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Adsense Click Earnings – Very Little to Very Big

Highest Paying Adsense Click EverSo this morning being Sunday, plus for whatever reason we were seeing extremely low traffic in our Statcounter account(s) – so low in fact that I thought that my main blog for bread winning had been de-ranked and punished by the Google Gods. When I checked out all of the usual keywords that this blog was strong on I was fine. Number #1 in Google and Yahoo/Bing and competing with 125 million pages, etc.

I was still strong in all the usual keywords we get our traffic from. So my only guess is that just like last Sunday, nobody is on the Internet looking for products and services in the particular niche. Oh well – hope tomorrow is a big Monday again.

As usual on the weekend in this blog’s niche, visitors rarely click and Adsense ad, and even when they do, the more aggressive Adwords advertisers have scheduled their ads to NOT display during the weekend – so we get paid very little per ad clicked. Par for the course.

So decided to stop thinking like a pee-on and get off the computer. I stood up and signed in disgust. I walked to the other room where I have a large high-def screen on the all which I use for the monitor for my Mac. Being that I was fretting the low traffic, low CTR, and low earnings per click, and that I am a compulsive stat checker, I sat down at the Mac and took one more look at my Adsense account.

WHAT!!!!! 3 click made $40.00!!!!! NEVER seen that before – NEVER. Since we started being Adsense publishers back in 2003 we have never seen that kind of action.

It’s really crazy sometimes. Then other days you make 3 cents for clicks on the very same page. Baffles me to no end. You wouldn’t want to base your monthly budget on a getting click earnings like that, but it makes you wonder.

Correct Me If I’m Wrong – Is Adsense Paying a Commission Because the Adwords Advertiser Converted a Customer?

It’s possible and I will look into that after this post. I knew awhile ago that Adsense was combining an affiliate commission product with their earnings per click product. I remember that awhile ago I had received an email from the Adsense team stating that something like that would be the case if I didn’t opt of that option.

I’ve also noticed that when we get a big click this one, it’s an even number – like $10 dollar, $20 dollar, 0r $30 for one click. Very weird. I just hope that the Advertiser DID convert a customer.

Also with Adsense, it seems sometimes that if they have been generous with my earnings per click (ECPM) for a couple of days, then I’m due to have a day of low paying ads on my pages and posts. It’s like they are being fair and spreading the wealth around with other Adsense members. That would seem to me the right way to pay us all out.

You would think that after 7 years of being in the business that I would have more faith in the Adsense system, and the Google algo. My blogs don’t use any ill-gotten methods of getting inbound links, and the content is vast and white as the driven snow. Why Google all of sudden decide after 4 years to consider your site to be “weak and unworthy”. After all, the only webmasters that seem to get “hit” by an algorithm change are ones that upload thousands of spamming pages to their domain, or the hammer thousands of artificial links into their pages.

Well….some day I’ll learn. We’re making over $4000 USD a month now from organic search traffic, and it took 7 years to get there. It was what I did in the last 2 years that made this a reality though. What did I do you ask?


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