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MSN Adcenter Mac Issues and Browser Problems

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

MSN Adcenter is becoming a bigger joke as every day goes by. Now I find out that their editorial guidelines state that your landing pages must be able to load properly on ANY browser.

Interesting that you can’t login to Adcenter without the “correct browser”. They don’t support all operating systems, and they don’t support Mac computers at all.

I would have to say that MY “editorial guidelines” consider the MSN Adcenter site to be rated as a poor quality URL. I would have to say that the MSN Adcenter PPC model is rated as a 1/10 for a quality score.

And they want to COMPETE with Google!! Hmmm. Amazing.

SEOPressor Review or Should I Say Scam

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

So I bought the SEOpressor plugin just for the fun of trying it out a little on some of our blogs. If you don’t know what SEOpressor is, it’s a Worpress plugin that looks at the characteristics of your blog post and gives a quality score as far as SEO goes. It also gives you the tips needed to “raise” your score. Problem is that WHO decides what a good score is when it comes to Google’s, Bing’s, and Yahoo!’s algorithm? Do ya folla?

So to test SEOpressor I simply used it on a high traffic blog that has hundreds of real-world examples of successful and not successful blog posts. By looking at my Statcounter account I can already see which blog posts are by far the most popular with the search engines, and which ones are not – so I turned the SEOpressor on to see if it agreed.

Not even close. My MOST popular search engine post on the blog as per Statcounter only ranked in as 3.7 percent according to SEOpressor. One of my other posts that I wrote and expected to see a ton of traffic on, showed a 62.3 as far as SEOpressor. What does this tell you? Use SEOpressor backwards and keep tweaking your post until it gets below a 10% SEO rating – no, it tells you to forget about buying it and just write naturally.

Google judges site wide so it likes to see keyword density patterns that are random and all over the place. Some of the posts on the blog only mentioned the main keyword 3 times! Most of these posts were over 1000 words, so you get the picture.

Another problem is that SEOpressor does not account for the comment content that gets added to a post over it’s life span. This can have a huge affect on the success of a post in the search engines.

Nice try and a really pretty video to watch and make sure you use that “IRON-CLAD WARRANTY” they’re bragging about.


Testing MacSpeech Today

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

Well, as it turns out, I’m testing out MacSpeech as I am doing it right in the WordPress edit box. The difference is that I am using MacSpeech without a microphone headset and instead of speaking into a room that has a live microphone in it. I have had to make about four edits so far just in this little paragraph, so I’m not quite sure how well was going to work.

I am used using Dragon Naturally Speaking and  I had trained Dragon NaturallySpeaking on my Sony laptop so well that I didn’t ever really want to even try MacSpeech because of the $200 cost. However, I can use speech recognition and create more content faster than if I was to type it out. One thing that I really like about what I am doing right now is that I’m speaking in an open room without the restriction I headset and I can see the words appearing in the WordPress editor on a big screen up on the wall.

I have really noticed that when using speech recognition software my voice confuses the software when it comes pronouncing any word with the letter P in it. Perhaps if I keep training with MacSpeech it will be a useful tool.

At this very moment I can’t tell you yet whether or not I will continue to post using MacSpeech.

Turnkey Business Blog Going Well Now

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

All working now so it’s back to blogging for a living. Some of the natural traffic blogs are really starting to kick in to high gear and had a couple new clients for Turnkeybizblog.com – these are good gravy and the customers are really happy with the service they are getting.

I do Skype training with them for free after we have their blogs up and running and the writers writing excellent content on their business blogs. Allot of work but satisfying to give our clients the full meal deal as advertised.

Just finished changing 9 plug ins and light switches and the face plates. Fun fun fun. Was really easy to do once I turned off every power breaker in the house!

Bought Blogging Espionage Today – Review

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Total bunk. Blogging Espionage is a bad joke folks, as you could well imagine from Rob Benwall’s pitch video. I can sum it up real quick like.

  • buy an old domain with a PR of 3 or higher.
  • load a WordPress blog on it in an expensive niche
  • buy a bunch of article from Elance.com
  • post the articles with back-dates on the post dates
  • sign up with Social Spark
  • post links in article to advertisers on Social Spark

Social Spark does the ludicrous thing whereby they judge a web property by it’s Google page rank, so the higher the domain rank you have the more you can make by spitting out 200 word articles with anchor links to SS advertisers. Brilliant is some ways, but now that you know how to do it, save the $37 bucks on the eBook, and just do it.

Ok, I suppose this might work for awhile – who am I to trash another income stream. Who knows, maybe I’ll be sucking the hind tit soon and need to try this.

By the way – this so-called Blogging Espionage system is time limited, meaning once the search engines see that the content on the paid for PR 3 blog has nothing to do with the past content, it’s dump city. Also, sites like Social Spark will start judging new blogs by all of the permalink pages and post URLs – then the gig is over. Save your money friends.


WordPress Automatic Update Fails Sometimes

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

I’ve been noticing lately that the WordPress automatic updater fails sometimes. Bummer. Noticed it on many of our different blogs. I had to use an FTP client to do the job right. I just upload the wp-admin and wp-included folders up in entirety, and it’s all good again.

You won’t believe it but that is why Zulit has had so little work done on it lately – the upgrade failed and I didn’t have the patience to go ahead and fix the problem. That shows you how much this blog makes now that I don’t work it on a daily basis.

Anyway, if your WordPress automatic upgrade fails you, do a manual upload of the WP files and folders, and make sure all your plugins are working with the new WP version. Only those two things ever let me down with all the recent WordPress upgrades.

Disney Spotlight Launches

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Disney Spotlight is now launched by Keith Lyles. He has one of my writers writing for him for the next 6 months so he should start getting some decent traffic soon enough. His Adsense is all setup and he is a keen new member of the online income world.

As with all my customers I made sure he understood that he will have to work on his blog at least once a week after we have him out of the gate in the next six month. I will still have to show him how to operate his blog properly.