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Adsense Earnings/Income for Autoblogs – January 2011

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Short and sweet today. Lots of discussion out there about running Adsense on autoblogs, but no problems so far. The content doesn’t look like anyone else in the eyes of the bots and spiders.

  • January 11th – 2011 – Autoblog Adsense earnings/income = $7.23
  • January 12th – 2011 – Autoblog Adsense earnings/income = $4.82
  • January 13th – 2011 – Autoblog Adsense earnings/income = $12.34
  • January 14th – 2011 – Autoblog Adsense earnings/income = $2.33
  • January 15th – 2011 – Autoblog Adsense earnings/income = $17.24
  • January 16th – 2011 – Autoblog Adsense earnings/income = $12.92
  • January 17th – 2011 – Autoblog Adsense earnings/income = $8.43
  • January 18th – 2011 – Autoblog Adsense earnings/income = $5.82
  • January 19th – 2011 – Autoblog Adsense earnings/income = $21.21
  • January 20th – 2011 – Autoblog Adsense earnings/income = $6.38
  • January 21st – 2011 – Autoblog Adsense earnings/income = $11.54
  • January 23nd – 2011 – Autoblog Adsense earnings/income = $4.12
  • January 24th – 2011 – Autoblog Adsense earnings/income = $5.52
  • January 25th – 2011 – Autoblog Adsense earnings/income = $18.76
  • January 26th – 2011 – Autoblog Adsense earnings/income = $15.63
  • January 27th – 2011 – Autoblog Adsense earnings/income = $13.21


    Zulit AutoBlog Formula – Support and Tips

    Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

    I’ve added this post to act as a support document for my Auto-Blog Formula. What I do is title an issue that may occur, and then add my fix for it.

    Giving Bloggers Their Links

    The link back to the original is controlled in the WP-O-MATIC settings.

    Campaigns –> Edit —-> Options    Scroll to bottom.


    If You Ever Have Duplicate Posts

    Sometimes specific feed type will cause the odd duplicate post. There is a way to fix that;

    • When you set up your WP-O-MATIC I recommend setting it to to only pull ONE new post each time the cron runs, and make sure the cron runs only once a day. This puts an end to any duplicate posting I have ever had.
    • This means you have to add more feeds to pull from, but that’s OK. More variety.
    • This fix should put an end to duplicate posts, BUT there might still be the odd feed that still “dups” (I have not had one since this fix, but it’s possible) If so, just remove that feed.


    Setting Your Hosting Account Cron Jobs

    Some users have problems getting their crons jobs working for WP-O-MATIC. Unfortunately, almost every post online that attempts to help people get their crons working with WP-O-MATIC (or other scripts) forgets to mention the most critical factor, and this how to set the file permissions (chmod settings) on the path to the cron.php file. Here it is.

    Here is the first important TIP: Make sure you use the cron URL and parameters exactly as WP-O-MATIC sets up for you in the options area – example;

    /usr/bin/curl http://yourdomain.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cron.php?code=8b123h2

    Don’t forget the parameters /usr/bin/curl

    Depending on your hosting account this will be different. It may be a wget parameter or something else.

    So once you have your your cron set up you must make sure your CHMOD setting are correct for access via the server. Do this is as follows;

    Open your FTP client (FILEZILLA or CYBERDUCK etc) and make sure that every folder en-route to the cron.php file is set to 755. Below is a typical path to the WP-O-MATIC cron.php file;


    …..SO MAKE SURE that these folders are set to CHMOD (permissions) 755;

    folder 1 – wp-content (set to 755)
    folder 2 – plugins (set to 755)
    folder 3 – wp-o-matic (set to 755)

    …..and of course make sure that the cron.phpfile found inside your wp-o-matic folder is ALSO set to 755.

    If you follow these steps, you should have no problem getting your cron working from your own hosting account and not have to use a third party cron.

    For absolute beginners who need to understand how to even setup a cron job, watch this video;


    In the command field you paste the path and parameters you copied from the WP-O-MATIC Options page in the backend of your blog.

    Hope this helps newbies and “not-so-newbies” alike.

