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Farm Construction Equipment Niche By Doug Called lPatt.com

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

dougonexcavatorSo I have a close friend I used to work for Air Canada with. We were both engineers 😉 So Doug is a heavy duty mechanic now who is a very humble guy, and he wanted me to help him set up his own web site/blog on light and heavy duty farm and construction equipment. I have finished his site now and he is ready to start blogging about his passion, which is tractors, excavators, rider mowers, farm equipment, construction equipment etc.

I also got Doug’s first third party site going which I will list here too. He has lens at Squidoo on construction equipment and a hub at Hubpages called lPatt Farm and Construction Equipment. He has been fully checked out on posting pictures and writing on his heavy and light duty equipment. This post at Zulit is just a way to kick off his new found love affair with the Internet, and I’m glad to help. He fully understands (because my wife pounded it into his head) that it takes allot of solid work to get any kind of web property off the ground, and that it takes passion to eventually see some solid results.

One thing I have encouraged him to do, is to write good content, and make sure the content is helpful to his visitors and users. This is all new to him, but he will surely get it – I’m confident of this.

The Equipment Featured on lPatt.com

Here is a picture of a Komatsu excavator as an example of what you will see and read about on Lpatt.com (large equipment and smaller equipment. Doug has a good digital video camera so he is going to shoot some video of machinery in action as operators go to work diggings, and moving dirt around. I hope he does a video of a some demolition work too. That is a blast to watch and the operators have to know what they are doing.

komatsuexcavatorsSo this has been allot of fun working on lPatt setting up it’s the site and getting all the thumbnails working on the premium WP-CLEAR theme. It was a bit tricky getting it going at first, but I finally got it thanks to the help at the SOLOSTREAM forum. There is a few processes and plugins you have to pay attention to if you want WP-CLEAR to work.

It was allot of fun peeking into the world of construction equipment, and all the various kinds of loaders, haulers, lifters, scrapers, diggers, sprayers, etc.

I’ve think it would be allot of fun to run an excavator or a snow cat, or something like that.

When we did our back yard with Roman Pavers last summer, John (my contractor) used a Kubota mini-excavator to do the digging and laying out of the pavers, which was REALLY cool to watch. You can watch it here if you want. See the Kubota mini-excavator in action half way down the page. John is an excellent operator and I could NOT believe how fast he was doing it. Here is John’s Contracting Web Site that I built for him called JWS Construction. Check out John some more in the Kubota Mini-Excavator on Youtube.

Before I go, I want to mention that Doug has a section of lPatt.com setup for placing free classified ads to sell farm and construction equipment. The whole idea is to provide a resource for farmers and construction professionals to sell their machinery without cost and hassle. They can just email Doug at support@lpatt.com.

Pretty Sure Onlywire Hurt Some of My Blogs

Friday, November 27th, 2009

removingonlywireOnlywire seems like a good idea, and I didn’t think it would really hurt anything on my blogs. I mean you are just bookmarking your blogs on several social media sites with one or two clicks right? Well I’m thinking wrong now. I tried using OnlyWire on three specific blogs, and after 6 months Google decided to stop caching new posts. These blogs used to get cached within two days on every new post, and now it’s been over 3 months and all posts within that time frame have not been cached.

All other blogs – caching with two days. Hmmmmm!

So I’ve removed OnlyWire from those blogs completely, and we’ll see if the blogs recover. I think they will because they have some good content on them. All good, natural, and purely original content, so they should recover.

I’m guessing Google sees the use of Onlywire as a bot – which it is, but not really a nasty bot after all. With all of the different bot tools on the market claiming to help you manipulate the search engines, it wouldn’t be a big surprise if Google has decided to reward ANY kind of bot action with penalty. So therefore OnlyWire has been removed from ALL of my blogs.

Once again, I believe that just having the latest version of WP running, and some of the key plugins running, it’s all you need to do very well. When you see me talking about bots, and some nasty bots like Xrumer, keep in mind that it’s always FUN and EXCITING to see if you can manipulate the search engines, even if it’s only for a short time – and it’s very important if you are going to use bots like these you NEVER promote your main white-hat blogs and web sites. You can play around with third-party blogs and sites on other servers, and have fun toiling away on blog farms, but it’s never worth risking your real domains.

You really don’t need anything more than white-hat practices to dominate a niche, but the trick is to finding a niche with tons of traffic and no-one else really working it. I just found a really exciting niche that has a stupid amount of traffic (and I’ve thoroughly tested it on other blogs), with very little competition and advertisers who have deep pockets, that sell extremely expensive products.

If you have had your blog(s) damaged from using Onlywire, read this post by Manuel, which explains what you can do to try and recover.

My MySpace Letter to Sarah Palin – RE: Sarah Palin Trashes Canadian Health Care System

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009
Sarah Palin Signing a Five Dollar Book

Sarah Palin Signing a Five Dollar Book

I wrote a letter to Mrs. Sarah Palin today from my MySpace account to her MySpace account, entitled From Some Friendly Canadians. This was in response to her comment today regarding the Canadian Health Care System. But first the story.

Comedian Mary Walsh’s beloved character button-holed the former Alaska governor at a recent book-signing in Columbus, Ohio, only to be strong-armed away from Palin by a cabal of security guards.

The action was documented on Tuesday night’s “This Hour Has 22 Minutes,” but four days later, Walsh was still marvelling at her close encounter with one of the most controversial politicians on the planet.

