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Colvin’s Take – Google’s Stock Is Overpriced and Inflated

Monday, September 17th, 2007

Google-stock-inflated-overpricedThere has been some recent noise regarding Google’s stock price, and earnings. Some say that Google’s stock is overpriced and others say that their stock is simply inflated. Some very respected stock market, and business analysts have added to the Internet noise. (read Geoff Colvin’s article, Don’t Go Ga-Ga for Google

The byline for the article was; “The business is a dynamo. The stock is a pipe dream, says Fortune’s Geoff Colvin”. These are big words, and in retrospect the wrong words. Read on…..

One of Colvin’s most interesting quotes, as far a I’m concerned is:

Of course, any company’s wealth creation rises and falls with its stock price, which raises a huge question in evaluating Google’s achievement: Is today’s price sustainable? I must report that there’s just no way it is.”

The article above was dated July 24th, 2007, and the today’s date is September 17th, 2007. In the article Mr. Colvin suggested that Google’s stock price is indeed overpriced, at the same time he goes on to point out these stock facts:

Google’s figure is $149 billion and rising fast, pushing the company past most of America’s biggest, most successful, most respected corporations. With Google (Charts, Fortune 500) at its recent record stock price of over $500, only three companies have created more wealth: General Electric (Charts, Fortune 500), Exxon Mobil (Charts, Fortune 500) and Microsoft (Charts, Fortune 500).

According to Yahoo! Finance Google’s stock price is presently at $525 per share, which is higher than the date of Colvin’s article. So where is the rapid correction in Google’s so-called inflated stock? I’ll tell you where…NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. Why you ask?

To fully understand the staying power of Google’s wealth and their business model, you need to be intimate with the bread and butter of their business. Paid Search Inclusion, or Adwords. I am intimate with Adwords and this is why I believe Colvin’s theory is way down the road.  

I live in a city that just hit it’s one million mark for population (Calgary, Alberta), and I’ve been doing business for some local companies, in which I use PPC advertising to promote their businesses. The level of competition I have from other companies in town is next to nothing. The simple fact is that only a scant number of companies (percentage wise) have been introduced to pay-per-click advertising via the Internet, and thousands of companies a month are rushing to their local SEO companies to sign-up for Adwords, and start spending mo-money.  

The saturation level that Colvin is suggesting for Google’s earning ceiling and inevitable decline in stock price makes sense for a bricks & mortar company, that requires great investment to increase their customer base. In the Internet world you grow a business at a breathtaking rate, and there is no need for a large investment.

I believe that Google’s stock is going hit a ceiling someday, but it won’t be anytime in the near future. Their growth is just beginning, as the percentage of companies still using standard advertising methods, and not Google PPC advertising is between 85–90%. Google Adwords is still a strange word to the overwhelming majority of businesses around the world. There is room for growth.

All the records of the past will one day be broken. Sports professionals break old records every year, and Google has already proved their model is one of the most powerful (if not THE most powerful) business model since the dawn of post industrial revolution business.

But then again…….what do I know? 



Weird Spamming On My Forums (MSN, Google, Squidoo???)

Monday, September 17th, 2007

Maybe someone can explain this to me. I run some of my own forums, and I also manage some forums for clients, and/or friends. I use the classic PHPBB platform. Maybe you can tell me…..Is MSN, Google, and Squidoo spamming forums??? I know it sounds crazy but read on.

Some Background Fighting Spammers on My Forums

I have not installed any mods to combat spam on my phpbb forums, and of course I’m having to fight spammers and their bots constantly. I configure the forums so that a human has to fill out the captcha image, and they have to answer an email confirmation link. As usual, the spammers have figured out a way to get past this automatically as well. I’ll be adding some phpbb mods soon enough, but I have to share with you some interesting findings as I’ve been fighting off this most annoying spam.

As I’ve configured these forum to stop spammers from posting, all they can do is register and leave their spam hyperlink in their profile. They still get some inbound Google juice from this regardless if they post comments or not, it’s worth it to them.

