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Global Synonym Text Re-Writer Instructions

Friday, December 14th, 2007

//Install My Tweaked Wp-o-Matic First

1. Unzip the Tweaked Wp-o-Matic Zip File You Downloaded
2. Upload the entire Wp-o-matic folder into your WordPress plugin directory:
3. Upload the PHP folder and the CACHE folder into the root of your web site where your WordPress index.php file lives:
4. Set ALL permissions (CHMOD) settings to 775 on ALL files and folders.

//Install Global Synonym Plugin Second

1. Unzip the Global Synonym Plugin and upload the Global Synonym PHP file into your WordPress plugin directory:

//Activate Wp-o-matic and Global Synonym

1. Login to your WordPress site
2. Select Plugins from the top dashboard menu
3. Activate Wp-o-matic and Global Synonym

//How to configure Global Synonym

1. Open the Global Synonym php file with an editor. Any will do. Notepad, Dreamweaver, Ultra Edit,
or even within the backend of your WordPress dashboard in the plugin editor area.
2. If you are using an HTML editor such as Dreamweaver or Frontpage, select the “CODE” view
3. You’ll see some simple instructions on how to configure Global Synonym. Follow them.
4. Once you have all your words of choice configured, upload the Global Synonym Plugin back into your WordPress plugin folder as described above.

WordPress Plugin – Global Synonym Text Re-Writer

Friday, December 14th, 2007

Auto-Blog Adsense Earnings and Income Reports

Here is the report post on my wife’s Adsense income using this ebook. She had to start from scratch with nothing but her MAC and my download. She started in October 2010.

Thank you to Paula Mooney over at 50 Over 50K for her write up on our autoblog system, and an inside on the lifestyle my family has had since 2003 due to online income.

Answering Concerns Over the Fear That Some Have About Using Adsense On an Auto-Blog

I’ve see many webmasters/bloggers who are concerned that they may lose their Adsense account if they run auto-blogs using other people’s content. Here is why that is not true, and the precautions to take to make sure there is never a problem.

FINALLY! – The Terry Zulit Auto-Blog Formula

NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! All tested OK. All customized plugins, themes, and WordPress files included in package.

Click here to buy or learn more!

You must purchase the Terry Zulit Auto-Blog Formula to Get the WordPress Synonym Plugin Now.

Usual Questions;

Q: Why is your auto-blogger formula ($39.99) more expensive than the Wp-Robot plugin ($30)?

A: Because it actually works and makes profit. There is allot more to this than just one half-assed plugin like Wp-Robot.

Q: Where is your actual sales page?

A: This is it. I make my money actually getting blog traffic. Not a sales guy (which you will soon learn) Buy it or don’t buy it – my bills are paid anyway.

You need to have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed before purchasing this ebook – download here.

Ok, let’s get to it. No long winded preamble on how I’m going to make you rich in one day. If you believe that bullshit you will be spending allot of money before you finally GET SMART and get instruction from someone who knows what they are talking about, and who practices what they fuckin’ preach.

Very few people actually know what they are doing when it comes to creating profitable auto-blogs that actually get traffic continuously (and make money continuously). Most who claim they know, are “full of it”. You can’t create a successful and profitable auto-blog with just one plugin – don’t believe the fancy sales pages that claim their one single plugin will work – they don’t. I’ve used them all and none of them work standalone.

So make a choice. Spend bags of cash on crap information, or spend $40 bucks here and get it right. All software and scripts are included free as part of the package. Half the battle is knowing which plugins to use together. This is where most new auto-bloggers get confused, frustrated, and lost.

My auto-blog system uses a variety of plugins in concert. Three of them are custom plugins not found anywhere online for free;

  1. my customized synonym plugin for rewriting content globally (across entire blog)
  2. my customized version of WP-O-MATIC which you HAVE to have or your auto-blog won’t work
  3. my customized WordPress theme for your ads, and for post excerpt function (no big deal for advanced users, but you need it)
End of sales pitch.

Instructions (follow exactly or it won’t work);

If you are a professional that has been using WordPress, WordPress plugins, and have a solid understanding of PHP code, C-panel, Apache, and Mysql Databases, but have never used these tools and processes to create a consistent income stream on the Internet, then you will find this ebook and videos invaluable.

If you are a complete newbie then this ebook is required reading if you want to make an automatic profit online, and NOT spend 23 hours a day on your computer writing.

If you are using an old domain that is trusted by Google (Bing and Yahoo!) then your profit will flow sooner. If you are starting a brand new domain, your auto-blog will take about six months before you are making a substantial profit, varying between $10-$50 dollars a day depending on the niche you choose. I show you how to find lucrative niche products so as to increase your profitability though.

