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Adsense Auto-Blog System and Formula Done! (Synonym Plugin No Longer Free)

So it was a bit of a grueling task getting my auto-blog system/formula finally completed. I had to test MANY things on a brand new auto-blog to make sure everything worked smoothly. It’s working beautifully and will help my new customers FINALLY get some true auto-blog domains off and running in no time.

When I say “no time” this is assuming you have used WordPress, Cpanel, and FTP before. If you are an absolute beginner it will take longer to wrap your head around the process. I’ve made it as clear and simple as possible for newbies, and I have included video links for them to help them learn the tasks required.

See the Terry Zulit Auto Blog page here. Some visitors have said that it’s hard to find my buy page…..so this is the BUY PAGE.

My free WordPress Synonym Plugin is no longer free (Google will update their results soon enough to get rid of the NOW FREE wording) , as it is now a function of my Auto-Blog system. I know this will be a disappointment to auto-bloggers out there, but I was giving it away for free for a long time, and it’s high time I started charging for it.

The thing is that you can’t get a successful auto-blog off the ground unless you have ALL YOUR BASES covered, and having my Synonym Plugin Running will not even come close to solving all your problems. The entire system DOES solve ALL your problems.

I will be updating our Adsense income again in the next couple of days. It’s been a slower week of course, because the Christmas holidays, but this Tuesday has picked up again.


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15 Responses to “Adsense Auto-Blog System and Formula Done! (Synonym Plugin No Longer Free)”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Hi there Terry. I bought your auto-blog ebook two days ago and I want to thank you for really making the process as simple as possible for me. There was so much I didn’t understand.

    I have two auto blogs running now, and they are actually working for the first time and I have been trying for almost a year now trying to get one going.

    Quastion though – I notice that using a third party for cron is free at first but they have a trial period and they you have to pay a bit of money to keep the crons going. Can I create a cron that works with my hosting company instead for free. I know how to setup a cron, but I have never nbee able to get one working.

    Is there anyu tips you can give me (us) on how to setup our own crosn,



  2. TZ Says:

    Hi Sandy – thanks for your purchase first of all, and I’m glad it’s working for you.

    I’m going to update the ebook with some tips on how to make sure your own cron jobs work. There has been allot of people out there who have problems getting their crons jobs working for WP-O-MATIC.

    Here is the first important TIP: Make sure you use the cron URL and parameters exactly as WP-O-MATIC sets up for you in the options area – example;

    /usr/bin/curl http://yourdomain.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cron.php?code=8b123h2

    Don’t forget the parameters like the /usr/bin/curl

    Depending on your hosting account this will be different. It may be a wget parameter or something else.

    So once you have your your cron set up you must make sure your CHMOD setting are correct for access via the server. Do this is as follows;

    Open your FTP client (FILEZILLA or CYBERDUCK etc) and make sure that every folder enroute to the cron.php file is set to 755. Below is a typical path to the WP-O-MATIC cron.php file;


    …..SO MAKE SURE that these folders are set to CHMOD (permissions) 755;

    folder 1 – wp-content (set to 755)
    folder 2 – wp-content (set to 755)
    folder 3 – wp-o-matic (set to 755)

    …..and of course make sure that the CRON.PHP file is ALSO set to 755.

    If you follow these steps, you should have no problem getting your cron working from your own hosting account and not have to use a third party cron.

    For absolute beginners who need to understand how to even setup a cron job, watch this video;


    In the command field you paste the path and parameters you copied from the WP-O-MATIC Options page in the backend of your blog.

    Hope this helps newbies and “not-so-newbies” alike.


  3. DannyNoonan Says:

    Terry – I just purchased your auto-blog system/formula, but did not see a download link (I probably missed it). How do you deliver the product? Thanks.

  4. terryzulit Says:

    Hey Danny N,

    I emailed you your download address.

    Thanks for purchase.


  5. Dave Says:

    Could you please explain, where does the content for autoblogs come from using your system?

