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Passion Bloggers vs Commerical Bloggers (not a fight)

Interesting thing tonight. My wife and I were doing our evening blogging (after a day of driving to Montana for some Christmas shopping), and she had a trackback denied by a fellow WordPress blogger. You can see the post here.

[…by the way, if you click the inset image you’ll see a very large Google Adsense check, and the man holding the cheque is Jeremy Schoemaker. You can see some other photos just like it here.]

Mike at TwentySteps.com seems to be a pretty good guy, and frankly, the link from my wife’s shopping blog wasn’t really related. It was related via keyword, which for some bloggers is enough to warrant sharing link love, but the true spirit of the blogosphere requires a higher standard of relevance.

Some bloggers are new at the game and they simply do a search for relevant keyword related content via Google, MSN, or Yahoo! – they find a post that may, or may not, be related, and link to it. Tip to new bloggers: make sure the post is actually directly related to your post, or you will get a bad reputation out of the gate.

For example; A novice blogger who owns a blog all about dogs, might do a search for something like; “dog lovers wordpress trackback”, in the hopes to find a related blog post to share link love with. With that search they’re hoping to find a specific WordPress blog post so the trackback is as easy as linking to the related post.

Some more advanced bloggers will even go as far as searching “dog lovers wordpress dofollow”, in the hope of finding a WordPress blog platform with it’s nofollow attributes removed. In this case, my blog Zulit.com is a nofollow blog, as well as Mike’s blog @ Twenty Steps. We probably both belong to Andy Beard’s Bumpzee dofollow community too.

The hope for new bloggers trying to get their blog off the ground, is to procure some  needed inbound links. Fair enough, but not really something to worry about if you’re in it for the long run.

Anyway…I’m digressing from my point of discussion way to much. The title of this post is a valid one. I have many different blogs, and some are pure commercial blogs for making money (as I make a full time living from blogging, I am required to make money, and I ain’t going back to work for the man again) – and some blogs are pure white snow, with no advertising or affiliate links. Some blogs, like this one, are a combination of both commercial and passion. (hence the wall of Adsense at the top of every post ;-))

What I Call Passion Blogging

I consider passion blogging to be blogging for the love of it. It can be about anything. No affiliate links and no advertising. “Snow white”

What I Call Commerical Blogging

Blogging for Internet traffic only for the sake of profit. Affiliate links and advertising links. (the Passion Blogger’s ugly cousin)

What I Call The Ideal Blogging

Ideal blogging is a combination of both passion blogging and commercial blogging. Writing about something you’re passionate about, and EVENTUALLY your traffic hits critical mass, making you some money as a bonus. Blogs like these often run for years without a single link on the domain that has a potential to create profit. (aff link or Adsense link) Zulit.com never had affiliate links, Adsense, Kontera, or the like, until it was around for 7-8 months.

If you want to make a full time living from blogging you’re most likely going to have blogs that are all over the map. All sorts of niches and topics. It’s all trial and error.

Link Love Between Passion Blogs and Commercial Blogs

When it comes to sharing links, or trackbacks between commercial blogs and passion blogs the consensus is varied depending on who you’re talking to. My personal feeling is that if the two blog posts are directly related, then it’s all good, regardless of whether or not a blog is for profit or not.

Some “snow white” bloggers will have nothing to do with a commercial blog, and will not approve trackbacks unless the trackback is from another non-commercial blog. Don’t let that bother you when linking from your commercial blog to a passion blog. If your post is directly related most bloggers will except the swap, and even if they don’t, you’re still providing value for your readers. If it really pisses you off that you are sharing link love with out a return link, you can always remove their link and give it to another blog who does track back.

Some of the passion bloggers are extremely fed-up with people spamming their Google juice, so be decent about it and only link to blog posts that are DIRECTLY related to your blog post. This will make your blog better, their blog better, and everyone will enjoy the benefits.

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