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Scrapebox Review – Total Garbage and a Waste of Time? Really?

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

UPDATE: So this post review on Scrapebox caused a small flame war over at the Warrior Forum, as those folks there that actually KNOW how to use Scrapebox informed that I was out to lunch in a big way. So after some of the guys there told me that I needed to stop whining, and start using Scrapbox, I went and bought an ebook that teaches you how to use it properly – that opened my eyes!

Anyway, you can read on below what I felt about using SB before I was given some guidance from the clan over at the Warrior forum. I have to be honest in saying that I had not REALLY tried hard enough to give SB it’s total due diligence. Anyway, read on. 😉


So I just had to do a Scrapebox review. I just had to see what Scrapebox was all about. I had purchased Xrumer over a year ago, and at first thought it was a powerful tool, but in the end it was just allot of work for very little return. Scrapebox had to be tested or there was no way I could sleep at night.

I have been absent from Zulit.com for awhile and there is a reason for it. I was working on my white hat projects for clients over at Turnkey, and I was getting writers set up for the projects, etc. Nothing more rewarding that working on the white hat projects for our business and for other online marketers – KNOWING that your hard work is guaranteed to produce results makes you feel really good. So on with the Scrapebox review gang.

As my friends and fellow marketers know, Zulit.com is a place where I play around with the black and gray hat Internet marketing strategies, and it’s rather allot of fun. Sometimes it’s profitable as well. Creating my autoblog system was one of the more successful BH endeavours, and I’m happy with the results, but let us be clear, these are tests in time, and the white hat projects are now making us over 75% of our monthly income. This is where Scrapebox comes in.

Buying and Installing Scrapebox

Purchase price is smart enough to get buyers. Low enough that the weekend warriors can afford it, and simple enough to run that the weekend warriors can use it without much issue. Has enough bells and whistles to make the weekend warriors think they are getting results. That is where the positives end, because in the end it comes down to result, and the results I’m interested in is money – profit – dollars. I’m assuming that is what you are looking for too……right. Right.

So Scrapebox downloaded and installed. Isn’t this magical.

Using Scrapebox

Scrapebox looked fairly pretty, and functioned as advertised. Yes, it used proxies in an efficient manner, and collected URLs for the sporting and spamming as advertised as well. It scraped content, ran WP as advertised, and it spammed the living ba-Jesus out of thousands of blogs as well. Funny thing is that I have been seeing all my white hat blogs getting spammed by Scrapebox users for quite awhile now. It’s humorous to say the least, watching all these Scrapebox users pounding one way links at my white-hat posts as I denied each and every one of them with impunity. One of my white hat blogs is on a lucrative finance product and it has over 17,000 one way inbound links hitting it thanks to Scrapebox users. I never approved a single link back. Ok….getting off topic a bit here.

So I used Scrapebox in a fairly smart way, a created blogs that had the lowest amount of competition possible, and banged links into from some of the dormant WP domains out there that have been abandoned by their owners. Of course the links that got approved were nofollow links, and my links were mixed in with a bunch of off-topic links from other spammers. And now were are getting the meat of this review.

The Results of Using Scrapebox

So what about the results. I gave Scrapebox three months in which to prove itself, and I used the best practices I could see fit. The results are hilarious in nature. A brilliant little toy at best, and here is why Scrapebox is destined to fail in point form;

  1. Google is “on to Scrapebox” and you can tell when you correctly investigate caching and keyword ranking results. Maybe it’s footprints, and maybe it’s other things. All I am saying is that I THINK the Google is aware of Scrapebox when in use. Just like they are aware of Xrumer when it’s in play
  2. The links it creates are by and large on domains that are abandoned ranches with tumble weeds and old Manson Family Hippies getting high on dirty mattresses on dirty floors
  3. The content it scrapes is duped down for Google to barf out the minute it sees it
  4. Users are going to catch on to the fact that whatever traction you can muster in the search engines using Scrapebox is going to be short lived – why? Because people like me (millions of us) are writing, and getting written, 100% pure original articles and comments on white hat blogs that will ALWAYS beat any software generated shlitz that a tool like Scrapebox generates. When the users catch on the one more time they purchased a time limited tool, they will abandon it, and they will start writing posts like this one that tell you the actual truth of the matter.

Scrapebox is NEVER going to help you compete in the highly sought after keyword markets;

Why you ask oh wise one? Because the competition is busy creating highly rich articles and posts to compete with their fierce competition. Scrapebox at best can only hope to help you compete in the lower oil fields deep down in the ground. The LOW LOW competing keywords that no-one is paying any attention to, and this brings us to the next fail point of Scrapebox.

With Scrapebox you will never be able to use it for the most lucrative lower-end keyword oil;

So mining the lower traffic keywords that have very little competition is outwhen you use Scrapebox, and that is because when you create an extremely tight niche domain, it’s very difficult find content worth scraping. This is the Catch-22 of scraping and tight niche keyword markets. For the extreme niches that next to nothing in competition, you pretty well have to write your own content, or use some tools (software) to blend your own content with bits of content you can manage to find on the web that right on topic. (I created some of my own tools, and use UltraEdit Macros, Perl Scripts, and Filters that do that for me with success. (Never made a product out of it because frankly, I don’t want to give that Golden Goose to anyone). Even though this kind of content creation works, it still only works on a limited basis, and we make about $1300 a month with this kind of content creation. We make 5 times that amount with good, old fashioned, white-hat blogging.)

So Scrapebox can’t be used successfully for the low comp keys. There just isn’t enough content on the web for these extreme tight niches. Try finding content worth scraping on the keyword; KIA brake fluid reservoir parts!

Scrapebox Conclusion

So if you are a firm believer in the Scrapebox, then all the power to you. You can play with it and watch the bells and whistles whirring. It’s fun to be like a baby in crib watching the little birdy mobile move around. It only costs you a few bucks and what the hell – it’s the price of an education. A good learning tool for newbies, as they slowly get it through their heads that real, 100% unique content is what actually make profit online.

Scrapebox is unfortunately a waste of time though. Newcomers can get ahead far quicker by setting up a WordPress blog on a tight niche, and right some fresh content. Here is an example of a little multi-user blog I created for my niece to play around with. It’s called BriCli Hubs. I set up my family members with this brand new multi-user WP CMS so they can play around with niche markets and make some extra coin. Never linked to this domain (until now I guess ;-)), and just told my niece to do some keyword research, post a handful of original articles – nothing fancy…….see the results of her first try about 3 weeks ago;

Search these keywords in Google; (hint: people are always searching for products in their own backyard ;-))

centerpoint rifle scopes nv
centerpoint rifle scopes mo
centerpoint rifle scopes nc

See how quickly she dominated Google for almost every State in the USA?

Real content always “gits ya”

Have a good one.