians.

There are psychologists who suggest that sex is the driving motivation behind all males in human society. I don’t believe this for a second, but when I was a young teenage boy, playing in teenage bands, I did meet some musicians that were solely concerned about how well they did with the girls. These musicians never lasted long, and they soon splintered off and left the music scene altogether.

There are other musicians who believed that with fame and money they could get any girl he wanted (or woman) and this was another ego driving force behind their motivations. These guys never lasted long either. They usually became frustrated very quickly, and after their first couple of bands failed to “make it”, they left the music scene altogether.

The musicians who usually make music their full-time occupation, and their total income, are the ones that have two main motives behind their actions.

  1. They have an absolute pure love for making music
  2. They want the freedom that some highly successful musicians appear have

Unfortunately, musicians who think succeeding in the music business gives them freedom, soon find out that they are simply working for the man anyway – that is if they get that big recording contract and sell a few millions “units”. (more…)

Volume Blogging – Using Speech Recognition Software

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

This is a post I did tonight from the car in a grocery store parking lot dictating into a digital voice recorder. I have highlighted and bolded most of the places I had to edit from the dictation which you can see played in the video below. The text below is not perfectly aligned with the video, because the videos were yanked into Mac iMovie willy-nilly. Kind of a wacko post really, but some of my beliefs on blogging, and search engine success are in this. Please comment whether or not you agree with my theory on “volume blogging”

Terry and Houston

Terry and Houston

So this is my post which I guess is a video post as well as a typical text post. I have trained Dragon NaturallySpeaking (detracted) now so that when I make a post in this fashion it knows what I’m saying pretty well. I have to do some edits though and I would say I have to edit between a dozen words to maybe 25-26 words if I’m doing a post that’s about 2000 words. So that’s pretty darn good. I figured out that my typing speed normally when I’m doing it with my fingers is about 35 words a minute if you include thinking about what I’m going to say and everything. If I’m using speech recognition software my speed can be upwards of 110 words a minute. On this post it will be nowhere close to that because I am the doing this and filming with the camera at the same time, which is kind of weird. But usually I speak like this and I am very careful how I use my diction. In the backseat you can see I got the boys again Houston and Bentley over there and if I flip this around you can see them.

So I’m starting this again because I pushed the button when I was showing the dogs in the backseat. We can see that it’s -25°C here right now so it’s just a perfect day for a walk (edited). This guy just leaves his truck running at the big old Superstore. Okay where was I going with this….

Terry Being Goof Ball

Terry Being Goof Ball

We use nothing but (edited) WordPress for all of our blogs. We use the WordPress blogging platform on our domains which are on different niche products. I know that very often people look at my latest Adsense earnings screenshot (edited) which you can see at the top of my blog on the top right-hand side. And they always wonder how I’m making that kind of money blogging, because they can well understand that Zulit.com isn’t making that kind of money. As a matter of fact….Zulit.com…..well, now it makes about $15 or $20 a day because I have the odd weird article page getting traffic.

I have some person looking at me like I’m a freak and I guess they wouldn’t be exactly wrong. But anyway, back to blogging. All of my blogs are on niche subjects, for instance I just started one on farm equipment. All of these blogs start off the same. I do some keyword research on the least competitive, but high traffic keywords. If you understand Internet marketing and Internet traffic you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, and if you are completely new to the game it basically means I find out which keywords are being searched for a lot, but at the same time don’t have many people putting up websites and pages on these keywords. It’s so competitive now on the Internet that there really isn’t too many extremely niche subjects that you can talk about. The truth is, that no matter how competitive your subject matter is on your blog, you can succeed by simply writing, writing, writing, and writing until you’re blue in the face, or you can just talk until you’re blue in the face.

Okay so that’s enough of this post I’m going to turn this off now (detracted) I’ll continue this on text for the next five minutes.

