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The Clinton Demograph Shown on Youtube

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

If the Democrats lose the general election because they lose voters like these……..well then….it’s all for the best. Holy crap what bitter loonie toon. Must of ran out of paxil in the trailer park.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/KACQuZVAE3s" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Clinton Supporters Promise Poison Pill (go ahead)

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

Go Ahead…

Many Clinton supports threaten a scorched earth policy, also known as the poison pill tactic, whereby they take their fury all the way to Denver Democratic convention. On top of these threats, some Clinton supporters promise they will vote for McCain.

I have an answer to these sad Hillary supporters. Go ahead. If you somehow drag the process down far enough, and Bill and Hillary all of sudden become COMPLETE fools and help you on your quest for the poison pill (aka scorched earth) remedy to your unhappiness, it’s your loss.

Go Ahead…

Work yourself to the point of exhaustion to disrupt and destroy Obama’s run for the White House. See how far that gets you. Show us that you really belong to the Republican party with some old fashioned ignorant and pig-headed moaning.

If the Clintons and yourselves decide to run this thing to Denver and destroy the Democratic chances to take control of the White House, then you will not see fair health care, reasonable fuel prices, peace, and global respect.

Go Ahead…

Go home and moan about what YOU wanted and didn’t get. Tell yourself that poor Hillary was just a victim of sexism and good old fashioned sexism. Go ahead and take 300 steps back into the dark ages of politics and human consciousness.

Go Ahead…

Whatever you do don’t forget to spend the rest of your life feeling sorry for yourself. If you succeed in ruining Barack Obama’s chances in fall I will congratulate you on a job well done. Well done. Well done. Well done. If you prove the Democratic party has enough partisan fools to join the Republicans that are still left in the U.S.A, and keep the White House in Republican control, you will have clinched the destiny of the United States for another few decades.

Go Ahead…

DNC Committee Vote Pure Staging

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

After watching the finish of the DNC Rules Committee votes for the motions to include all the delegates from Michigan and Florida, but only give the delegates 1/2 a vote per vote, I thought that that was likely the only choice they had.

I do believe they had this figured out and negotiated a long time ago, and that the televised proceedings today were nothing but a show for the public. Even the Harold Ickes
outrage where he said that 4 of Hillary’s delegates were hijacked
, seemed like a bit like staging to me. It may not have been, but I think the DNC Rules Committee expected Harold’s emotional antics, and they welcomed it. Why? Because the DNC needs party unity more than anything, and by having someone push her case and damn the torpedoes would be a public way for Hillary supporters a valve to blow some steam. I think the whole damn thing was a farce.

Many Clinton Supports Won’t Be Happy No Matter What The DNC Voted

I believe that many Hillary Clinton supporters would never be happy no matter what the outcome of today’s meetings. Unless the DNC awarded Hillary ALL the delegates from Michigan and Florida, they would go home pouting, moaning, bitching, and whining.

The pathetic chant of “Denver – Denver – Denver” coming from the Hillary supporters in the hallway of the convention room at the Marriott hotel in Washington D.C. (where the meetings took place) discredited the Clinton campaign. Who let this trailer trash even near these meetings in the first place? They’re lucky that the Obama campaign felt they were in a position to give up some delegates when they followed the rules laid out by the DNC from the beginning.

If the DNC truly did the RIGHT thing and not the political thing, they would have stuck to the rules and disallowed ANY delegates from Michigan and Florida.

Nope, this whole dog and pony show today was played out to try and appease the intellectually challenged Clinton supporters so they may get their rug-munching fur back in shape for the general election soon to follow.

So much for the facts bronco…..

DNC Rules Committee Makes Backroom Blunder

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

The DNC Rules committee is presently making a backroom blunder as they take a VERY long “lunch break” in a hotel in Washington D.C. They were supposed to be back to discuss and debate the outcome of the Michigan and Florida delegates.

No question the DNC Rules Committee has finished eating lunch. They were supposed to be making their deliberations in public in front of the cameras. They’re likely deciding on what they are going to let the public see as far as what they are going debate and vote on.

For those Americans who are not bothering to watch this so-called open forum, and they care about who will be the President of United States, they may want to tune into CNN or click here to watch the DNC Rules Committee live. When you open this link you will see a small screen that you need to click to what the DNC Rules Committee in action and without commercials.

