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How To Create Original Content Fast

I’ve always banged my head against a wall trying to figure out how to create original content fast. I’ve used Dragon Naturally Speaking (which we’ll call DNS here on out) and Mac Dictate with some success, but have bounced between using speech recognition software and typing my posts. Why? Because until DNS can understand your voice well enough, it can be easier (and more fun) to type the message or post. I find that I really miss typing and I have even being trying to re-learn how to type faster, by using my typing skills that I learned in high school.

I’ve mentioned in other posts I’ve mentioned blog farms and trying to make money online using quality content, and I’ve touched in creating content fast, but I have another toy that you can use to make content creation even faster.

I’m now using a small digital dictation recorder that has a USB connection to transfer audio files on to my computer. Then I let my speech recognition software convert the audio file into a Dragon Pad file (which is the same thing as a text file.)

The first time I tried this DNS transferred gibberish, but after a few conversions DNS got my recorded voice tight. I have about a 90% accuracy rate with this form of content creation. The beauty is that I can dicate over 6000 words of original content in about 45-60 minutes anywhere – this is the key. I can dicate in a car, waiting for a bus, laying bed, in the bathtub, almost anywhere.

Olympus WS-210s

Olympus WS-210s

Here is a picture of the dictation tool I’m using, the Olympus WS-210s. You can see in the photo how it opens up to access the USB connection.

So I take it with everywhere I go and any time I find myself waiting for something or somebody, I’ll rattle of some articles for my blogs. It works out to about a thousand words for every 10 minutes of speaking. I speak slower than normal of course, paying close attention to by diction and pronunciation of words.

What works the very best is to raise the pitch of my voice (if you’re a female these speech recognition devices work REALLY well) and imitate the sound of a speech creation modulator such as the one Steven Hawkings uses. Most important is that you NEVER slur your words together. You have to make sure a word is completely cut off and finished before the next word starts. This is what makes you/me sound like a robot voice from some bad SciFi movie.

So I have some main blogs that generate the Lion’s share of our family income, and they make serious money, so it’s important that they have at least 3 100% original articles a day. Once I have all the content dictated, uploaded to my computer, and transcribed into a text file, I then split the content up into 500-800 word posts and schedule them in WordPress as a series. So let us do the math.

  • one hour of dictation equals 6000 words of content
  • 6000 words divided into 12 500 word articles
  • 12 divided by 3 = 4 days

It takes about 2 hours to edit, clean up, link, add picture, and schedule all of the articles so there it is. One hour of dictation and 2 hours editing and posting. 3 hours of work for 4 days of solid blogging with content the search engines get wet over – original and never used online before.

So then I work five days a week and this feeds 5 main blogs. On the weekend………well we know what I do on the weekends.

By the way – I dicated this using the process described.

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3 Responses to “How To Create Original Content Fast”

  1. Cyn Says:

    Hi Terry,

    I enjoyed this post. I’ve been playing with Dragon Naturally Speaking for a few days, and the accuracy is definitely in the 90% range. But what I find really challenging is the speed of dictation. It takes a few seconds for it to recognize what I said, and by then, I’ve already forgotten what I want to say next.

    What is your recommended method of dictation using a mic? Do you look at the screen and wait for it to finish typing? Or do you continue to speak, and when you’re done, then you look back at the screen to edit? Do you edit it sentence by sentence?

    Would be helpful to know your technique so I can improve my results and publish faster.


  2. terryzulit Says:

    What kind of computer are you using – sounds like it can’t handle DNS very well – heavy duty program.

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    […] to stray too much for the topic but I am not actually typing this, I am using Dragon Naturally Speaking software and talking into a headset. This entire post will take about 15 or 20 minutes of me dictating into this WordPress editing box. […]

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