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Long Term Blogging Goals

Friday, July 24th, 2009

longtermblogginggoals1As the Internet business moves on it’s become very apparent that the competition is getting better and better.

I’ve been managing 8 blogs for the last year (I got rid of quite¬† a few) and it’s really too much to handle if you want to do it right.

The good news is that no matter what, if you write good content on a fairly routine schedule, you will make money. How much money depends on; the niche, how well you choose keywords, and if you stick to it.

I don’t panic anymore if a blog or two doesn’t get a post for awhile – as long as the writing is pretty good, and it’s 100% original of course. It takes a good while to build a good blog up and I know that this frustrates some bloggers to no end – however, the rewards are too great for quitting.

You DO have to like writing, and typing on a computer for an hour or so each day. If you don’t really like writing, you won’t make it – that’s just a fact.

You need allot of posts to get the search engines presenting you high in the search results – A TON OF POSTS.

Keeping It Clean For Awhile

One of my blogs helps people with mental issues like anxiety and panic attacks and it doesn’t have a single Google ad or affiliate link on it. I chose to do this because I don’t want the search engines or visitors to be turned off or away. I’m going to wait until it has over 500 people a day before I introduce ads and money links.

I tell newcomers to blogging now to at least get a blog started and keep it going even if it’s not getting allot of traffic. Why? Because after years of writing good quality posts they could have a few thousand dollars a month coming in. Wouldn’t that be comforting when your are retired and out the work force.

So keep up your blogs. Even if it’s only one post per month. Someday it might be your entire income.

Friday/16th 4:00 PM Going To The Lake

Friday, July 17th, 2009

Going down to Lake Bonavista for a swim and then back home for a family BBQ. Burgers and hotdogs etc. Maybe even a cold Sleemans Clear beer.

So Back Home and Back To Work

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Back home and back to work. I’ll be doing some work for my brother-in-laws company (Airtel Wireless) as they start up online. Airtel is a push-to-talk company based in Calgary, Alberta, and they provide iDEN technology. Cell phones the same as Nextel’s “chirping” phones.

Also I have to get my taxes done as my year end was May 31st. My step-daughter is getting married August 3rd in Golden, B.C. so there is allot going there too.

As well, I will be doing some more music. Going to start doing some solo acoustic (folk) music along the theme of the new age, one love, universal energy line. It’s hard to put my beliefs into words because it’s not based in the head or the mind – it’s a matter of feeling universal energy that brings us into line and on track.

Since it is getting to the slower season for Internet traffic, I will blogging some more as well. We only have 7 blogs now total and that is still too many to service. Some will get more attention than others.

3 Cool Blogs From a Very Cool Person

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

So my wife and I had a visit the other day from a good friend. Her name is Jennifer Jordan. Jenny has had a rich life experience living in Mexico for much of her adult life, and she is originally from Canada.

When she was visiting, I showed her how Betty and I make a living blogging. She loves the business model and I showed some of the great successes online, such as Darren’s Problogger, Steve Pavlina, and of course our own blogs.

So she is now approved for Adense, and has her blogs started. Three to start and I encouraged her to dig into just a couple of blogs and learn to have fun with it. In other words – write about what she knows and has experience with. So without further yapping her new blogs are as follows;

Family Drug Addiction

Living In Mayan Riveria

Unique Mex Art

She has also has another Blogspot blog on Mexican Art which I can’t remember the address of it – maybe when she sees this post she could make a comment and drop in the link to the art blog for me.

Jennifer is an artist by trade and beginning to seek work in the movie industry, painting and designing sets. This would be a Vancouver based gig at the start. She still has her place in the Mayan Riveria (near Cancun) and will be going back between Mexico and Canada by the sounds of it.

So Jenny – rock on and get your blogs kicking with some frequent post. As Darren says, “Water your blog’s” with content and let the roots grow deep into cyberspace and the rewards are plentiful.

Youtube Video – Reno to Napa Valley

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Well I’m back home for a few days but back to Saskatoon tomorrow until Sunday night. My son-in-law is having a sort of stag (poker and golf). Here is the video we made on the road during our trip from Reno through Napa Valley.