I think the DNC is making a huge mistake stopping in the middle of the day for “closed door sessions”. This sets a bad tone for Americans and the voters may believe that the whole process and decision was all back door.

So far the Clinton supporters in the meetings are urging that they get 73% of the delegates in Michigan where Barack Obama was not even on the ballot. The Obama supporters are supporting the notion that ALL delegates from Michigan and Florida are seated even if that means they will lose some delegate ground to Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

From my point of view, and from what I’ve heard from the Clinton supporters today, it seems to me that they want to keep changing the rules until they win. The Clinton supporters seem very frustrated because they know what is coming. Michigan and Florida broke the DNC rules and they are going to suffer for it.

Not only that, the Clinton campaign has been using language that blames the DNC for the mess in Florida and in Michigan when was the officials at the state level that decided to ignore the wishes and rules set by the DNC regarding their primary voting dates.

There are 368 delegates at stake in this deal, and looks like even if Hillary gets EVERYTHING she wants, she STILL won’t have enough delegates to win the Democratic nomination.

They better get back in front of the cameras soon, or it’s going to be messy.

Pictures of Obama at Great Falls Rally May 30th 2008

Friday, May 30th, 2008

UPDATE: All of our big (more like massive) Barack Obama pictures have been removed because too many news organizations were reprinting them without our permission. Damn you CNN.

Had allot of fun at the Barack Obama rally today in Great Falls. We were just 20 feet from him and the podium. It was amazing, and it was sort of surreal. I figured about 4000 people came to see him. I’ll be posting videos of the rally and Obama, along with ALL the pictures. For now I’ll include a download file of the full sized pics, and some thumbnails you can click on to see off this post.

Arriving at the Barack Obama Rally in Great Falls

Friday, May 30th, 2008

Barack Obama Rally Great Falls Montana May 30 2008So we went and met with the Obama rally organizers and they said Canadians are more than welcome to come and support Obama.

People were lined up since noon outside the arena and there is a big time buzz in the air.

Quote from organizer: “he’s (Obama) is going to change the world for the better, not just theĀ  U.S.A……come on down

The organizers were really friendly and they gave me this cool Barack Obama t-shirts and buttons for 15 bucks cash. Got some strange looks from some of the people who saw our license plate and realize we’re Canucks.

Weather is amazing and Great Falls is a really pretty little city. Hotel is right on the river along a park and t’s just down the road from the rally.

Houston is having fun and being a great dog. He travels really well now. We will keep him with us in he lineup until it’s time to go in to the rally which in the Four Season Arena.

Kind of feel like a crazy nut-bar going down to the States to watch their election taking place. I just thought that it’s a once in a life opportunity and this could be extremely historical if Barack Obama wins the general election.

Notice allot of Hillary Clinton signs down here but CNN says that Montana is likely Obama country.

I’ll add some more pictures and videos on the blog later tonight. I’ll add some video of Barack’s speech too.



Obama Bashing – It Won’t Work

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

The video below was made by some white-bread (yes….I’m white too) who has a problem with Barack Obama. Anyone who actually believes Obama’s middle name is a threat, his pastor is the true inner Obama, or he’s not patriotic because he doesn’t sleep with a American flag pin on his pajamas…….then……well……you probably can’t read so I won’t bother bashing your lack of education. (hows that for elitist and petty……see Republicans? It’s ok to admit when you’re wrong)

I’m so tired of hard right-wing Republicans, old white-breads, and the uninformed bashing Obama for no other reason that he is upsetting the Republican dream of sucking the U.S.A further in the black hole of lies, and miscalculation. Sadly, I also think some people are simply……well……racists. Ugly word but there is some of that ugliness in the Democratic primary.

So my friendly, right wing Bush lovers…..Obama is going to take the White House and there is nothing you will do about it. The ground swell for Obama is even bigger than what CNN is telling us and the polls in November will prove it.

The GOP is losing the Senate and Congress seat, by seat, old white guy by old white guy. The new generation is growing in numbers and the mud slinging dirty fear mongering politics beloved by the Republicans will not work anymore. The public is getting much smarter than that.

DEMS FOR 16 years…..!!!

Do you think Obama will take the White House?? Do you think that the Republicans will try and bury Obama in mud, and will they succeed???? Will the GOP manage to fool Americans in to thinking they should actually fear Obama>>>