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Sample of Traffic Stats for 5 Autoblogs Since Google’s Farmer Algo Update

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

This is a small sampling of our traffic on some of our autoblogs. This shows the traffic the different niches since the 16th of Febuary 2011 to Febuary 25th, 2011. The so-called Google algorythm update called Farmer supposedly was going to bring down autoblogs and content farms. Certainly I have heard about some webmasters who run autoblogs losing ranking and traffic, but we have seen this growing trend upwards.

This further valids our formula. Screenshots below.

Online Social Networking and Marketing – Another COOL BLOG!

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

Just I quick shout out to a really original post on Social Networking an Marketing. This was written by a talented business man in Calgary Alberta (alright….OK!…..yeah! he is a friend of mine).

But believe me, this guy oozes originality, and I think he is going to have be an AMAZING blogger!!!!

I put his multi-user WordPress blog in my blogroll to. So much more to tell you, but only so much time in the day.

Checking This List of Dofollow RSS Feed Directories

Monday, February 14th, 2011

So this is a list of dofollow rss feed directories and dofollow blog directories that I’m going to test by submitting and rather “tough blog to get approved” because of it’s “commercial nature” – this list will get much smaller as I get turned down by many of them. This list was found over at Linkvanareviews.com and I removed all of the reviews and information he had on each prospect. I will simply add whether or not my very commercial blog was accepted.

I really HATE this part of working online, but we HAVE to do this to get the most from our business blogs. Once you have gotten as many RSS directories to take your feed, then you can get back into the swing of creating good content.

We need some good rss directories that are dofollow, and allow blog feeds from domains that are commercial and for profit. We need as many of them as we can get right. Pain in the ass registration sites will be removed. Many of the submissions I have done are under review, so I have to check back to see if they are approved. More pain in the ass, but yada yada yada. Done once like pulling teeth and then it’s all about the content again.




















Checking This DoFollow Social Bookmark Sites

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

I’m currently testing ALL of these dofollow social bookmarking sites – I got the full list here at Carol Middlebrook’s Site. She created IMautomator – so this list has to be gone through to make sure they are indeed dofollow links. I know that some folks don’t want to got through the effort of submitting to social bookmarking sites, but if you ARE, may as well make them dofollow links right.

IF ANY OF THESE bookmarking sites are a pain in the ass to use, or too “upiddy” about “article quality, I DELETE THEM FROM THE LIST. If they are “not excepting new accounts”, they are also stripped from this list. If the bookmarking site charges a fee, I remove them from the list as well.

I will removing some of these from the original list on Carol’s site, if some of them are nofollow, or they are to “uptight” about where you live or your content subject matter. So far I have Digg and Folkd done OK……onward. This list will surely start getting smaller as I register and test. Ok – I’ve spent hours setting these up now, and there are only 16 left the MIGHT work, and only 11 confirmed with links successfully planted.

  1. Digg [V] (8) – Registered – Took Link
  2. Folkd [V] (7 )- Registered – Took Link
  3. LinkaGoGo (5) – Registered – Took Link
  4. SpotBack (5) – Registered – Took Link
  5. MyLinkVault (5) – Registered – Took Link
  6. A1 Webmarks (5) – Registered – Took Link
  7. Tagza [V] (5) – Registered – Took Link
  8. Memfrag (4) – Registered – Took Link
  9. MySiteVote [V] (4) – Registered – Took Link
  10. Ziki – Registered – Took Link
  11. Dizzed [V] (2) – Registered – Took Link
  12. Yomash News [V] (2) – Registered – Took Link

All done with Carol’s list and only 12 were any good. Next list.

This list comes from Niceblogger.com – going to be really busy tomorrow trying these out. Not my favorite part of the job, but it does pay off in time – as usual……IN TIME! The name of the game with online income is PATIENCE.

  1. sphinn.com
  2. kirtsy.com
  3. bloghop.com
  4. buddymarks.con
  5. indianpad.com
  6. spotback.com
  7. designfloat.com
  8. web2list.com
  9. iliketotallyloveit.com
  10. buzzup.com
  11. ngopost.org
  12. quadriot.com
  13. blurpalicious.com
  14. uvouch.com
  15. blogmarks.net
  16. blogengage.com
  17. humsurfer.com
  18. socialogs.com
  19. totalpad.com
  20. solinkable.com
  21. pfbuzz.com
  22. websapiens.net
  23. bringr.com
  24. sweepsgoat.com
  25. tedigo.net
  26. haohaoreport.com
  27. yuppmarks.com
  28. craftjuice.com
  29. newscola.com
  30. gaddiposh.com
  31. spicybookmark.com
  32. bookmarkplace.com
  33. iorkut.net