“We told her we’re from Canada, and we’re just looking for a few words of encouragement for the Canadian conservatives who have worked so tirelessly to destroy the socialized medicare that we have,” Walsh recalled Tuesday from St. John’s.

“Four huge big burly guys started pushing, and I pushed back, but I got her attention, and she told us to keep the faith, something like that, and said we’re all trying for the same thing.”

After being kicked out of the book-signing, Walsh and her crew then waited outside at a loading dock close to where Palin’s bus was parked. When Palin emerged from the Borders bookstore, Walsh said, Delahunty – dressed in a more toned-down version of her trademark warrior princess costume – called out to her.

“Hey, remember us, we’re the Canadians! We came all the way here from Canada!” Delahunty yelled. “When we asked you that question, we didn’t hear your answer.”

Palin strolled over, looking down on Walsh and her crew to tell them that “Canada needs to dismantle its public health-care system and allow private enterprise to get involved and turn a profit.”

Anyway, my response to Mrs. Palin below.

Hello Sarah,

We been watching your trials and tribulations on your major cable networks (LEFT RIGHT AND CENTER) and we really don’t pretend to assume to know everything about the American Health Care System.

Keep your nose and mouth OUT of out our business please. Our health system works just find, contrary to what the right wingers in your country assume. We don’t ration health care and we have a priority system for order based on human suffering and human needs.

YES, if you want elective surgery, don’t have pain, and are in good health – you will wait a few months. But if you are sick, you are IN NOW!

You DON’T know you are talking about in the slightest, and we urge you stick to feeding misinformation to your own people.

Good day. EH! 

PS – your ego has made you blind and you are suffering for it now, and it looks like perhaps you will be suffering always.

Xrumer Activation Key – Xrumer Serial and Crack – Xrumer Torrent (DO YOURSELF A FAVOR!)

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

xrumerYep!!! Those are the three searches I did when I was trying to find a free crack for Xrumer Palladium and Xrumer4-5. I was intially trying to test Xrumer 5.0 Palladium, but got very frustrated with dead-end results every time. Now I’ve been finding cracks, serials, and keygens for a very long time, and I have RARELY been stumped. I’ve also done some of my own cracks, so I know what I’m talking about here. So let me save you some time, pain, and suffering, and give you a little piece of advice.

Buy the damn thing! It will be the best thing you ever did , because I bought it and it works well. It was worth every penny, and I would have to say it’s worth more than the price they charge at Botmaster.

I bought the newest version of Xrumer from their actual site (not so easy to find for some). You have to sign up for an account (free) first, and then you go from there to learn more, download a demo, and help file, etc. You can’t just go to a page, pay, and download Xrumer – you have to sign up for the free account first.

Xrumer Can’t Be Cracked

The guys who built Xrumer (Alexander and the guys) are expert coders and they have crack-proofed this software. You can’t even use it properly unless the software is talking to their servers. You need to have your proxy setting working properly in order to use Xrumer. DON’T use a link dropping program like Xrumer without using proxy addresses. Do I need to explain why grasshopper?

There are claims by people online that say they have Xrumer cracked, but it is total bunk. They’re just trying to get action on their web site. See this dude’s Youtube video showing a very fuzzy screen (I wonder why) of him cracking Xrumer. Total bunk my loyal friends.

There are crackers that will claim ANYTHING can be cracked, and some have claimed to have a cracked version of Xrumer working – total bunk again. There is not a working crack or keygen that works for a ripped off copy of Xrumer. The torrent sites have many links claiming to have an Xrumer torrent of some version or another, but these are all fakes. Open the so-called crack and it either doesn’t work, it’s just the demo, or they send you to an advertising link. Bunk.

Xrumer Is Meant for Experienced Internet Marketers and SEOers

Xrumer DOES work well, but setting up can be difficult if you don’t have experience using proxies, and configuring these kinds of bots. It’s NOT rocket science, but you sort have to know what you are doing in the first place (to some degree). Just like any software, if you spend some time (and take your time) you can get it working in auto-mode in a very effective manner.

You need to know which kinds of domains to promote (not your owned domains) and understand the viability of particular search markets. You should still NICHE it out a little bit for the best results. You should be promoting domains that have been around for awhile, and I wouldn’t promote sites that display merchant and contexual advertising links and banners from a company you are making some seriously good money – why risk it right.

You should use a new and different company for your ads and banners, so you are splitting up your income models. It’s good to have a combination of different traffic models; PPC model, Whitehat Organic Model, Greyhat Organic Model, and a Blackhat Organic Model. Keep all your models seperated so as not to piss off any of your loyal business partners.

If you are not willing to spend the cash to buy Xrumer up front, and the $10 a month licensing fee, and are not willing to put in a day learning the software and using properly, DON’T BOTHER buying it. But if you are willing……watch your niche sites go through the roof.

Xrumer Test Results

So I tested Xrumer on 10 domains (none of which I own, but have my ad code all over them) and they are still running. These were all in the health industry and they varied from niche, to really competitive search markets. The total income these sites had in Chitika income before Xrumer, was $35 dollars a day average. After 6 months of using Xrumer, the income was $350 a day (serious shit my friend). I wasn’t even that aggressive with Xrumer.

I would spend some time clipping graphs, traffic stats, and Chitika earnings stats, but I’m way to lazy, and I only get $50 bucks a pop for Xrumer affiliate action (they should up that commission rate if they want guys like me to REALLY pump it up. Anyway, if you’re serious, register and try the demo.