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2007 Online Earnings Chart – Gross – Cost – Net Profit

So far so good in 2007. There was allot of changes online in 2006, and we had some big highs, and low lows. Everything seems to be settling down now, and it’s business as usual.

Below is an Excel graph snippet that shows the average gross income, average costs, and average profits per month in 2007. 

Green = Gross Average Income
Blue   = Average Net Profit
Red   = Average Operating Costs

These numbers are based on old sites that we don’t touch anymore. This income is completely passive, and residual. All we do now is work on more sites. But not right now – we don’t work in the summer. We travel allot, and we use that time off to brain-storm new online markets.

My wife is really good at researching new markets that have heavy traffic, and consistant flow in the vector.


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