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June 26-27 Online Earnings

Back with another earnings report. Been busy these days with some new projects. Trying out some new software again. Looks really good, but will just be another tool in online arsenal. Blogsolution and Contentsolution are the scripts I’m learning to use. Very powerful, but allot of work to setup right.


Total online income for 26-27 was $954.78

Breakdown is $789.43 in Adsense and Chitika.  $165.35 in affliate sales and leads. Mostly Clickbank these last two days.

Total cost for PPC advertising is $387.24

$567.54 USD total profit. Very steady and decent income. This June (2007) is MUCH better than last year’s June income. Why? Because we’re getting allot more natural traffic than last year. Even Google has been giving the tip of the hat on our white-hat sites.

Black-hat stuff is small, but growing rapidly. Will have to revamp all the black-hat work, as I think these kinds of sites, have a shelf-life.

A good quality white hat site will earn indefinitely. Gotta run for now.

– Terry    

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