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March 2010 Adsense Payment Currency Reversal/Flip

Ok – it’s that time again and Google Adsense has paid us “backwards” in regards to currency exchange. We get paid in Canadian dollars and we have seen the currecny flipped/reversed two or three times in the past. The Adsense Team always gets on top of it and fixes the problem within a week or so with another EFT payment into your bank account.

If you are not paid via EFT your fix will take longer, and they may rectify your currency exchange goof on your next check – next month.

Last time this happened we actually gained from it (so my wife tells me) because she said the exchange rate had changed to our favor when they rectified the payment issue. The first time this happened it was quite the big deal, because we had over 26000 dollars USD coming in and our Canadian dollar was only worth 83 USD cents. That’s a big chunk of change.

It can leave you feeling a little bit queasy about Google and the Adsense system, because the thinking goes,

“If they can screw something this big up……..what else can they screw up!!!!!”

No worries gang – the Adsense team gets on top of it and sorts it out – they always have without fail, and they do it in a very professional manner as always.

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