This formula uses specific scripts and specific Wordress plugins to create a true auto-blog and it will take about 3-5 hours to setup if you are a newbie, and about half an hour if you have experience using WordPress, C-Panel, and Mysql Databases.

Terry Zulit Auto Blog Menu

  • Hosting and Domain Name Choice
  • Database Creation
  • WordPress Config File
  • Custom WordPress Upload
  • WordPress Plugins (critical)
  • HeadSpace Config
  • Askimet and ReCaptcha
  • Site Map Creation
  • My Customized Wp-o-Matic and Cron Job
  • SEO Smart Auto Link Config
  • How to Find Good Feeds
  • My Global Synonym Config (rewriter)
  • Hardwiring Adsense or Chitika Code
  • Choosing Profitable Niche Subject
  • And some SECRETS.

So the above is what you will get in the ebook I’m working on. The price is will be $39.99 using Paypal. I will have the buy link up sometime in the earlier part of the new year.

Update: Ebook is Done and still $39.99 Click here to buy or learn more!


The Global Synonym WordPress plugin is now free. Download link is usually up, but sometimes I take it down for updates. If it’s not up today – come back.

I wrote the Global Synonym WordPress plugin out of pure frustration. I had been looking for a content re-writer (simple text filter), or a synonym plugin for WordPress and the hunt was long and exhausting. I found some text filter plugins at the WordPress plugin directory, but none of them really did what I wanted.

I wanted a global synonymic plugin that filtered text on ALL existing posts, and not one that used on a per-post basis, such as the Text-Filter-Suite plugin.

Yes, I know what some will say….. “The Acronymit plugin does this”.

Not true on all WordPress installs and versions. I tried Acronymit on various WordPress installs, and it never worked globally on all posts.

Here are some of the questions I get regarding my Global Synonym plugin:

Won’t sploggers use the Global Synonym plugin on the WordPress platform?

Perhaps they will, but if the content is completely re-written, are we splitting some thin hairs as per the international copyright laws and treaties? For the Global Synonym plugin to be truly effective for sploggers, they need to create their own word and phrase replacement parameters.

Does the Global Synonym plugin with WordPress MU?

NO. Not unless you want all your users having their content re-written as well.

Why does Global Synonym not come with pre-set synonyms?

Because you can destroy the content you’re rewriting with those crappy synonym lists, and the major search engines use grammar filters now. Some disagree with me on this, but I’ve done the testing. I’ve been testing web builders, filters, scrapers, and the like, for 5 years now. Without good grammar, you won’t sustain your placement in the search results. Period.

Furthermore, depending on the niche of the site you’re running feeds through, you only need to run the Global Synonym re-writer on specific words. You can also setup my re-writer to do some of the wacky stuff too, to give your content an accent. I’ve tried MANY of these text filters and re-writers that had preset synonym lists included, and they all ruined the content I was trying to filter. Also, if you want to run a simple text filter you can – if you want to make it more advanced, it’s very easy to do so. All the instructions are included in the download.

Why do you charge people for Global Synonym when most WP Plugins are free?

That’s simple. First of all, the price is cheap at $45 bucks. Second of all, when this pluginis used in conjunction with feed aggregators, it can make you money $$$$. Also, I got burned a few times buying expensivesoftware from developers that claimed their scripts successfully aggregate RSS and ATOM feeds, rewrite the content, and post it. All of these programs failed to work flawlessly. These scripts created garbage for content, and usually on ugly templates. Total waste of time. This plugin works as advertised, and it’s far less money.

Which feed aggregators do you suggest using with WordPress and Global Synonym?

UPDATE: This plugin is free to use now. I updated the download link sometimes so come back if it’s not up today.

Important question. You can’t use this script with Feedwordpress. It works with Wp-o-Matic, but you’ll need MY version of Wp-o-Matic, which stops the duplicate posting problem. Don’t worry, you get this for free as, I can’t sell that. It’s not my creation. I only tweaked it to stop the duplicate posting problems.

NOTE:You are buying my plugin script and NOT Wp-O-Matic (not mine to sell). As a bonus, I’ve included a fixed version of Wp-O-Matic. Please don’t email me for help unless you have a fresh WordPress database, and you have configured Wp-O-Matic properly. I’m not responsible if you ignore these last two paragraphs and start trying to use my plugin with Feedwordpress or any other RSS aggregation tool.


To get my WordPress RE-WRITING PLUGIN you need to get the Terry Zulit Auto-Blog Formula

Inscript PDF For John Godley’s Amazing WordPress Plugin

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

OK…John Godley’s WordPress plugin called Inscript is one of my most important plugins, but you’ll need his 33 page PDF manual to learn how to use it.   

I had a bitch of a time finding, but I finally did. Click here to download the PDF manual for John Godley’s WordPress Plugin called Inscript.

Have fun!


PS – click here to grab the latest version of Adobe Acrobat