So Guess Who Seems To Be Spamming Me???

Of course the typical spammers are abundant, such as the drug spammers, Viagra spammers, gambling spammers, porn spammers, and general webmasters spamming to up their Google page-rank. But there are others….

Yep – you guessed it. I’m getting spammed by bots that are creating nonsensical usernames, and the spam hyperlink they leave goes to Google, MSN, Squidoo, and sometimes eBay. These are direct links going to the actual sites.

Maybe this is something new, or it’s old news. I’m even seeing these big web sites spamming some of my blogs……what is going on my fellow bloggers?

My Dog Houston Is On Myspace Making fun of Me

Saturday, September 15th, 2007

I noticed the other day that my dog Houston has been on Myspace a lot. He claims to drive my car, and calls me all sorts of names. He’s even saying I have “limited capacity”. I found this slide show he put up yesterday and he’s even claiming to own my car!

Houston has been an amazing pet, and I can’t express how much he has enriched our lives. He is so loyal, gentle, and beautiful I find myself signing with amazement at least once a day. Thank god we work at home so he never has to spend a day alone or in a kennel.

We have place near the house called Pet Planet, but I think it is more of a “Pet Jail”. Sorry to the owners, but the dogs in day care spend their time mostly in a cage with a concrete floor (you can bring your own dog blankets an cushions for them) and they get let out into a small yard area a couple times a day. So yes….it’s a prison. From now on if we EVER travel without Houston we will have him stay at a Golden Retriever retreat on a farm or acreage.

…….and now he’s showing off in videos like these!

Teaching My Human To Frisbee

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Welcoming Ashraf Vania To My Pro Travel Network Team

Friday, September 14th, 2007

I’m VERY pleased to welcome Ashraf Vania to my Pro Travel Network team. We’ll be seeing Ashraf on the PTNfreedom blog and forum, and likely commenting on Zulit.com. Myself and Mr. Anil Ramcharitar will be working to grow Ashraf’s downline, and we are proud to have him on our team.

You can book travel through Ashraf’s Pro Travel Network site, or even better, join Pro Travel Network through Ashraf’s Pro Travel Network travel agent sign-up page.

I’m asking new sign-ups to go under Ashraf so we can get him started off on a good foot. Your advantages are still the same whether you sign-up under him or me. We’re all on the same team.

As usual it’s very important to talk to Anil for all your questions before signing up. He has over 4000 people on his team and he knows his business.

Anil Ramcharitar
Regional Training Director
1-416-878-2645 (Global Mobile)
1-403-670-5472 (PTN 1.5 minute Snapshot)

Alaska Road Trip Next Installment – Friday, August 10

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

Alaska Article_3-4Up at 6 am., after a good nights sleep. By 7:10am we were on our way to Prince George, B.C. It was 3 degrees Celsius and we had traveled 566.0 Km. since home. Arrived in Prince George and gassed up, including two jerry cans. We were on our way again to the Hart Highway.

Along the Hart Highway we traveled through flat farm lands at first and then bush and trees. There was sure a lot of “pine beetle” killed trees along the way.  Hard to imagine what it will look like in the future. We drove over a lot of nice new pavement that didn’t even have the lines marked yet. We hope to remember this when we get to the gravel roads later in the trip.

At 10:00am, it was overcast and we stopped at McLeod Lake. There is a small general store there and we were told to look for an excellent bakery for bread and doughnuts. Unfortunately, the bakery was closed. We took pictures of the monument out front of the store.

At 11:00 am. on the road again, only to stop shortly after to have lunch on entering the Pine Pass. It was now 13 degrees and we had traveled 833 km.

We took pictures of the Azouzetta Lake area.  Shortly after leaving, we took a picture of our relatives driving in front, to try and capture the highway ahead. We followed them most of the time and took several pictures with their rig in front of us. After going through the Pine Pass the country side was once again spectacular in the Pine Valley. We had one short stop for a paving crew, for 10 mins.  Soon we were nearing Chetwynd, B.C.

