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Online Income for Thursday June 21th, 2007

Not bad, not great. I would call it super considering I spent the day down at the beach drinking beer.

For a Thursday, it was just fine. Leads and sales income was middle of the road, but contextual advertising income was higher than a normal Thursday.

Tommorrow will be interesting as schools are finishing up, Moms and Dads are taking holidays as much as they can, and everyone is in full blown summer mode. We should be seeing a steep decline in traffic and income going forward now.

I know I’ve promised this decline in traffic and online income earlier this month, and I was proven wrong. Hope I’m wrong again, but I douby it. Most people are not sitting in front of their computers during the warm summer months.

Wait until September. I’ll show you a serious dive in the earnings charts then! I’m preparing new sites and new markets now to try and find a lucrative market and vector for September to November.   

Total contextual advertising income = $393.48 USD

Total Affiliate Commissions – Leads and Sales = $42.00 USD
Total Income = $435.48 USD

Total Advertising Costs Out = $173.58 USD

Total Net Profit for  Thursday, June 21st. = $261.90

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