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June 2007 Month End Profit Report

Well it’s that time again: My month end report is completed. Looks like we came in at just over $7500 US dollars profit. Much better than June 2006.

There was allot of changes made a year ago with MSN, Google, and Yahoo marketing services, which created a big loss for us in  targeted web site traffic. It took me a year to get my head around all of the changes.

I also had to stop playing with all the gray-hat/black hat, crap sites, and concentrate on my quality, real blogs and sites. It turns out that we make 95% of our income from quality white-hat sites, so I had to quit toying with the junk, and get real.

So here is June’s breakdown:

$13,112.55 = Gross Income 
$5,305.65  = Total Advertising Costs 
$7806.90 USD = Total Profit 

I will be going back into holiday mode for a couple of months now. This is the norm the last few years. I’ll do nothing except update this blog, and update the hubs of my blog farms (white-hat farms), and that’s it – no new sites or blogs will be created.

In the fall we’ll go to Mexico, Orlando, Hawaii, or Palm Springs for a couple of weeks, and then we’ll come home and get back to work. During these coming months, I’ll be monitoring all of our sites, and watching the numbers closely, but that takes about fifteen minutes a day.

Playing golf tomorrow, and going to the lake today, so it’s time to spool down the laptops.  

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