  6. terryzulit Says:

    Dave – all content is syndicated from rss or atom feeds. There are billions of feeds online. The process is detailed in the ebook.

    Judging by the question though…..save your money, and don’t buy this ebook.

    You need to understand the basics like how a blog works, Cpanel, WordPress, FTP clients, etc.

    I mean you could buy this ebook and make it work, but if you have never used a blog before it might take a week or so before you have downloaded and configured an FTP client, bought hostings, created a database, configured WordPress, etc. etc. etc.

    This is really a more intermediate system. You COULD get your head wrapped around it, but there is a learning curve for absolute newbies. Fair warning.

    One thing for sure….if you buy it, read it, and your head explodes, don’t throw it out. Keep the PDF on your computer or saved somewhere cause you WILL use it later.

  7. Mike Says:

    Hey Terry, do you think your plugin is better suited for Niche sites or can it be used for personal Blogs as well. I am thinking of buying your e-book but would just like to know if it would work for what I am doing personally with my sites.



  8. terryzulit Says:

    Hi Mike,

    I would only use my system for niche auto blogs because that is where the money is at.

    I created this product for myself first, so it had to work, and the reason I worked so hard making an auto-blog system make a profit is becuase I can’t manage any more blogs with natural content of my own. If I wanted to grow my income any more at all it was going to HAVE TO BE with automation.

    As a side note, I want all to know that I tested WP-SPIN, WP-ROBOT, and WRITEAGAIN plugins, and NONE of them did what was required to get traffic, keep traffic, and make profit.

    My system requires that each user create their own synonym list using my Global Synonym plugin. This takes some extra time for users to get their auto-blog set up, but there is no way around this task if you want to make a profit with Adsense.

    Plugins like WRITEAGAIN cost $50 and it does a very poor job of making the content “read properly”. Each niche is different with the words used, so you have to make sure you create a synonym list that works smoothly and beautifully so it reads perfectly.

  9. Javier Says:

    Hi Terry,
    one question, i use in some blogs the autoblog system with succesful result, the most important thing here is traffic, so, i’m courios, how do you do to get traffic? i mean, i don’t want to know four formula (after i buy your ebook 🙂 ) but, in your ebook you talk about this? how to make traffic?

    thank and congratuilation for your job!
    Best regards,

  10. terryzulit Says:

    After your auto-blogs are posting for a few weeks, Google will have taken notice and will be caching all of the domain’s posts.

    1). In those aggregated posts are links that link to some of the source blog feeds, and some of them create inbound links.

    2) Because your content is rewritten using my Global Synonym plugin, the search engines will begin to rank your post in their search results, depending on the niche you choosee.

    3) Also, (without giving away what is in the ebook) the way I set up your WP, everytime new posts are added your auto-blog they create more inbound links to other posts on your domain.

    4) Also, other autoblogs re-scrape your content and give you DOFOLLOW links from their “related posts” plugins.

    With the rewrite and with these automatically created inbound links, you begin to get search engine traffic from G, Y and B.

  11. Javier Says:

    Okey, thank Terry, you are very clarify.
    i appreciate this very much, i will try your ebook, i spend a lot of money in ebooks but always is good to have the experience of people like you.
    one more question, in your ebook, you have clear step by step what are you doing now? and are you doing other things to generate income in autobloggs? or only what you said here? i mean, if you only do what your ebook say.

    thanks you ,
    best regards

  12. john Says:

    I have purchase the autoblog formula ebook and like to know is that any problem if update to latest wordpress 3.0.4 or maybe future wordpress update?

  13. terryzulit Says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for buying.

    So far there has been no problem with WP updates, and there shouldn’t be because the plugins are updated, and you will see those updates coming through your dashboard.


  14. Rob Says:

    Will your system work on blogs set up as sub-domains?

  15. terryzulit Says:

    It does, but you have to run the plugins exactly in order of the ebook, and you have to have all of the same plugins running. Also, the rewriter will work across all subs.

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