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Future Google Page Rank Check – Stupid or What?

So don’t usually worry much about Google PR (page rank), but I have been getting ready to expand Zulit.com with some product reviews, and pages to capitalize on it’s traffic. Before I started working my butt off doing so, I thought I should check my future Google page rank.

Well I did and it almost gave me a heart attack. I was checking all the Google servers for my page rank using the domain only. Zulit (dot) com. WRONG!!! It showed your humble narrator’s precious site as a 0 page rank. That’s right! ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sick to my stomach, proving that Google PR DOES mean something to me after all.  Apparently I was living in denial on that claim.

So I spent 3 days accepting that Zulit was toast, and I built 3 other blogs, and started working hard on them. Still deeply saddened and didn’t know why Zulit was getting the Google hammer.

This morning I was looking at future page rank tools all over the Internet. I discovered the mistake I made when entering in Zulit for PR checking. You have to inlcude the full URL, and NOT just the domain name, as most site linking to you are using your full URL for linking in. AAARGHHH!!! Stupid or what. I’ve been doing this for almost 5 years now and I didn’t know that.

SO! Don’t make the same mistake I made. Be sure to check your Google PR using your FULL URL. Below is handy little tool for checking your Google Page Rank. Actually, I consider this tool to be the best future Google page rank checking tool in the Internet. 

PLEASE NOTE: This tool will provide an estimation of the future PageRank and should not be considered precise.
Your domain(s): Enter each address on a new line (Maximum 10)
(eg. http://www.zulit.com)
Please remember to include the full url of your domains

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