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Free Mini-Course Teaching You How To Make a Residual Online Income

Friday, August 7th, 2009

freeresidualonlineincomecourseSo after 6 years of working online, and going through all of the possible different methods of creating an online residual income, I’ve decided to create this Free Course On How To Create a Residual Income.

Why you ask? Quite simple. I have family members, friends, associates, and acquaintances who ask me to sit down with them and teach them everything I know about making a residual online income. It’s frustrating to see their reaction when I say,

“It’s simple, and you don’t have to spend a single cent (or penny) to start making a residual income that will last a life time.”

Of course this sounds like complete bunk to most people, who think I created my online income through fancy scripts and expensive, time consuming, methods. They see one of my latest screen shots showing one of my residual income accounts and they think to themselves,

“There has to be more to it than he is telling me.”

Yes there is. You have to¬† be able to use a computer to type words. Yep. That is the real big SECRET I’m leaving out here – you have to type words on a regular basis. These words must create sentences, and they must be in English (sorry, if you can’t read and write the English language, this free course won’t be any good to you).

Basically the amount of time you write emails to friends and family per week is the time you need to spend keeping your residual income and growing your residual income.

Another thing about this free mini-course – I’ve created this assuming you know absolutely nothing about online income, search engines, scripts, coding, HTML, plugins, blogs, dynamic sites, static sites, etc. etc. – if you can read and write English, have a computer, and don’t mind using it, you can do this.

So I’m going to show you step by step exactly how to create your residual income. I will be using screenshots and links to make things really simple for you.

If you are an experienced online income junkie, but you have never succeeded before, this will clear all the cob webs out and get you on the right track for ZERO dollars. If you’ve heard of these free technologies, and you’ve used them before, you will be able to skim these materials below, but it will “shake you awake” and remind you how simple this really is.

I’ve taught these simple methods to family members and friends and it ALWAYS works. This system, or method cannot fail, and it won’t cost you a red cent to start. So here we go – my…

Free Mini-Course on How To Make a Residual Online Income

Step One – Sign Up For a Free Blogger Account:

Open this link in a new tab or browser. You will see a screen that looks like the picture you see inset below. Click the “create a blog” button which is colored in orange.

Once you have clicked the “create a blog” button you be taken to a page where you can create a Google account. Simply fill out all the information they ask for, choose a blog template (which you can change later if you want) and within a couple of minutes you will have a new blog which is maintained by Google. You don’t need to know anything about running a blog, or maintaining a database – all you need to do is write.

You don’t need to know what your blog is going to be about. Your first blog can simply be a diary style blog where you upload pictures and information about your life in general. Once you have created your Blogger account with your first personal blog, then you will create a blog just for making money.

This is what step 3 talks about.

Step Two – Monetize Your Blog

When you are in your Blogger account you will see a link beside your first blog that says Monetize. The picture below shows what you should see.


Even if you already have an Adsense account, suggest creating a new one so you can have a fresh start. If you already have a personal account, create a business account. When your account is setup (which is very easy if you just follow along) you will then decide where you want your ads to be placed. Once your account is approved (in a couple of days usually) you will see Google ads appear on your blog(s) – you will be paid everytime a visitor to one of your blogs clicks and ad.

Don’t tell your family, friends, enemies, co-workers, or anybody! about these blogs because you don’t want them poking around on your blogs clicking these ads. You may get your Adsense account shutdown if your friends and family click those ads. Just leave these blogs up for your visitors – and you WILL have visitors – dozens, then hundreds, then thousands a day, week, and month. Your visitors will find you from other blogs, and from search engine queries.

Now that you have created a blogger account, your first blog, and you have learned how to Monetize by setting up ads on your blog, you are ready for the 3rd and final step – finding something to write about that will bring visitors that click ads like crazy.

Step Three – Create a Blog That Brings Visitors Who Click Ads

This is by far the most important aspect of this free course on how to make money online in a residual manner. This is where most students make their mistake, get frustrated, and quit forever.

You must create a blog on a subject that is searched for on the Internet allot, and it must be a subject whereby people are looking for answers to a problem they are having. The subject matter must be about a common problem or issue people have on a frequent basis.

