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Trustworthy Ebooks and Information Regarding Online Income

Monday, August 27th, 2007

There are so many eBooks available for the subject of online income, and yes….some are crap. But there are trustworthy sources of information too.

Take Angela Booth’s eBook for instance – not a typical flashy sales page, and not exactly the Joe Vitale style copy (the kind of sales copy that is so good that when you’re finished reading the page you’re surprised to realize that you’re holding your credit card in your hand, and there is a small bit of drool formulating in the corners of your mouth………and you don’t even need the product), but it’s quality information. Angela has been a writer for over 30 years, and runs here own string of web properties. Most of which have more clout than your humble narrator’s blog. 

I get the odd person complaining about eBooks they may have, or may not have bought in the past. I realize that there are some eBooks that don’t deliver on their promises, so I want to stress something here.

I never post eBooks on Zulit.com that I have not PERSONALLY bought and read. I read through each eBook, and many times test the income generating method myself, if I have not used the particular method in the past.

If the online income model works, I make a post on it. Sometimes I use an affiliate link to make commissions from the eBook, and sometimes I don’t – like the links in this post that I give just because I respect the sources.


Marc & Michael Project

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

Just launching a new and exciting project with some friends (Marc and Michael) at Mc-Jibs in Rathdrum, Idaho.

Marc and Michael are launching their online presence, and to do so they will be using a particular income generating technique – using Clickbank URLs in PPC ads. This technique can be very powerful for beginners because they don’t need to a create a website to make cash.

So follow along for this project and we’ll see how Marc and Michael do with it. Both Michael and Mark have “author” status on Zulit, so they will be using this category (Marc & Michael Project) to post their progress, their successes, their flops, and their questions to me.

Stay tuned….


In Spokane Washington – Barnes & Noble

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

Well, it’s been a great holiday so far in Idaho. Been on the lake in the boat the last 5 days, and the weather is really hot. Fantastic actually.

My family is shopping at Northtown, and I’m typing from the Barnes & Noble (at the Starbucks). I love these books stores, and can easily spend 3–4 hours on the Internet, or browsing the latest books.

I bought a couple more Wayne Dyer books a few days ago, and they’ve been enjoyable, like all his work is. I love reading the self-help gurus when I’m on holidays. With these books, and a lake, I’m taken away from trivial worries, and my prevailing addiction to work. The Dyer book I’m enjoying the most is “Getting In The Gap”. It includes a meditation cd in which Wayne shows his readers how to use Japa to “Get In The Gap”. Amazing…..but will take some practise for sure.

Yes, I realize that working on my blog is not exactly “getting away from work”, but it’s a must. I have to feed my fix during the holidays once and awhile – check my commissions, Adsense, Chitika, CJ, Clickbank, etc.

I’ll be posting some video on Zulit in the next week. Likely the lake, the stars, or my dog taking a crap. 😉





Ever Wonder Which Money Making eBook is #1?

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

Ever wondered which eBook is the #1 best seller online, for people wanting the learn the art of online income?

It’s not who you might think it is. It’s the Ultimate Wealth Package from Mark Warren.

I know……yaaaawn. But this is the BIG one these days.


Got Our First Zazzle T-Shirts Today

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

We got our Zulit.com merchandise from Zazzle today. My wife and I ordered two items from the Zulit store. A T-Shirt for me, and a hoodie for her. Scratch that…..a BUNNY HUG for her. Can’t stand the hoodie word, and yes, I realize that shows my age.

Good report on the quality of the shirts. Excellent quality! I was surprised actually. So, we’ll be ordering more from the Zazzle site for sure.

July 2007 Adsense Income

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

Well…it’s that time again, and I’m posting another Adsense income report. This time it’s a screenshot from my Adsense account.

Click here to see report….

I post these once and awhile simply to make sure new-comers can see it’s for real. You wouldn’t believe how much doubt there is out there. Drives me crazy sometimes to hear people refer to online income opportunities as “scams”.

Almost every online opportunity can make you money if you work hard enough at it. The trick is to find money making opportunities that make the most money, for the least amount of effort.

Your humble narrator is going back to the milk bar now.     

Introducing the Zulit Kei Club

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

Introducing the Terry Zulit (me) Kei Club. Simply put, I create some real content on keywords that have KEI rankings. Often enough, these particular keywords are exploited by search engine spammers. The difference is I’m actually writing fresh and original content on whatever the subjects are.

If there is a link to the actual source of the query, I will include it. If there is a link to the actual download, I will include. Of course there will be Adsense ads on this little venture for some possible trickle in, but it’s mainly to bring some more eyeballs to Zulit.com.

Things have been rocketing along these days, and traffic is climbing every week. It’s been a long haul, but the hard work is starting to pay off.