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What is Hypervre?

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

What is Hypervre? – you ask.

Hypervre is a web site building program (software) that enabes you to build niche web sites in the hope of making money from the Internet traffic.

There are three editions;

The Gold Edition

The Silver Edition

The Free Edition

I explain why you have to buy the Gold version here.

What Kind of Money Can You Make Using Hypervre?

Lots. As much as you want depending on how many niche sites you are prepared to build. Anyone who tells you that Hypervre is some sort of scam, get them to click here for this Adsense earnings report.

Hypervre Reviews (unbiased or biased?)

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

dollarsignSo it’s about time that I finally write my Hypervre review without any affiliate links. When I set out to write this review on the Hypervre software I was trying to remember how long I’ve been using it for. I think it’s been 2-3 years now that I have been using the Hypervre web building software.

I was impressed after 2 minutes of using it, and I’m still impressed after 2 years of using it. The software has improved over the last couple of years but it was very good right out of the gate.

I have been writing about Hypervre since I bought it and I have various pages on Zulit describing all of the relative features. Hypervre software creates web sites with hundreds of pages that are updated automatically on every page load.

This is only if you choose to create all of the pages in the PHP format extension. This gives the search engines and your visitors the impression that you are always actively updating all of your pages, when in fact you are doing nothing. This is one of the key benefits of using Hypervre.

I have hundreds of Hypervre mini-sites out there online, and with the odd exception, they all make money from the traffic they receive. I have never used a web site builder as good as Hypervre, and I certainly won’t find one with a price point that low. Last I looked, the Hypervre software goes for $97 for the Gold version.

Don’t bother with the free edition – I explain why you need the Gold edition here.

Buy Hypervre Gold Version

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Before I start – just in case you are wondering if buying Hypervre Gold software is worth it, see this earning report. Ok….now on with it. (more…)

Google Adsense Payment Late? Don’t Sweat it!

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

So there is a big buzz for the worried and the anxious Adsense publishers out there today on the Internet. Why? Because Google is slow making their payment for the end of April. Don’t sweat it!

Easy to say right? Well my wife and I have a total of over $26,000 USD due in Adsense income so we could certainly stress about it, but after 5 years of always getting our money, we choose NOT to stress it.

Here is a quote on Twitter from the Adsense team. This sounds like the Adsense team for sure. Adsense has ALWAYS paid me and my wife, even though they have been late the odd time. (more…)

Hottest New Work at Home Systems 2009

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

I’m promoting a new work-at-home informational product called, “The Online Wealth System“. The reason I’m recommending this work at home product is because it’s not very expensive to try. This informational product uses some of the same systems and methods I use as well so I know it works.

There are so many work at home products these days it’s pretty well impossible to decide which ones to try. I can usually tell which programs and systems have the right ingredients to actually work in the new Web 2.0 world. There are certain elements I look for;

  • is it inexpensive to try the work at home system
  • is the work at home system tested
  • is the work at home system established
  • have many people succeeded using the work at home system
  • does the work at home system have sound earning methods
  • does the work at home system promote overly competitive products
  • was the work at home system developed by people of integrity
  • has the work at home system worked for me!!!
  • is the work at home system and outright scam
  • is the work at home system a flash in the pan with a short lifespan
  • does the work at home system use realistic traffic generating methods

This list of characteristics is just a small number of different criteria I use when judging a work at home system. I’ve be burned with many scams, and I’ve been successful with many systems. Especially some of the so-called Google Cash systems. The truth is you just don’t know when a system is going to work. That is the honest truth.

I’ve tried some systems that look like they are a sure-fire no-brainer plans, but yet they fall flat on their face – even executed properly!! And I know exactly how to drive free and PPC traffic to a landing page! (more…)