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In Spokane Washington – Barnes & Noble

Well, it’s been a great holiday so far in Idaho. Been on the lake in the boat the last 5 days, and the weather is really hot. Fantastic actually.

My family is shopping at Northtown, and I’m typing from the Barnes & Noble (at the Starbucks). I love these books stores, and can easily spend 3–4 hours on the Internet, or browsing the latest books.

I bought a couple more Wayne Dyer books a few days ago, and they’ve been enjoyable, like all his work is. I love reading the self-help gurus when I’m on holidays. With these books, and a lake, I’m taken away from trivial worries, and my prevailing addiction to work. The Dyer book I’m enjoying the most is “Getting In The Gap”. It includes a meditation cd in which Wayne shows his readers how to use Japa to “Get In The Gap”. Amazing…..but will take some practise for sure.

Yes, I realize that working on my blog is not exactly “getting away from work”, but it’s a must. I have to feed my fix during the holidays once and awhile – check my commissions, Adsense, Chitika, CJ, Clickbank, etc.

I’ll be posting some video on Zulit in the next week. Likely the lake, the stars, or my dog taking a crap. 😉





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