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BlogSolution Review – David’s WebToolTime!

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

As my readers know, I bought Blog Solution, and Content Solution the other day. I’m hoping these scripts will help me with my white-hat blog farms, and networks.

These scripts are truly amazing, and I agree that Scott Trimble, and the rest of the Halfagain.com team, are indeed geniuses. So far, with my limited experience using their software, it seems to me that you need to do A LOT of work to tweak your template beyond the footprint issue, and the BUTT UGLY issue.

Even with their very cool, built-in Markov Generator, and Content Solution synonym re-writer, it will require allot of patience and hard work to successfully run profitable blogs. (so what else is new right) The free lunches online have been gobbled up many year ago.

Now, ladies and gentlemen……….let the sweating commence. Better get REALLY comfortable sitting in front of your computer, if you want to make this gig pay.

You can could use these tools to go pure black-hat, use their cloaking apps, and as Borat would say, “Give you rape” Just make sure that if you choose to go into the pure black-hat darkness, you don’t run Adsense, or YPN. Lot’s of these massive Splog farms destroy Adsense and YPN accounts for life.

So far, the best thing about Halfagain.com is their affliate program. Very hot scripts, and they pay very well for affiliate commissions. Made more money with them this month than all my affiliate programs combined.

Here is another post on Blogsolution – another positive review. Just KNOW, you’re still going to have to work your ass off to make some good money. You won’t just make a few clicks and make the money pour in – Scott Trimble and the Halfagain.com team make that very clear to all who are willing to listen.

Version 2.0 is here! After a very successful run of a couple months for version 1.0, the folks at BlogSolution have used their customer feedback to enhance and create a great blog automation tool. After comparing versions 1 & 2, it became clear to me that we can expect great things from this company in the months and years to come!
BlogSolution is an automated blog builder. Unlike most blog creators, it doesn’t build Blogger or WordPress blogs. It uses its own proprietary blog engine, and its own blog poster and pinger. It uses a MySQL database on your server to store the blog configuration and post information. BlogSolution is installed once per domain, and an unlimited number of blogs can be built in subdomains or subdirectories, whatever your preference. Posting content is provided by rss feeds.

BlogSolution Review – David’s WebToolTime!.

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June 26-27 Online Earnings

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

Back with another earnings report. Been busy these days with some new projects. Trying out some new software again. Looks really good, but will just be another tool in online arsenal. Blogsolution and Contentsolution are the scripts I’m learning to use. Very powerful, but allot of work to setup right.


Total online income for 26-27 was $954.78

Breakdown is $789.43 in Adsense and Chitika.  $165.35 in affliate sales and leads. Mostly Clickbank these last two days.

Total cost for PPC advertising is $387.24

$567.54 USD total profit. Very steady and decent income. This June (2007) is MUCH better than last year’s June income. Why? Because we’re getting allot more natural traffic than last year. Even Google has been giving the tip of the hat on our white-hat sites.

Black-hat stuff is small, but growing rapidly. Will have to revamp all the black-hat work, as I think these kinds of sites, have a shelf-life.

A good quality white hat site will earn indefinitely. Gotta run for now.

– Terry    

How To Hard-Wire (Embed) Your Adsense Code Into ANY WordPress Theme

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

I get asked this question allot so here goes:

Q – how do I embed my Adsense code into my Wordpress theme

A – If you’ve never customized a WordPress blog with your Adsense code. (I mean hard-wiring your Adsense code into your blog template without using like Adsense Deluxe)

1. Start by loading the WordPress Default theme instead of whatever Theme you’re in love with at the moment. (just do it…..we’ll come back to the theme you are in love with later) Do that by going Dashboard/Presentation and clicking the Default theme. Check your blog to make sure it took


 a) Watch this video on how to upload my custom Adsence Default template PHP files: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3682320675084757149

b) (click here to download my Adsense ready PHP files for the WordPress Default theme – This download is a .RAR archive file, (I use .RAR instead of .ZIP), but your unzip program should be able to expand the .RAR) 

c) Make sure you open all of my customized PHP files with notepad, or your html editor, after you download them, and put your Adsense publisher ID and channel codes in place of the XXXXXXs I have there.  

d) After you have downloaded my PHP files, and changed all the Adsense code to yours, you need to upload them using your FTP client. Upload them to your WordPress Themes directory, into the Default Theme folder/directory. Click YES OK TO COPY OVER FILES IN THERE ALREADY.  

3. NOW…take a look at your blog. You should see the nice Adsense ads all over the place bucko. So now you’re still saying,

“But Terry, I want to use the WordPress theme that I’m so in love with (today anyway)”

You can, but first you need to go into your Dashboard, then click Presentation, then click Theme Editor. Yo can now see all of your Default Theme PHP files listed on the right hand side.

Take a look at all of the theme files that I had you upload. You’ll see where the Adsense code is because you were already there when you changed all my XXXXXXXXs into your Adsense code. 

Now take a GOOD close look at where I pasted the Adsense code. Guess how I knew where to place Adsense code?………I didn’t know!

It was all trial and error by your humble narrator. I just kept placing different Adsense ads into different places in the PHP files until it looked great. You need to do the same, but MAKE SURE you backup your theme first on your desktop, so when you play around with your Adsense placement and inevitably destroy your template files, you can quickly revert back to the original PHP file, and get your blog all back together again.   

This is what you have to do to hard-wire your Adsense code into ANY WordPress template you want. Trial and error my friend. No-one said this Interent income thing was going to be easy, and if they did……..well I probably did. 

Have fun, and make your Adsense ads stick out like sore thumbs. That’s where the money is.  

Wrapping Up The Weekend – Three Day Report

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Since I am by nature, sometimes as borderline slouth (as in very lazy), I’ve decided to post all weekends as one earnings report. Saves me posting time, and I don’t really care about this sites page rank.

We’re still having a great time in Montana. Went up to the top of Big Mountain for a drive – took some pictures, and reminded me why I don’t ski. Love Montana, and I really love the people. It’s sometimes like their still back in 1973 here. Friendly, fairly easy-going, no BS people. LOVE it.

Adsense and Chitika were lower this weekend as to be expected as more Americans are getting their kids out of school and on the road to the lakes and camp-grounds.

This earnings report is for Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th of June, 2007.

Total contextual advertising (Adsense & Chitika) income = $943.47 USD

Total Affiliate Commissions – Leads and Sales = $183.23 USD
Total Income = $1126.70 USD

Total Advertising Costs Out = $467.38 USD

Total Net Profit for  Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th of June, 2007 = $659.32

Blogsolution From Scott Trimble @ Half Again

Monday, June 25th, 2007

It’s only fair that I promote the software that I use myself. So here you go with over 90 sites going, I needed this ingenious software, created by Scott Trimble, to handle all my autoblogging.

Scott is the true genius of multiple blogging, and making big bucks. No-one knows this business like him. Scott and his software are featured in the Black Mask Adsense Project as well, to give you and idea how powerful his software is.

Scott also gave me a promo code for my blog readers, so you can get 20% off any of his SEO software. Promo code = LUCKYYOU8157081 

Atomic Blogger

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

A good eBook on how to autoblog. Does NOT include the software you need, but really shows you HOW to use blogging to your benefit.

Atomic Blogger

BloggerGenerator Blog Creator

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

See this amazing tool from Joe. Create hundreds of Blogger.com blogs to create traffic.

Read more here