Bugs were hitting the windshield at an alarming rate, but at least we were on nice new pavement again. The cat was getting tired of being confined and letting us know by yowling. So we were all getting a bit tired.
Turned off at Chetwynd to highway 29 into a real cloud burst. I was raining so hard that we did not stop to see the wonderful wood carvings at Chetwynd.  Just saw them through the rain pouring down the window.  At least the rain helped to clean the windshield.

After driving 331 km. from Prince George we arrived at Moberly Lake. We arrived at 2:30 pm to a Thunder Clap and more heavy rain. It was great to have a cup of tea and sit in the trailer until the storm passed. We booked for two nights at the provincial campsite and planned to go to the Bennett Dam the next day.
It is possible to make reservations at these campsites but we were very lucky to find good spots still available.

It rained off and on the whole time we were there. Got the awning out, camp set up and were ready for the rest of the day.

Alaska Article_3-3










Alaska Article_3-2



Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

Some have asked what U COMMENT I FOLLOW mean. What this means is that when you make a comment on Zulit.com, you get a link back to your blog from the anchor text in your name. I’ve disabled all of the Google “nofollow” tags on this blog, so that the search engines will see (and count) the links to your site from Zulit. This is good for your blog, and good for my blog because I gain from the content.

Zulit gets allot of traffic now, and any post I make is ranked high in Google. PR means almost nothing these days – what really matters is traffic, and Google’s SERP ranking. I often get emails from people, and if they asked me questions in the comments sections of my posts, they would be getting another valuable inbound link to their blog, or site.   


Alaska Road Trip Begins

Saturday, September 8th, 2007

Alaska Article_2_2We left Kamloops at 7:05 am. It was 11 degrees Celsius and our mileage read 13.0 kilometers since we filled the gas tank in Kamloops. We are planning to make McBride, B.C on the Yellowhead Highway, for the first leg of our trip.

We drove through Little Fort by 8:05 am. Our speedometer telling us we had gone 100 km. It was a scenic drive past ranches and views of the North Thompson River.

We noticed that the river had dropped since the spring and early summer run off. The North Thompson River is becoming smaller and will soon be a trickle and then stop.  Short distance and the water will be flowing into the Fraser River system.

We had a short break at the Clearwater tourist information area and left there at 8:50 am.,134km. We carried on until we decided to stop for fuel at Tete Jaune Lodge only to find there wasn’t anyone there to sell us gas. So we carried on with “our fingers crossed” hoping that we would make it to McBride without running out of fuel.  We had not filled the extra gas cans yet, so we had no reserve.

We all decided it was time to stop for lunch and found a nice pullout. The cat had been protesting about being in the kennel in the truck so it was also time to give her a break. When we stopped we found she had wet her kennel because she was so nervous. It meant changing her “bed”. We had foreseen this and were prepared with extra bedding. You will see in the picture that we had bedding drying on the rail.

We had our first lunch in our trailer and headed out at 12:2pm., with our relatives following us in case we ran out of fuel. We made it to McBride with the gas gauge reading almost empty. Unfortunately, the debit and credit card machines were not working and we had to pay cash. This put a hole in our cash reserves right at the beginning of our trip. We had read several places that you should be prepared for some gas stations not to accept credit cards but we were not expecting this so soon.

The drivers decided they still had lots of energy and would like to drive further than McBride. I opened “The Milepost” as it has all the campsites both public and provincial listed there. We found this book to be the most valuable tool for our travels.

We stopped at 2:30 pm. at Purden Lake.  A very nice, clean and  treed provincial campsite. We took a walk down to the lake where people were fly fishing. The lake looked clean and not muddy. The bonus was there were flush toilets. It was good that we arrived when we did because the campsite started filling around 4 o’clock. We sat around the campfire and planned our trip to Hudson’s Hope for the next day.

Alaska Article_2_3