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Highest Adsense Day Ever

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Well that was a very unique day – yesterday that is – because we had the highest Adsense day ever for my account. Our total for the day on my account was $1032 and the day before was $397 and change. Now what gets me is the jump??? No complaining, the biggest swing we have ever seen. Today will be very interesting to watch. So far it’s 6:30 AM on Monday and my account is at $22. However, yesterday I was showing $98 in earnings at 10 AM, so you just never know when Adsense is going to update. I will say this though – by the time it is 3 PM you will know how your day is going to play out. CTR, eCPM, Earnings Per, Estimated Earnings. (more…)