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Adsense Income Earning December 4-5 Weekend

Saturday Adsense income was — $91.43 USD (December 4th, 2010)

Sunday Adsense income was — $128.23 (December 5th, 2010)

The entire week’s Adsense income came to almost the same as the last two weeks, coming in at $945.21 USD. This makes the entire week coming in with an average of $135.03 per day. For the month of November we we came in with a average of $124.54 per day.

Bills will be paid, but not a ton left over. That’s OK. We have enough to pay the bills without using credit or creating any more debt.

Here is the good news considering we’re making it by at this time of year with our Adsense earnings. I combined all of our most consistent niches into one traffic graph line for the year. Sort of a bastardization of the Adwords Keyword Tool. Click to enlarge.


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