Daily Blogging Schedule (title added)

The Olympus WS-500M

The Olympus WS-500M

I start blogging about nine o’clock in the morning and then I stop about 3:30, four clock, sometimes as late as five o’clock, but if I do go till 5 PM I am burned right out of my mind. Today I dictated over 20,000 words of fresh unique content which went on different blogs, and different websites. What I do is a turn on my speech recognition software and I have WordPress open in the edit window. So there is no dragging and dropping text from the speech recognition software or a desktop, or a text file, or a word file. All of the words simply dictate into my WordPress backend dashboard in the edit box area and I fix corrections as I go along. With a post like this one where I am doing it inside of a car, there are more edits that have to be made, the more corrections that have to be carried out. Why? Because I can’t see what’s going on to the screen when I’m doing this and when you can’t see what’s going on the screen your accuracy isn’t quite the same.

For instance, if I make a mistake I can see it immediately on the screen and I will usually fix the problem right there and then at the next period. When I’m out here, outside in a car for this example, I can’t see what’s coming on the screen, so of course there are more edits and errors to look after. But I would have to say that my accuracy is now about 90%, or better.

So today was a typical day in that I worked from nine o’clock to three o’clock, then went and had a nap, woke up and had a shower, and got ready to go out with my wife and my dogs. In the evening when we are going out to get some errands run I usually stay in the car with the dogs and do some more dictating and do a post for Zulit. You see, Zulit is nothing more than a hobby blog which has been sort of my diary during these years of learning how to make a living online. It doesn’t really matter how much money this blog makes. It’s just a hobby, and my way of communicating with people who make their living the same way. One thing for sure, it’s a really great way to live, and a great way to make your money, but you no longer socialize with co-workers and people very often. Well, I never socialize with co-workers.

zulitbeingsillyagainSo now, I am near the end of this post and I’ll turn the camera around one more time and we can do the finish – so hello there fellow bloggers. This has been fun and strange all at the same time. There’s not really much to say, because let’s face it, you have got the point. We can blog a lot faster, and get a lot more work done in our daily, weekly, and monthly lives. I do believe that if you want to succeed in blogging you need to be thinking in terms of volume. There are many different theories on how to get high traffic on your blog, but I truly believe the most effective way is to have volume. A great example of a guy who understands this is Steve Pavlina, and you can see his blog @ StevePavlina.com.

He has always been sort of the master, I would say, of blogging with great volume. His blog post about making money blogging is over 7000 words. I know that Steve was involved with dictation equipment such as I’m using right now, but he types very fast so he actually went back to typing. For me it’s not really an option because I can’t type as fast as he can. (detracted)

I have noticed that the blog posts that have over 1500 to approximately 2000, 3000, 5000 words succeed much more than short little throwaway posts. Truthfully, I would have to say that I never saw any serious results on any blog until there was a least one longer post upwards and over 2500 words. The search engines seem to respond to having a good chunk of content that size going up onto your domain. They can see that it’s purely 100% original, which I’ve talked about many times before here, and that there is no other piece of content on the Internet that has this exact signature to it. Basically when we take 5 – 6 words and put quotes around it, you won’t find any results on the Internet on Google, Yahoo, or MSN, just like it. That is something else that experienced bloggers will understand obviously. Newcomers will scratch their heads perhaps.

There are many theories about linking and how important linking is. Yes, linking is important in the long run. Of course it is but it’s nothing that can be rushed. The search engines are very sophisticated now and any time somebody tells you you can use some software to pump up your rankings, is leading you astray. For instance, to clarify myself, I have talked about using link software – linking software, and some black hat tools like Xrumer. These tools do work but they work on a temporary basis. You can get ranked quite high for some competitive keywords fairly quickly using a tool like that, but in the end it won’t last. It’s not even worth if you ask me. I have done some testing with a Xrumer, and I assure you it’s not the way to guarantee any long-term viability with an Internet business.

So that leads us to the people who really do succeed. People like; Darren Rose of Problogger.net, and Shoemaker over @ Shoemoney.com, and of course Steve Pavlina which I mentioned. I do believe that it’s volume that will get you there. I believe that having posts that have some form of originality too, will get you there.