Examples are of course things like;

  • acne treatments
  • balding treatments
  • personal debt relief
  • car repair
  • cheap merchandise

You could have a blog about celebrities, and get thousands of visitors a month, but they won’t click many ads at all, but if you had a blog that talks about and covers some kind of health issue, the ads would be clicked on much more often.

So think about some kind of goods or services your average population would be looking for and base your blog subject on that – but there is one more thing to consider – competition – read on.

Step Four – Write About Subject Matter That Doesn’t Have Much Competition Online

This is also a very important issue. Critical actually.

Do let us say that you have created your blog whereby you are writing about a goods or service that millions of people look for online – every month. You have monetized your blog and you are getting ready to start writing.

If you have chosen a subject that is highly competitive, then you are wasting your time – big time! For example, if your subject is Gambling, then you are up against stiff competition. Ugly competition actually. Forget about it (or should I say “foooogeeeettttabooootttttiiiiiiittt).

You have to chose a subject that has a “reasonable” level of competition, and it’s a subject (goods or service) that is searched for heavily. Now we are narrowing down the playing field – are we not. DON’T worry about it – we’ll find you a topic, and I’ll show you how for FREE.

Keep in mind that your subject does not have to be a direct goods or services idea. For example I have a friend who did a blog on Family Drug Addiction which is NOT a goods or service based thing. They just write about their own experiences and the ads placed on her blog give visitors solutions, and answers they may be interested in. It works.

The ads are placed automatically by Google so you don’t ever have to worry about placing ads in your blog pages. All you have to do is write. Period.

So let me show you how to find a subject to write about that is not TOO competitive and can make you allot of residual money coming in every month forever.

Most online income gurus will tell you to use programs and web sites that charge you to find subjects that don’t have much competition. YOU DON’T NEED to BUY ANYTHING. You can do this for free simple by using Google.

So to show you how to do this, let us use some example subjects;

  1. Hearing Aids

  2. Gambling

  3. Golden Retriever Wellness

Type in Google the above subjects just as they are written above, and I’ll show you what to look for in the search results.

Example #1 – Hearing Aids

After using the Google search engine (which is free of course) to search “hearing aids”, you will see the results displayed. See the picture below please.

Notice the magic number being the number of pages in the Google index that have the words “hearing aids” written somewhere in the content. The magic number in this particular case is 5,370,000. That is what your competition is for this subject matter. Now let me do another.

Example #2 – Gambling

We’ll do the same thing with the word “gambling” in the Google search engine. See the picture below for the results.


See how the competition is so much tougher. This is why I always tell people to avoid these high competition subjects. Gambling companies pay BIG MONEY to have their web sites optimized, and for good reason.

Example #3 – Golden Retriever Wellness

For our third example I’m using subject matter that is near and dear to my heart. I love my two Golden Retrievers so much and I’ve personally searched these three words many times looking for help and information.

Do a search for “golden retriever wellness” in Google and you will results that look like the picture below.

As you can see, there is much less competition for this subject matter, and this would be big money maker. Now you see how you can do this for free.

Final Words of Advice For My Student Reading This

One last piece of advice to give you. Be smart and choose a subject that you are familiar with – preferably something you have a passion for – why? Because then you will have no trouble finding things to write about.

DO NOT try and only write about things that are REALLY UNIQUE. Even if you are sure the simple things, or obvious things, have been already written about online, write about it in your own words anyway.

Never assume that your readers know as much as you do on the subject. Some will know more than you and that is fine. The search engines want to see a well-rounded blog that has information regarding all matters of your chosen subject. If you are writing about building model airplanes make sure to write a blog post about your preferred way of opening a tube of glue, and how to store that tube of glue so you can reuse it later.

Assume your readers have NO KNOWLEDGE and you will never run out of things to write about and share. Eventually other bloggers will link to your posts, and your residual income will grow exponentially.

This very post I’m writing here, My Free Mini-Course Teaching You How To Make and Online Residual Income, is old hat for experienced online money makers, but I’m writing in simple detail so that absolute beginners can create their online income for free without spending a single dollar. It will help thousands of beginners create a residual income that will last their entire life. If I only focused on fancy new methods then this blog would be pretty empty.

