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BlueHost Hosting Review

So I finally found a host (knocking on wood) that so far has really fast servers and databases. I have tried MochaHost, GoDaddy, Website Source, IX Hosting, Hostgator, TDM Hosting, and the list goes on. (these are NOT affiliate links).

Some really bad hosts in that list, but I would rather focus on the best hosting companies in that list.

The best hosting company I have ever used up to about three months ago was Hostgator, and the reason has been their lack of downtime, ease of Cpanel use, and speed of servers. All my blogs loaded faster on Hostgator servers than any before. GoDaddy was pretty bad and had way too much downtime.

Enter BlueHost – The Review

So I have seen many webmasters on forums saying that they are happy with their BlueHost account(s), and my opinion was,

“Sure….happy today, and web site down or loading like a tractor tomorrow.”

Well I finally got frustrated with an important domain that was having yet another black-out for a WHOLE day, and we lost around $70 dollars in income thanks to the downtime. I was really annoyed, and had enough of GoDaddy already, but I didn’t want to do all the hosting transfer hassle (which I have done TOO many times). Got transferring WordPress blogs from one host to another down tight now, but I just didn’t want the hassle – rather be writing more content.

ANYWAY – I tried BlueHost and the speed of the servers and my page loads doubled! I thought that maybe it was just because I was accessing my blog at the right time of the week and the right time of the day. I’ve seen other hosts perform wonderfully one day and then the next day horribly. So the jury was still out.

So it’s been three months now since I’ve been hosting that domain on BlueHost and the speed has held strong. Not only that, my unique visitors and page loads went up about 15% to 20% – that is huge for this site, and now it is earning more money each and every day. THAT is how important a good host is.

So that is my review on BlueHost – worthy.

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