(detracted) Well anyway, I think I’m done here and I’m going to move on to a different post for a different blog. We will see you next time on Zulit.com.

In Spokane Washington – Barnes & Noble

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

Well, it’s been a great holiday so far in Idaho. Been on the lake in the boat the last 5 days, and the weather is really hot. Fantastic actually.

My family is shopping at Northtown, and I’m typing from the Barnes & Noble (at the Starbucks). I love these books stores, and can easily spend 3–4 hours on the Internet, or browsing the latest books.

I bought a couple more Wayne Dyer books a few days ago, and they’ve been enjoyable, like all his work is. I love reading the self-help gurus when I’m on holidays. With these books, and a lake, I’m taken away from trivial worries, and my prevailing addiction to work. The Dyer book I’m enjoying the most is “Getting In The Gap”. It includes a meditation cd in which Wayne shows his readers how to use Japa to “Get In The Gap”. Amazing…..but will take some practise for sure.

Yes, I realize that working on my blog is not exactly “getting away from work”, but it’s a must. I have to feed my fix during the holidays once and awhile – check my commissions, Adsense, Chitika, CJ, Clickbank, etc.

I’ll be posting some video on Zulit in the next week. Likely the lake, the stars, or my dog taking a crap. 😉





Great Friday, June 15th Online Income

Monday, June 18th, 2007

Had a very unusual bump in affiliate commissions and leads bring up this Friday’s income.

Friday is usually a slower day, going into the weekend, but like any business – you never know. One of our sites got a commission for web hosting, which was $85, so this is one of the reasons for the atypical results. 

Total contextual advertising income = $321.57 USD

Total Affiliate Commissions – Leads and Sales = $188.41 USD
Total Income = $509.98 USD

Total Advertising Costs Out = $153.21 USD

Total Net Income June 15th/2007 = 356.77

Note: I’m heading off to Montana tomorrow noon. We’ll be working in a KOA campground. This is the same KOA campground with the high-speed Internet, and the little cabins I wrote about in my ROI from the KOA article

I will be starting a whole new series of blogs on a new market that I’m really excited about.

It’s great when you find a whole new market to create income from. It ends up being allot of work in the end, because each new market requires 5–6 fully functional blogs.

Q&A From Problogger On 10 Hours of Blogging

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

Another good question on Problogger on the fine art of blogging. What would you do with 10 hours of blogging?

Ross asks – What is more important, working on getting more traffic (digg, links from high traffic sites) or working on search engine optimisation? If you had 10 hours to spend on one or the other which would benefit you more?”

I think both strategies can be important for a blog – depending upon it’s life stage. They’re also really linked…

I’m a big believer in getting good SEO principles into play on a new blog from day one so in the very early days I’d work on some SEO above trying to leverage other site’s traffic. However most blog platforms come with fairly decent SEO these days and most of what I’d do on an SEO front after a few basic tweaks is while I’m writing a post (ie good titles, using keywords well etc.

In terms of leveraging traffic from other sites – a lot of this also happens for me in the writing process. Knowing the type of style and topic of posts that people like to link to is a big part of it. I don’t tend to actively promote many of my posts to other sites these days but instead let my readers do a lot of it.

Not sure if I’ve really answered your question Ross. So I’ll say this:

If it was in the first week of a blog’s life I’d work on the SEO of the blog (things like getting title tags right, looking at how it interlinks internally etc). In fact I’d work on this stuff before the blog was launched – but it probably wouldn’t take 10 hours. Once this stuff is set up it’s not something I generally spend a lot of time on – my focus switches to content creation.

In the coming weeks (and months) I’d work hard on developing key content that is useful, unique and attractive to other sites. I’d also promote some of that key content to other key blogs in the niche I was attempting to break into (keep in mind that in doing this you’re also really working on your SEO as incoming links play a big part in helping your Search Engine ranking). 10 hours a week doing this can really have a powerful impact!

What would you say is the most effective use of 10 hours as a blogger?

[Via ProBlogger Blog Tips]