Conclusion of This Free Mini-Course on Residual Online Income – What the Experienced Entrepreneurs Might Say

Some people (like myself) who have been at this a long time will tell you that you are better off having a blog that you maintain yourself and is not on a domain you don’t own (in this case Google’s Blogger domain). Below are the reasons why a beginner does NOT want their own domain.

  1. If you own your own domain you have to pay for hosting and domain name fees
  2. You will not have search engine ranking NEAR as good as you will have if you are using a free blog on the Blogger domain and platform
  3. You will have a LARGE learning curve using your own domain and database
  4. You will have to learn how to protect your domain from hackers and spammers, and you will have to learn HTML and PHP code if you want to make full use of your own domain.

Some experienced online entrepreneurs will tell you that you don’t have as many choices for page layout, ad layout, and template control if you use a free account.

  1. Who cares – you want to make money right. It’s not about how pretty your blog is if you want to make an income. It’s about how much traffci you get and how much of that traffic will click advertising links.
  2. You don’t want to waste hours of your time (and I have spends thousands of them) working on designs, bells, and whistles. You want to spend ALL your time writing content that creates more traffic and more money.
  3. On a blogger account you CAN custom design your template look and feel to your liking, but you will do that much later when you feel like getting into to all of that.

Some experienced online business people will tell you there are faster ways of making money online. Sure there are – but do they last and past the test of time. I’ve used many methods in the past that made good money, but those methods died off and did work months and years later (some times weeks later). These “other methods” always cost money and are NOT FREE.

You want longevity and there is only ONE WAY OF CREATING A RESIDUAL ONLINE INCOME for FREE and will not become obsolete in the near future – I’m showing you that method here in this mini-course.

All of my online income is residual and all I do is write content on blogs. Some are using my own domain, like Zulit.com, and some are using the blogger network as show in this mini-course.

I have used HyperVRE for some of my income, but that is beginning to slow down as the search engines see that kind of content as much weaker in comparison to a straight up blog.

If I had to start all over again, I would use the methods outlined in this mini-course and I would NEVER stray from it. I would just find a few subjects to talk about as taught here, and I would simply write – just like I am doing now.

Beginners will find this article here and they will read it. They will incorporate these teachings and they will succeed. They will email a link to this page to others, and they will link to this page from their blog(s). That will increase the value of Zulit as far the search engines are concerned and this page (post) will see even more traffic. Some visitors will click an Adsense ad that looks intresting or promising and I will make money instantly and forever. By the time I’m in my late 60’s (I turned 46 yesterday) this one article will have created a residual income worth thousands of dollars. I have some posts on Zulit that make over $3-5 dollars a day, and I’m a small-fry in this business really.

This is how it all works. If I had hosted this blog on the blogger network as shown in this mini-course, I would be making WAY more money. My exposure would be much higher and my traffic would be much higher. So learn from me here and follow the mini-course to a tee!

You shouldn’t have any questions my friend. Just do as above and WRITE. Your only requirement is that you write. Maybe every day, every week, or every month. When starting out I recommend doing 2-3 posts a day. Yes, you can do that. Just get in there and start writing. One article leads to another article, and one idea lead to another idea. Believe me.

Told You That This Would Be 100% Free

Notice that this mini-course is 100% free. It’s free to set up your blogger (Google) account. It’s free to have your Adsense account. It’s free to do research on the Google search engine so you can find your subject matter to write about. It’s free to type words into blog that make sentences and paragraphs.

Google Adsense will send you a check at the end of each month for your earnings, but I recommend choosing the EFT (electronic fund transfer) option which you will find in your account settings, under payments. Then your earnings are automatically transferred into your bank account with no fuss or muss.

Sometime the checks don’t come in the snail mail and then you have to wait a month to recoup your earnings. Don’t worry – Google ALWAYS PAYS though.

Save yourself years of frustration and begin your residual online income now. You will deeply regret it later if you don’t, and you will VERY GLAD you did years down the road.

Good economy or bad, Google will be there paying you money every month. You can be on a perma-holiday as I have been for the last 5 years. It’s hard to believe but it’s possible. Ask my wife, friends, and family.