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Backyard Landscape with Roman Pavers Pt 5

So this is the last installment on the Roman Paver project in the back yard. We paid JWS Construction this morning in full and we’re surprised how well it came out. Much better than we had even expected it to be.

We still have to do some finishing landscaping yet in the non-paver areas. We are looking at using a combination of decorative gravel (Montana Gravel which is purple and green in color) and artificial grass by Evergreen Turf out of Edmonton and Calgary.

The areas surrounding the firepit to the fence will be Montana decorative gravel. The RV pad and the area around the big tree will be artificial turf. That would make the back yard completely maintanence free and the dogs won’t have any more areas of dirt to make a muddy mess in and MOST importantly drag dirt into the house.

The only watering and cutting left would be in the front yard, which I don’t see changing because it’s nice to have some natural grass around.

This Roman Paver project was so successful we may ask John and his team to come back and rip out our front driveway and replace it with Roman Pavers as well.

Tamping Pavers
May 18th, 2009

Fire Pit
May 19th, 2009




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May 20th, 2009

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