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Good HyperVRE Screen Shots

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

I wanted to point out another blogger’s site who has some good HyperVRE screenshots that I don’t have on my free tutorial.

Eric Giguere has a good blog and he has some HyperVRE screenshots you can see if you’ve never seen HyperVRE in action. I was going to provide these screenshots, but luckliy Eric did it already for me (I am lazy right).  


Some HyperVRE Users Don’t Want Free Hosting

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

I have been getting questions from people who are using my HyperVRE tutorial, want advice on paid hosting for their HperVRE sites. Many want to know what kind of hosting I use for all my sites.

I set out to build a tutorial showing people how to build Adsense income streams using HyperVRE without any hosting costs. I just wanted to prove it can be done and give new-comers a way to “taste some Adsense cash” before investing any money.

Below is a common I question I’ve been getting asked:

Q: Who do you use for hosting your HyperVRE sites. I don’t want to use free hosting because I want to protect my income, and avoid using sub domains?

A: I use Moca for web hosting. Mostly because of speed, price, and customer service. To run HyperVRE you just need to have up to date PHP functionality. If you already have a hosting account with a company, they most likely have everything you need.


My Boss is The Worst Boss Ever!

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

My boss is a complete slave-driving sadist. He’s uptight when I don’t pull in 12 hour days, and yet the labor code has laws against this.

He is NEVER satisfied with any project I finish, and when I am finished he gives not a word of thanks, and quickly hustles me off to the next job.

He is a complete idiot in his personal life half the time, as he never stops working to smell the roses and spend more time with his wife and family.

He has visions of massive growth, and is never happy to be grateful for what he has already accomplished. (pathetic)

His personal hygiene goes all to hell sometimes for a week at a time, and I swear he’s going to get adult diapers soon, so he doesn’t have to stop working for a second.

He insists that I’m just a slacker, and I never work hard enough.

I would love to quit and tell him where to go, but there is a big problem with that…………

I’m the boss.

The disease of self-employment!


(back to work)

Expensive Wristwatches Like James Bond Wore

Friday, October 12th, 2007

Discount wristwatches are not my favorite subject to say the least. I’d rather just “think” about a luxury watch than own a cheap one. I’ve always been a distant admirer of expensive watches, but to poor to ever own one. It’s like watching a movie and seeing James Bond wearing an expensive wristwatch as he battles man-eating sharks.    

One of my all time favorite watches is the original Cartier watch. Don’t think I’ll ever find one I can touch, but it’s still fun dreaming. If I ever get rich I’ve got a long list of expensive watches I want to collect.

So this is the launch of another Zulit product site using my beloved HyperVRE software. It’s been a challenge creating good content, but the time put into it is invaluable. I want to create sites that last the test of time, and not just a fart in the wind.


Pro Travel Network Sites

Friday, October 12th, 2007

Pro Travel Network sites have been popping up slowly in the last year. I personally had to get direct permission from Paul Henderson (no…not the hockey player) to launch posts on his PTN empire.

Well it was going to happen eventually as Pro Travel Network networked it’s way into North American homes – web sites and blogs will be flourishing as new PTN members build their lucrative matrix lines.

I was involved in the start of a Ptnfreedom, and at that time there was a scant few web sites focusing on Pro Travel Network. There are more now.

Here is a great Pro Travel Network web site called Travelisa that looks wonderful and is off to a great start. As long as the owner(s) put up a quality post every 3-4 days, it will grow into a monster for the PTN niche. Since PTN is in it’s infancy, the blog will be a serious power-house as the years go by. (assuming the writers are patient and have vision)

I really like the Wordpress theme chosen, and the header image. Makes me want to join up with Pro Travel Network all over again.  

We’ll be looking for Travelisa in the future, and in the meantime I’m putting them on my blogroll.

Peace out…


What is a Doorway Page?

Friday, October 12th, 2007

I’ve been wondering what a doorway page is for 5 years now. Whenever I do some deep research into it, I get the same stock answer.

“Doorway pages are pages of content created using software that have very little quality content, and site managers use them to artifically inflate their page rank and traffic. Often the doorway pages are cloaked redirects which is and even uglier manipulation”

Ok….fair enough. But that does not answer the question in sufficient detail. I think I’ve finally figured out what a doorway page has to do to be considered as such by the SEs.

Obviously cloaking and redirecting will be seen as doorway pages by the search engines, but what about pages that Do have SOME valid content, and are used to get traffic and income.

When I first started the Internet income game, I used an eBook that showed me how to build niche sites. This was long before I blogged. Unfortunately, the author of the eBook unwittingly showed his students how to create web sites that use doorway pages. Because of this I saw some of my first sites getting banned by Google.

Ironically, I paid a writer to help me write all the content, so I had original content, but the site(s) still got banned. This led me to testing, and I’ve been testing for 4 years now.

This is what I’ve found:

1) it’s doesn’t matter how good your content is because your pages can still be seen as doorway pages
2) it’s doesn’t matter if you have a small number of these pages, because if they’re seen as doorway pages, they’ll get banned.

There is one sure way (that I’ve found so far) to avoid having allot of pages considered doorway pages on your domains. DON’T LINK TO THE HOME PAGE of the domain from any of your article pages. Also, if you have random links going to and from related article pages, the search engines will not see them as doorway pages.

So if you have a site you want to add a whack of pages to and you want to avoid the doorway page problem do this:

Create a new page off your main domain which acts as an index page for the particular topic. Add all your new pages in that topic or niche from this new page, and you can create a link on all your article pages back to this new index page, but DON’T LINK ANYWHERE ELSE. Don’t link to your domain home URL, and don’t have link clusters in the sidebar or at the bottom of the page. Only link from within the text to other pages in this “satellite” niche.

After 3 years of using this technique I’ve never had a site or blog banned for doorway page penalties.

These are my personal finding. I would be very interested to hear YOUR thoughts on this subject.


Q & A Page For HyperVRE Tutorial and Free Template

Friday, October 12th, 2007

First of all – if you have never read up on Hypervre click here for an introduction.

I realize there will be questions regarding the free HyperVRE tutorial, and the HyperVRE free template. I’m starting this post so questions can be answered.

You are not required to provide a web site URL or an email. (a list builder I am not) Try to read all the information I have here because you will start making money much faster if you learn from my mistakes and use my SEO Hypervre Template.

I own the Hypervre GOLD version because I’m a full time Internet blogger and content publisher. I always recommend going for it and getting the Hypervre GOLD version for three reasons;

  1. With the GOLD version you create a downline
  2. With the GOLD version you will have your OWN aff links on the sites you create
  3. I get you in my down-line if you register through me and I make a $70 commission when you buy the GOLD version

If You Use My Free Copy of Hypervre

This is how it works. If you download and use my free Hypervre software, and my custom template, you can use everything for free. All the Adsense ads will be yours and you will make money from them.

If you buy the GOLD software, and use the free templates Matt gives you, Hypervre will automatically embed YOUR Amazon and Clickbank aff links into the content of the pages.

If you don’t buy the GOLD version and use my free version, the templates automatically embed MY Amazon and Clickbank aff links into the content of the pages.

So GO FOR GOLD and make me $70 bucks, make sure YOU make $70 bucks when someone downloads YOUR version of Hypervre and buys GOLD, and make sure your own aff links are in the content.

OK….It’s Q&A Time

Just fire your question off below and I’ll answer it as best I can. If you DO have a web site to promote, you can leave a link to it’s home page after your question. Fair enough?