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Michelle Bachman and Fox News Have Blood on Their Hands With The Death of Bill Sparkman

Friday, September 25th, 2009

michelle-bachmann-blood-on-her-handsDon’t usually waste any time commenting on the Republican party and Fox News, because there is the nausea involved when I have to think about either more that one Countdown episode – but this time I have to.

Watching Michelle Bachman going on and on about the “evil census bureau” of the United States was ridiculous enough, but I really didn’t think her stupidity would actually stir up enough “low education people” to bring about violence – I was wrong.

With the sad news of Bill Sparkman’s death by murder (yes, when someone is found dangling by a tree, naked, with duct tape pinning his ankles and wrists together, the word FED felt penned into his chest, and his census bureau ID taped to his neck – it’s a MURDER!) I was apparently wrong. The freak-show, hard right-wing of the Republican party members who stoked up fear about the Federal Census Bureau are to blame for this murder. Without their bullshit do your really think this would have happened to Bill Sparkman? – NOT a chance.

There has never been a case reported in United States history like this one regarding the murder of a door-to-door census taker – not until Michelle Bachman, and Fox News started making up wildly paranoid stories of how the census bureau was Barack Obama’s tool for spying on Americans.

This goes way beyond name calling. I don’t believe that the majority of Republicans support Michelle Bachman and Fox News – not for second. I know these hard right wingers of the GOP are the minority – so clear.

I can only hope that Michelle Bachman loses her next election and her seat in Washington. I can only hope that Fox News loses more and more of the television audiences across America.

This goes for Rush and Beck too.

I actually watch Fox News and agree that Beck, Hannity, and Bill-O have their points sometimes, and I don’t dislike them – actually like them all for their humanity, but they need to be CAREFUL what they say, and the anger they endorse.

Sad, sad, sad – tragic, tragic, tragic.

Hypervre Sites and Pages Getting Deindexed By Google, Bing, and Yahoo

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Got this email from a friend who is doing well with his Hypervre sites and pages. Thought it would interest my readers. As follows;


Hi Terry,

Hope everything is going well with you. Just something that maybe with your experience you have come across. On one of my HyperVRE web sites Google seems to have dropped most of the articles in one of the HyperVRE web sites. This has about 180 articles and was making OK money, most of them don’t seem to be coming up now for some reason.

I can go to google.ie and search locally and I did come up first from most of these terms because no competition locally.

Have you come across this where they seem to simply drop pages into the wilderness?


Oh yes,

I’ve been watching this ever since I did my test run on Zulit.com

All of the hypervre pages get hit every 18 months or a so for a few weeks. Sometimes for a month, then BANG, they’re back in the results up high again.

Zulit’s test has been hit 4 times since those HyperVRE pages were up. Weird thing is they have always come back. Zulit’s HyperVRE was doing really well for a year and a half and then two months ago it stopped getting allot of traffic and was only getting trickle. It was still in the search results but on page 10-15 or worse!

It came back a month ago and is making the good money again. About 30-35 dollars a day total. Having the Hypervre mini-sites on a blog’s domain is the key I think. The blog gets updated with a new post every once and awhile with a real fresh article and this brings search engine attention once again the Hypervre sites down the sidebar.

When things are really kicking on the Hypervre traffic I leave things alone and when I see traffic dip – THEN I make a fresh post as if to say to the search engines,

“Hey – remember me! – I’m still here! Come see this fresh article on our domain.”

The Hypervre mini-sites pages are always changing on their own so this is why I think the search engines keep bringing them back.

I think your traffic will come back. Please keep me informed. I’m always very interested to see how other webmasters are doing with their Hypervre sites.