    Using Global Synonym Plugin

    Some folks are having trouble with my re-writing plugin, and I want to show how easy it is to use. Don’t let the code scare you. It’s easier to make up your list when you can see it all in front of you.

    One important note: Don’t use apostrophes in the FIND array. Use them in the REPLACEMENT array.

    For example;

    You CAN’T replace wouldn’t with would not.  ——  You CAN replace would not with wouldn’t.


    1. Start in your Dashboard
    2. Click on Plugins (left sidebar)
    3. Click on the EDIT link for Global Synonym

    When you see the editor window for the GS plugin go to this part of the code – you are looking at the FIND array and the REPLACEMENT array. This is what it looks like the when you first open the plugin editor;

    function globalsynonyms($content)
    $find = array(‘/\bword1\b/i’,

    $replacement =  array(

    This is what it looks like when the plugin is in use when the user only wants three words changed. Of course, you would do more words and phrases.

    function globalsynonyms($content)
    $find = array(‘/\bmom\b/i’,

    $replacement =  array(

    Take note of the ending bits, such as the ); at the end of the replacement array call (after kids).

    Take note of and the ); after the find call (after children).

    You don’t want to change the ending bits of code. All you want to do is add changes. Like this for example;

    function globalsynonyms($content)
    $find = array(‘/\bmom\b/i’,
                 ‘/\bwhat is for dinner\b/i’,
                 ‘/\bneed to get\b/i’,

    $replacement =  array(
    what’s for supper“,
    have to get“,

     Hope this helps all. Leave comments if there are more questions please. 


    Why Your Posts are Short and Not Full Posts

    You are importing a feed that is only set for partial posts. All feed owners choose different settings for how much of the post gets out on the feed.


    If You Don’t Use the Theme I Gave You

    If you don’t use the theme I gave you, you won’t have the Continue Reading…. link below the post excerpts, and this will also mess up your autoblog by not giving visitors access to YOUR permalink with YOUR ads, and if you are choosing to give the original bloggers their links, then you will just lose all your visitors from the home page. So stick with the theme I give you unless you know how to configure all your posts on a theme of your choice to create excerpts on your home page.

    Adsense Earnings Income Screen Shots

    Thursday, January 13th, 2011

    Here are some Adsense earnings screen shots from some of our family accounts. The traffic that created this income is purely organic search and zero PPC traffic;

    Will, Can Auto-Blogs Get My Adsense Account Closed or Banned or Shutdown?

    Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

    So I have to make a short comment on the subject of auto-blogs, Adsense accounts, blog feeds, etc. Some nervous nelly webmasters are concerned that an auto-blog might get their Adsense account(s) banned, closed, or shutdown. Not a chance if you handle it the right way.

    1. With my auto-blog formula you are using a powerful re-writer across your domains, and I encourage you to use the rewriter extensively to change typical word phrases. This means the content on your autoblog is NOT a total copy of another blog. When you change word phrasing you are essentially writing the post the way YOU would write it.
    2. Always put a contact email on each of your auto-blogs so that just in case a blogger doesn’t want his or her feed on your auto-blog they can let you know, and you can remove it. Make a comment page that TELLS bloggers they can email you if they don’t want their content syndicated on your domain(s). If you do this bloggers will not complain to anyone. All up front.
    3. Give the blogger credit with chosing to link to their blog from every post that gets posted on your auto-blog(s). Many of them like getting the free one way inbound links. I know I DO! I never get annoyed when autobloggers are giving me free links and syndicating my content. Google KNOWS where the orginal content lives.
    4. A WordPress auto-blog is NOTHING DIFFERENT THAN ANY SYNDICATED WEB SITE! Just like the other millions of news aggregators and blog aggregators. You are not breaking any Adsense rules as long as you are re-writing the content using my plugin, and if you do it with a little bit of class by being up front and giving bloggers a CLEAR opportunity to have their feeds removed from your syndication, there is never a problem.

    So it’s false statement if anyone tells you that you can’t reuse content. Always been a false statement, and always will be a false statement. What do you think Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Aol are????!!!!! They are syndicating and indexing OTHER PEOPLE’S CONTENT! And guess what? Search engines are NOT rewriting the content they scrape and index. You are.

    Point made. Have fun and prosper.

    Adsense Auto-Blog Earnings and Income – January 2011

    Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

    So I want to start posting my wife’s Adsense earnings as she focuses on nothing but our auto-blogs. She is using my auto-blog system/formula, and the reason she is doing so is because she was sort of my guinea pig in a way to see if absolute beginners could use my ebook, the videos, the tutorials, pictures, etc., and successfully setup auto blogs.

    I’m happy to report that she has succeeded in getting it figured out WITHOUT any of my help at all. The deal was that she had to use her MAC and download my ebook. That was it. That is all she had to work with, and I was NOT ALLOWED to help…..period.

    It was weird watching her struggle with downloading CyberDuck for the FTP part of it for loading up all the files and folders. It was REALLY HARD for me to stand back and not help with something that is really easy for me, and really new for her.

    Anyway….long winded story short. She had her first auto blog running back in October 2010, and had 10 of them built by November 2010. All her autoblogs are around some basic shopping products like shoes, clothing, art, etc. etc.

    Well it’s now almost mid January 2011 and we can start reporting her Adsense earnings for nothing but her auto-blogs. Very cool, and very encouraging considering we don’t have to write the content, or hire writers to post content on any of these blogs. Of course none of these auto blogs have any page rank at all, and we’re not linking them at all. What is the point of an auto blog that you have to work SEO on? The whole point is they get traffic all on their own.

    So here are her numbers. Always keep in mind that she is adding new auto-blogs every month, and this Adsense income and earnings in based on 10 auto blogs to date – she’ll be adding more as we go along in 2011. This has been very exciting for us!!!

    • January 1, 2011 – Adsense Auto-Blog Income (Earnings) – $3.12
    • January 2, 2011 – Adsense Auto-Blog Income (Earnings) – $6.73
    • January 3, 2011 – Adsense Auto-Blog Income (Earnings) – $9.16
    • January 4, 2011 – Adsense Auto-Blog Income (Earnings) – $16.99
    • January 5, 2011 – Adsense Auto-Blog Income (Earnings) – $7.33
    • January 6, 2011 – Adsense Auto-Blog Income (Earnings) – $4.82
    • January 7, 2011 – Adsense Auto-Blog Income (Earnings) – $8.43
    • January 8, 2011 – Adsense Auto-Blog Income (Earnings) – $12.54
    • January 9, 2011 – Adsense Auto-Blog Income (Earnings) – $8.32
    • January 10, 2011 – Adsense Auto-Blog Income (Earnings) – $13.69

    So a fantastic start so far for her and she is very excited to say the least. If you consider that these auto blogs are only a few month old it’s extremely encouraging. I will update her Adsense income once a week, or try to anyway – I’m so lazy when it comes to updating Zulit as it’s not a blog that makes much money. It’s a making some cash now with my auto blog system on here though so I will try to update this domain more often. My day is always spent writing fresh content for out old niche blogs.


    Adsense Income Earning for January 2011

    Friday, January 7th, 2011

    There are many a blogger (publishers) that complain around this time of year (well I suppose every time of year) about their Adsense income earnings etc. True that some niche markets and keyword markets don’t get as much traffic during January, but that is why we build various different blogs on different subjects. It all evens out in the end this way. Diversification right.

    So here is how we are doing in January 2011 for our Adsense income;

    • Adsense Earnings total January 1 2011 — $82.78
    • Adsense Earnings total January 2 2011 — $112.24
    • Adsense Earnings total January 3 2011 — $173.93
    • Adsense Earnings total January 4 2011 — $162.61
    • Adsense Earnings total January 5 2011 — $133.77
    • Adsense Earnings total January 6 2011 — $145.81

    Starting to increase a little bit over all because we have added allot of fresh content and one of our auto-blogs is kicking this time of year.

    Today is a busy writing day for me. I have to write 3 large posts for next week. I still create and run aut0-blogs, but I still have some blogs that I just write my own content on. Just like this blog. I like to make sure that I have many different “irons in the fire”.

    So hope every-one’s 2011 is working out OK.